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Ombudsman Order

Sl No.Order No.PetitionerRespondant Description Order Date
169 of 2020M.Nallasamy, ErodeEE, Erode Name transfer of agricultural service connection08/07/2021
255 of 2020M/s. Southern Railway, SE, Dindigul,TANGEDCO The appellant have requested to refund the amount of Rs.3,28,98,000/- collected towards MD penalty charges upto September 2020.05/07/2021
335 of 2021Thiru P.MurugesanEE, Sathyamangalam To add the petitioner name in the agri cultural service connection24/06/2021
457 of 2020Thiru A. Venkatesh, Coimbatore EE/O&M/Ondipudur,Coimbatore The Appellant has prayed to set-aside the order dated 28.5.2020 passed by the CGRF/Coimbatore/Metro in CGRF/M/CBE/No.002.26/04/2021
512 of 2021P.Raman, KarurEE/Karur, Tangedco Prayed to change the tariff to Domestic tariff20/04/2021
670 of 2020Sagina.B, KallkurichiEE/Kallkurichi, TANGEDCO Prayed to provide Free agriculture service connection to the well09/04/2021
760 of 2020M.Soundarajan, TiruppurEE/Somanur/Tiruppur Prayed to set aside the notice from license instructing to pay the additional charges.07/04/2021
807 of 2021Thiru N. Mahendran, KaraikalAssistant Engineer/Adayalampet,TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed for new service connection and to order payment of compensation charges for the delay in effecting the service connection.31/03/2021
906 of 2021Govindaraj, VilupuramAE/EE//Vilupuram EDC, TANGEDCO The petitioner prayed to waive off the Charges of Rs.75,563/- for faulty meter31/03/2021
1051 of 2020P.Palanimuthu,Perambalur DTAE/EE//Vilupuram EDC, TANGEDCO Prayed to Errect new Free service connection to the Well as the petitioner is waiting for 32 years.30/03/2021
115 of 2021K.Saravanan, VilupuramAE/EE//Vilupuram EDC, TANGEDCO Prayed to waive off Rs. 60,350/- the average charges levied against the fault meter 30/03/2021
1204 of 2021N.Poongavanam, VilupuramAE/EE//Vilupuram EDC, TANGEDCO Prayed to refund the excess charges paid by the petitioner and also request for compensation as the no action taken within 10 days.29/03/2021
1308 of 2021Thiru J. Soundararaj,NilgirisThe Executive Engineer/O&M/Gudalur The Appellant has prayed to effect electricity service connection to his house built at Government Poromboke land.25/03/2021
1467 of 2020M.Gurusamy, GobiAE/EE/Gobi, TANGEDCO Prayed to shift the tariff from V to IIC for the temple located at Periyar Nagar25/03/2021
1565 of 2020P.Mahalingam, ErodeAE/EE/Gobi, TANGEDCO Prayed to shift the service lines which are blocking the path24/03/2021
1664 of 2020S.Ramalingam, kallakurichiAE/EE/Kallakurichi, TANGEDCO Prayed to cancel the Service Connected effected to the Survey No.324/5A and reconnect.23/03/2021
1763 of 2020M.krishnan , RanipetAE/EE/Ranipet, TANGEDCO Prayed to reconnect the temporarily disconnected Service Connection22/03/2021
1862 of 2020S.Shanthi, RasipuramAE/EE/Rasipuram, TANGEDCO Prayed to cancel the six service connections effected at the petitioners land22/03/2021
1961 of 2020T.Subramaniyan, NigrisAE/EE/Nigris, TANGEDCO Prayed to remove the electrical pole effected in the petitions agri land and requested to take action against the concerned officials.19/03/2021
2054 of 2020Thiru P. Sivakumar, ChennaiAE/EE/Chennai, TANGEDCO The Appellant has requested to refund the excess development charges with interest collected from him towards new LT three phase service connection.18/03/2021
2158 of 2020P.Elangovan, TirupatturAE/EE/Alangayam, TANGEDCO Prayed to take action against the official who delayed the change of tariff from VI to IA 17/03/2021
2252 of 2020M/s. Saradhambal Educational and Charitable Trust,CoimbatoreEE/K. Vadamadurai The Appellant has prayed to restore the tariff IA from tariff V.16/03/2021
2359 of 2020S.Mahesh,ErodeEE/Erode prayed to refund the charges collected by TANGEDCO and also compensation.15/03/2021
24 56 of 2020K.Thondaiman, ChennaiAE/EE/Valluvarkottam, TANGEDCO Prayed to refund the excess charges collected by TANGEDCO due to the delay in approval of excess demand.08/03/2021
2534 of 2020M/s. Citilights Meadows Flat Owners welfare Association,ChennaiAE/EE/Annanagar, TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed to settle the dispute in SC No. 437-010-630 for the period from 25.07.2008 to 30.07.2009 which was closed in 2009.05/03/2021
2611 of 2021B.Arputharaj, TambaramAE/EE/Tambaram, TANGEDCO Prayed for Compensation due to delay in providing additional transformer. 01/03/2021
2745 of 2020M/s. Harihar Alloys Private Ltd.,TrichyAE/EE/Trichy, TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed for an additional sanctioned demand of 250 KVA on 4-6-2019 thereby increasing the sanctioned demand from 1150 KVA to 1400 KVA to their HT service connection No.171.27/02/2021
2850 of 2020N.Thangamani, TiruppurAE/EE/Udumalaipettai, TANGEDCO Prayed to remove the service wire close to the petitioners house26/02/2021
2909 of 2021P.Palanisamy, P.Rajalakshmi, KarurAO/AE/EE/Karur, TANGEDCO Prayed to name transfer of agricultural service connection.26/02/2021
3047 of 2020V.Bangarusamy,UdumalaipettaiAO/AE/EE/Udumalaipettai, TANGEDCO Prayed to revise the excess charge levied for S.R NO.317-001-1009 after replacing the meter25/02/2021
3146 of 2020Dr. S. R.Thirumalai , TheniAO/AE/EE/Vathagundu, TANGEDCO Prayed to cancel the injustice made in recording the service charge23/02/2021
3248 of 2020M.Ramachandram,MayiladuduraiAO/AE/EE/Mayiladudurai, TANGEDCO Prayed to disconnect the SR No.1650,103522/02/2021
3344 of 2020Manicam Narayanan,ChennaiAO/AE/EE/Mayiladudurai, TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed to direct the TANGEDCO officials to restore the electricity connection to the service connection No. 125-007-770 which was disconnected by the TANGEDCO.18/02/2021
3443 of 2020R.Bavani,PudukottaiAO/AE/EE/Pudukottai, TANGEDCO Prayed to exempt from payment of dues12/02/2021
3536 of 2020A.M Shameen Banu, KarurAO/AE/EE/Karur, TANGEDCO Prayed to cancel the excess average charges of Rs.298502/- levied against the faulty meters10/02/2021
3642 of 2020A.Perumal, SalemAO/AE/EE/Salem, TANGEDCO Prayed to collect the dues from M/s Salem Riprackters pvt ltd. 04/02/2021
3701 of 2021 and 02 of 2021Sri Hari R Dave, ChennaiAO/AE/EE/Salem, TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed to refund the deposits available in the dismantled LT SC No. 222-050-349 and SC No. 222-050-34 with interest till date(Withdrawn).04/02/2021
3835 of 2020V.Elavarasu, ChennaiAO/AE/EE/Chennai, TANGEDCO Prayed to cancel the charges of Rs.41,630/- levied by the Audit Committee.03/02/2021
3932 of 2020K.Senthilkumar, ChennaiAO/AE/EE/Chennai, TANGEDCO Prayed to take necessary action against the application for Phase-I and request for compensation.02/02/2021
4030 of 2020N. Ashok kumar, ErodeAO/AE/EE/Erode, TANGEDCO The Appellant has requested to redraw the low laying electricity line through his land located at R.S. No. 968/3, 4A, Vallipurathan Palayam Road, Attappampalayam of Vadamugama Vellode Village.22/01/2021
4133 of 2020S.M.Nyna Muhamed, ArambakkamAO/AE/EE/Chennai, TANGEDCO Prayed to remove the pole effected in the petitioners land20/01/2021
4266 of 2020M.Abdeshkumar, PerambalurAO/AE/EE/Perambalur, TANGEDCO Prayed to direct the Perambalur EDC to cancel the excess charges and collect the appropriate charges.08/01/2021
4329 of 2020K.Kumaravel,CuddaloreAO/AE/EE/Thittakudi, TANGEDCO Prayed to effect the solar service connection for the Social Organisaton07/01/2021
4468 of 2020N.Rukhmani, TiruppaturAO/AE/EE/Tiruppatur, TANGEDCO Prayed to change the tariff to IIIB to the Milk Diary as CGRF, Tirpaatur and Tiruppattur EDC has rejected the petition06/01/2021