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Ombudsman Order

Sl No.Order No.PetitionerRespondant Description Order Date
145 of 2021Thiru S.Raghunathan,ChennaiEE/Tambaram,Chennai EDC/South-II The Appellant has prayed to refund the amount of Rs.7,844/- available in the SC No. 283-115-478. (withdrawn order)13/09/2021
215 of 2021Thiru M.Shahjahan,MaduraiEE/West/Metro, Madurai EDC The appellant has prayed to cancel the charges for the usage of additional load in his SC No. 066-010-3393.07/09/2021
317 of 2021Thiru Rajkumar Balsing, ChennaiCMD/TANGEDCO, SE,CEDC/WEST, CE/Distribution,Chennai North region & CE/Commercial,TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed to refund the excess estimate charges collected violating the provisions of TNERC regulations.31/08/2021
421 of 2021Thiru K.Sivakumar & T.S. Pushpa,ChennaiAE/West/Tambaram, AEE/Tambaram, EE/Tambaram, CEDC/South-II The Appellant has prayed to provide downloaded data of the energy meter from the date of effecting the solar net meter service and to order for revising the bill based on the downloaded data and to order for the payment of electricity bill under 1+1 formula.31/08/2021
523 of 2021Thiru S.Mithun, PollachiEE/O&M/Pollachi, Udumalpet EDC The Appellant has prayed to cancel the audit shortfall claimed by the Distribution Licensee for his SC No.347-008-682 and SC No.347-008-662.18/08/2021
624 of 2021Thiru A.Madhavan, ChennaiEE/O&M/Adyar,Chennai EDC/South-II The Appellant has prayed to amend the CGRF order and to direct the Respondent to conduct an enquiry into the bribery allegations and direct any AEE under EE to inspect the residential building and reports before the CGRF/Chennai EDC/South-II.16/08/2021
738 of 2021Tmt. A. Ranganayaki, VillupuramAE/Town I/Villupuram, EE/Distribution/Villupuram of Villupuram EDC The appellant has prayed to deduct the bill amount for the period 4/2019 to 6/2020 from Rs.11,628/- and remaining amount to be kept in her SC No. 401-016-140. (Withdrawn Order)13/08/2021
822 of 2021Thiru M.Dhanapal, ErodeEE/O&M/Perundurai, AEE/O&M/South/Perundurai & AE/Vellode, Erode EDC The Appellant has prayed to grant compensation for the delay in rectify the fault in service connection after 55 hours.12/08/2021
920 of 2021The Principal, M/s.Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. MGR College of Education, Ramnad The Appellant has prayed to pay the electricity charges as paid during March 2020 for the billing month of May 2020.09/08/2021
1019 of 2021Thiru S.Krishnan, ChidambaramEE/O&M/Chidambaram, AEE/Srimushnam, Cuddalore EDC The Appellant has prayed to reconnect the Service Connection No. 062-001-596.06/08/2021
1128 of 2021Thiru S.Nagarajan, ChennaiEE/O&M/Adyar, CEDC/S-II The Appellant has prayed to relocate the Junction Box erected in front of his entrance gate in his apartment and prayed to give direction to TANGEDCO Velachery for immediate action.(Withdrawn)05/08/2021
1218 of 2021Thiru R.Duraisamy, NamakkalEE/P.Velur, Namakkal EDC The Appellant has prayed not to add anyone name as joint owner in his SC No. 234-002-259.29/07/2021
1314 of 2021Secretary, Salem ATC Nagar Welfare Association, SalemEE/O&M/East Salem, Salem EDC The appellant has prayed to effect temporary service connection to his vacant land for construction.28/07/2021
1413 of 2021Thiru M.Mani, KrishnagiriEE/O&M/Dharmapuri EDC The appellant has prayed for name transferring of an agricultural service number 08-007-012-003 which is in his fathers name.26/07/2021
15AP No. 03 of 2021Thiru P. Murugan, TenkasiSE, EE/Distribution/Sankarankovil, AEE/Distribution/Kalingapatti, AE/Distribution/Kuruvikulam of Tirunelveli EDC The Appellant has prayed for free agricultural service connection for his well.26/07/2021
1616 of 2021Thiru L.Ramanathan, CoimbatoreEE/S.N.Palayam, Coimbatore EDC/North The Appellant has prayed to refund the excess deposit amount in the service connection to the tune of Rs.16,000/-.26/07/2021
1769 of 2020M.Nallasamy, ErodeEE, Erode Name transfer of agricultural service connection08/07/2021
1855 of 2020M/s. Southern Railway, SE, Dindigul,TANGEDCO The appellant have requested to refund the amount of Rs.3,28,98,000/- collected towards MD penalty charges upto September 2020.05/07/2021
1935 of 2021Thiru P.MurugesanEE, Sathyamangalam To add the petitioner name in the agri cultural service connection24/06/2021
2057 of 2020Thiru A. Venkatesh, Coimbatore EE/O&M/Ondipudur,Coimbatore The Appellant has prayed to set-aside the order dated 28.5.2020 passed by the CGRF/Coimbatore/Metro in CGRF/M/CBE/No.002.26/04/2021
2112 of 2021P.Raman, KarurEE/Karur, Tangedco Prayed to change the tariff to Domestic tariff20/04/2021
2270 of 2020Sagina.B, KallkurichiEE/Kallkurichi, TANGEDCO Prayed to provide Free agriculture service connection to the well09/04/2021
2360 of 2020M.Soundarajan, TiruppurEE/Somanur/Tiruppur Prayed to set aside the notice from license instructing to pay the additional charges.07/04/2021
2407 of 2021Thiru N. Mahendran, KaraikalAssistant Engineer/Adayalampet,TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed for new service connection and to order payment of compensation charges for the delay in effecting the service connection.31/03/2021
2506 of 2021Govindaraj, VilupuramAE/EE//Vilupuram EDC, TANGEDCO The petitioner prayed to waive off the Charges of Rs.75,563/- for faulty meter31/03/2021
2651 of 2020P.Palanimuthu,Perambalur DTAE/EE//Vilupuram EDC, TANGEDCO Prayed to Errect new Free service connection to the Well as the petitioner is waiting for 32 years.30/03/2021
275 of 2021K.Saravanan, VilupuramAE/EE//Vilupuram EDC, TANGEDCO Prayed to waive off Rs. 60,350/- the average charges levied against the fault meter 30/03/2021
2804 of 2021N.Poongavanam, VilupuramAE/EE//Vilupuram EDC, TANGEDCO Prayed to refund the excess charges paid by the petitioner and also request for compensation as the no action taken within 10 days.29/03/2021
2908 of 2021Thiru J. Soundararaj,NilgirisThe Executive Engineer/O&M/Gudalur The Appellant has prayed to effect electricity service connection to his house built at Government Poromboke land.25/03/2021
3067 of 2020M.Gurusamy, GobiAE/EE/Gobi, TANGEDCO Prayed to shift the tariff from V to IIC for the temple located at Periyar Nagar25/03/2021
3165 of 2020P.Mahalingam, ErodeAE/EE/Gobi, TANGEDCO Prayed to shift the service lines which are blocking the path24/03/2021
3264 of 2020S.Ramalingam, kallakurichiAE/EE/Kallakurichi, TANGEDCO Prayed to cancel the Service Connected effected to the Survey No.324/5A and reconnect.23/03/2021
3363 of 2020M.krishnan , RanipetAE/EE/Ranipet, TANGEDCO Prayed to reconnect the temporarily disconnected Service Connection22/03/2021
3462 of 2020S.Shanthi, RasipuramAE/EE/Rasipuram, TANGEDCO Prayed to cancel the six service connections effected at the petitioners land22/03/2021
3561 of 2020T.Subramaniyan, NigrisAE/EE/Nigris, TANGEDCO Prayed to remove the electrical pole effected in the petitions agri land and requested to take action against the concerned officials.19/03/2021
3654 of 2020Thiru P. Sivakumar, ChennaiAE/EE/Chennai, TANGEDCO The Appellant has requested to refund the excess development charges with interest collected from him towards new LT three phase service connection.18/03/2021
3758 of 2020P.Elangovan, TirupatturAE/EE/Alangayam, TANGEDCO Prayed to take action against the official who delayed the change of tariff from VI to IA 17/03/2021
3852 of 2020M/s. Saradhambal Educational and Charitable Trust,CoimbatoreEE/K. Vadamadurai The Appellant has prayed to restore the tariff IA from tariff V.16/03/2021
3959 of 2020S.Mahesh,ErodeEE/Erode prayed to refund the charges collected by TANGEDCO and also compensation.15/03/2021
40 56 of 2020K.Thondaiman, ChennaiAE/EE/Valluvarkottam, TANGEDCO Prayed to refund the excess charges collected by TANGEDCO due to the delay in approval of excess demand.08/03/2021
4134 of 2020M/s. Citilights Meadows Flat Owners welfare Association,ChennaiAE/EE/Annanagar, TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed to settle the dispute in SC No. 437-010-630 for the period from 25.07.2008 to 30.07.2009 which was closed in 2009.05/03/2021
4211 of 2021B.Arputharaj, TambaramAE/EE/Tambaram, TANGEDCO Prayed for Compensation due to delay in providing additional transformer. 01/03/2021
4345 of 2020M/s. Harihar Alloys Private Ltd.,TrichyAE/EE/Trichy, TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed for an additional sanctioned demand of 250 KVA on 4-6-2019 thereby increasing the sanctioned demand from 1150 KVA to 1400 KVA to their HT service connection No.171.27/02/2021
4450 of 2020N.Thangamani, TiruppurAE/EE/Udumalaipettai, TANGEDCO Prayed to remove the service wire close to the petitioners house26/02/2021
4509 of 2021P.Palanisamy, P.Rajalakshmi, KarurAO/AE/EE/Karur, TANGEDCO Prayed to name transfer of agricultural service connection.26/02/2021
4647 of 2020V.Bangarusamy,UdumalaipettaiAO/AE/EE/Udumalaipettai, TANGEDCO Prayed to revise the excess charge levied for S.R NO.317-001-1009 after replacing the meter25/02/2021
4746 of 2020Dr. S. R.Thirumalai , TheniAO/AE/EE/Vathagundu, TANGEDCO Prayed to cancel the injustice made in recording the service charge23/02/2021
4848 of 2020M.Ramachandram,MayiladuduraiAO/AE/EE/Mayiladudurai, TANGEDCO Prayed to disconnect the SR No.1650,103522/02/2021
4944 of 2020Manicam Narayanan,ChennaiAO/AE/EE/Mayiladudurai, TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed to direct the TANGEDCO officials to restore the electricity connection to the service connection No. 125-007-770 which was disconnected by the TANGEDCO.18/02/2021
5043 of 2020R.Bavani,PudukottaiAO/AE/EE/Pudukottai, TANGEDCO Prayed to exempt from payment of dues12/02/2021
5136 of 2020A.M Shameen Banu, KarurAO/AE/EE/Karur, TANGEDCO Prayed to cancel the excess average charges of Rs.298502/- levied against the faulty meters10/02/2021
5242 of 2020A.Perumal, SalemAO/AE/EE/Salem, TANGEDCO Prayed to collect the dues from M/s Salem Riprackters pvt ltd. 04/02/2021
5301 of 2021 and 02 of 2021Sri Hari R Dave, ChennaiAO/AE/EE/Salem, TANGEDCO The Appellant has prayed to refund the deposits available in the dismantled LT SC No. 222-050-349 and SC No. 222-050-34 with interest till date(Withdrawn).04/02/2021
5435 of 2020V.Elavarasu, ChennaiAO/AE/EE/Chennai, TANGEDCO Prayed to cancel the charges of Rs.41,630/- levied by the Audit Committee.03/02/2021
5532 of 2020K.Senthilkumar, ChennaiAO/AE/EE/Chennai, TANGEDCO Prayed to take necessary action against the application for Phase-I and request for compensation.02/02/2021
5630 of 2020N. Ashok kumar, ErodeAO/AE/EE/Erode, TANGEDCO The Appellant has requested to redraw the low laying electricity line through his land located at R.S. No. 968/3, 4A, Vallipurathan Palayam Road, Attappampalayam of Vadamugama Vellode Village.22/01/2021
5733 of 2020S.M.Nyna Muhamed, ArambakkamAO/AE/EE/Chennai, TANGEDCO Prayed to remove the pole effected in the petitioners land20/01/2021
5866 of 2020M.Abdeshkumar, PerambalurAO/AE/EE/Perambalur, TANGEDCO Prayed to direct the Perambalur EDC to cancel the excess charges and collect the appropriate charges.08/01/2021
5929 of 2020K.Kumaravel,CuddaloreAO/AE/EE/Thittakudi, TANGEDCO Prayed to effect the solar service connection for the Social Organisaton07/01/2021
6068 of 2020N.Rukhmani, TiruppaturAO/AE/EE/Tiruppatur, TANGEDCO Prayed to change the tariff to IIIB to the Milk Diary as CGRF, Tirpaatur and Tiruppattur EDC has rejected the petition06/01/2021