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ACT, GO and Policies

Sl No.Order No. Description Order Date
1GO 5 Appointment of Member(Legal)06/01/2023
244 Appointment of Member Thiru K Venkatesan16/07/2022
321 of 2022 Appointment of Dr.C.Veeramani for the post of the Secretary30/05/2022
4G.O 2 of 2022 Appointment of Thiru. R.Jarard Kishore as a Member of TNERC10/01/2022
5RuralPolicy Rural Electricity Policy07/04/2021
6TP Tariff Policy07/04/2021
7161 Revision of Pay of the Chairman, and Members of the Tamilnadu Electricity Regulatory Commission28/05/2019
840 Wind energy - strategy for maximum absorption of wind energy - revoking of notification issued under section 11 of the Electricity act, 2003 - orders issued30/05/2014
939 Withdrawal of R & C measures presently in vogue for High Tension Industrial and Commercial services29/05/2014
10111 Appointment of Thiru G.Rajagopal as Member of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission31/12/2013
1193 Special Court12/09/2013
1258- 19th Steering Committee Meeting of South Asia Forum for Infrastucture Regulation (SAFIR) at Dhaka08/05/2012
1319- Exercise of Powers of Telegraph Authority in certain cases23/02/2012
14529 Appointment of Thiru K.Veeramani as Director(Legal)24/11/2011
1536 Study Visit-Thiru Venugopal and Thiru S.Nagalsamy, Members, TNERC02/06/2011
1621 Sanction of staff cars for the Members of Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission and two drivers01/03/2011
172 Reconstitution of State Co-ordination Forum11/01/2011
18128 Permission to participate in the SAFIR Meeting from 9-12-2010 to 11-12-2010 at Kathmandu (NEPAL)26/11/2010
19101 Sanction of post of Ombudsman and Personal Assistant to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission19/10/2010
2091 Thiru. K. Venugopal, Member-I, Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission - Permission to participate the 8th Annual Event of East Asia and Pacific Infrastructure Regulatory Forum (EAPIRF) in Auckland, New Zealand - Organized by the CRISIL Risks and Infrastructure Solutions Limited from 29-9-2010 to 8-10-201020/09/2010
2188 Enhancement of Transport Allowance from Rs.4000/- to Rs.12000/- p.m. to the Officers of Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission15/09/2010
2265 Post of Marshall - Nomenclature of the post "Marshall" re-classified as Chobdhar02/07/2010
2365- Appointment of Thiru. S. Nagalsamy as Member of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission02/07/2010
24NEP National Electricity Policy08/04/2010
25102 Revision of Scale of Pay of Chairman and Members of the Commission - Replacement by a new HAG revised scale of Pay of Rs.67000 - (Annual Increment at 3%) - Rs.79000/- by the Government of India - Revision of Fixed Pay of the Members30/03/2010
2632 Reconstitution of State Co-ordination Forum23/03/2010
27450 Extension of the New Health Insurance Scheme to the TNERC14/09/2009
28396 Revision of scale of pay of Chairman and Members of the Commission20/08/2009
2983- Thiru. S. Kabilan, Chairman, Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission - Permission to attend the Orientation programme for Chairpersons / Members of Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERCs) at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad - Study visit to the United Kingdom from 23.5.2009 to 1.6.200927/07/2009
3059- Appointment of Thiru. K. Venugopal as Member of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission27/07/2009
3134 Notification of Selection Committee24/04/2009
3246 Notification of sanction of Deputy Director(Tariff)10/04/2008
3312 Sanction two post of Deputy Director(Engg.) and Deputy Director(Tariff)29/02/2008
3459 Appointment of Member Thiru R.Rajupandi20/06/2007
356 Fees for making Application for Grant of Licence Rules 200708/02/2007
36118 Appointment of Assessment Officer for compensation of theft of electricity27/11/2006
37119 Appeal against the Assessing Officer for unauthorized use of Electricity27/11/2006
38102-126-47 Special Courts05/10/2006
3983 G.O on Constitution of District Committee under Section 166(5)06/09/2006
4076 Appointment of Chairsman Thiru S.Kabilan, I.A.S14/08/2006
4171 Power Supply to Agricultural pumpset25/07/2006
42361 Amendment to Electricity Act 200318/04/2006
43105 Appointment of Member Thiru B.Jayaraman18/06/2004
4480 Sanction of regular staff to the Commission. 19/08/2002
4562 Amendment to TNERC Rules,1998 (Salaries and Allowances and conditions)17/06/2002
4653 Notification of foregoing rules, services, the conditions of the service and other perquisites available to the Chairperson12/06/2002
4755 Appointment of Chairman Thiru A.Balraj I.A.S (Retd) and Member Thiru S.Thangrathanam12/06/2002
4856 Appointment of Member Thiru S.Thangrathanam12/06/2002
4919 Notification of the Official address of the Commission23/02/2000
50156 Appointment of Member Thiru D.S.Hanumantha Rao 09/08/1999
5158 Notification of Establishment of Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission. 17/03/1999
5261 Appointment of Member Thiru E.C.Arunachalam17/03/1999
53144 Notification of TNERC (Salaries and Allowances and conditions of Service of Chairman and Members) Rules,199829/10/1998