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Year 2021

Sr. No Petition No. Appeal By Details of Case

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Order Date  Uploaded


14 46 of 2020 Dr. S. R. Ukiy,nj khtl.

iz v 05-255-005-531-Ϛ mahf FfgLs Yit bjhifia uJ brkhW nkKiwplhs zäJsh.

23-02-2021 23-02-2021
13 48 of 2020

U. K. uhkru, kyhLJiw khtl.

izf v 1650, 1035 Ma U izfis JoFkhW nkKiwplhs zäJsh.

22-02-2021 23-02-2021
12 44 of 2020 Thiru. Manicam Narayanan,Chennai The Appellant has prayed to direct the TANGEDCO officials to restore the electricity connection to the service connection No. 125-007-770 which was disconnected by the TANGEDCO. 18-02-2021 19-02-2021
11 43 of 2020

Uk. u. gth, Jnfhil khtl

nkKiwplhs iz v 133-008-46- tfgl Yit bjhif brYJtUJ yF mf nfh  zg rkäJsh.

12-02-2021 12-02-2021
10 36 of 2020

Uk. A.M ۋghD, f%.

nkKiwplhs iz v 002-010-848- ds gGJ fhuzkhf ruhr flz Lgl bjhif %.2,98,502/- I jSgo brkhW zäJsh.

10-02-2021 12-02-2021
9 42 of 2020

U. A. bgUkh, nry

iz 31 brYj ntoa Yit bjhif kDjhu brYa %.40,000/- nghf jKs Yit bjhifia M/s.nry nul iunt bl mtfl tN brl nto zg rkäJsh.

04-02-2021 05-02-2021
8 01 of 2021 and   02 of 2021

Thiru Sri Hari R Dave, Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to refund the deposits available in the dismantled LT SC No. 222-050-349 and SC No. 222-050-34 with interest till date(Withdrawn)           04-02-2021 05-02-2021
7 35 of 2020


jif FGth ¡fgl %.41,630/- jSgo brkhW nkKiwplhs zäJsh.

03-02-2021 05-02-2021
6 32 of  2020

 U.K.bršFkh, brid

nkKiwplhs jdJ ţoF xUKid iz nto zäj zg‹ J eltoif vLfhjJ FJ ca HL tHf nto͟sh.

02-02-2021 05-02-2021
5 30 of 2020

Thiru N. Ashok kumar, Erode

The Appellant has requested to redraw the low laying electricity line through his land located at R.S. No. 968/3, 4A, Vallipurathan Palayam Road, Attappampalayam of Vadamugama Vellode Village.

22-01-2021 22-01-2021
4 33 of 2020

U. v.v. iedhKAkJ, Mughf

nkKiwplhs jdF brhjkhd lš elgL UF fgfis mfw nfh zäJsh.

20-01-2021 22-01-2021
3 66 of 2020

U.K. mnjZFkh, bgug

nkKiwplhs jDila tf iz v 331-004-2638-F clhd flz 30.05.2020 mW ytugo 4740 XoajhfΫ mjF flzkhf %.40,940/- brYJkhW Efnth FiwԮkw, bgug gkhd tl ԮgJsjh mbjhifia jSgo brJ rahd flzij brYJtjF cju wáFgo FiwԮghsl nkKiwpL brJsh . (Withdrawn) 08-01-2021 11-01-2021 
2 29 of 2020

U. f. Fkhunt, fl khtl.

nkKiwplhs eltU mwiya bjhL Wtd‰F nrhyh iz tHFkhW zäJsh.

07-01-2021 11-01-2021
1 68 of 2020

Uk. N. Uk, Ug khtl

gh F%L iya‰F jgo IIIB-F kh jUkhU mj fh J Efnth FiwԮkw, Ug gkhd tl eltoif vLfhk uhfJljh FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwpL brJsh.(Withdrawn)

06-01-2021 11-01-2021











Year 2020

Sr. No Petition No. Appeal By Details of Case

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Order Date  Uploaded


69 31 of 2020

M/s. Raymond Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to refund the security deposit of Rs.3,20,355/- made in respect of SC No. 575-001-64. 31-12-2020 04-01-2021
68 24 of 2020

Thiru K.S. Nagarajan, Erode

The Appellant has prayed to issue an order for the refund of the excess charges paid based on Tariff V instead of the actual Tariff of III A(1) for the delay period from 29.07.2019, the date of tariff change application to until the date of order passing by forum and compensation.

31-12-2020 04-01-2021
67 22 of 2020

Tmty. Thilaka Krishna, Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to refund the excess amount collected from her SC No.437-018-860. 30-12-2020 04-01-2021
66 53 of 2020

M/s. AI Enterprises, Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to classify the tariff for Godown of the premises as the facilities incidental to the main purpose of the establishment of the LT consumer to be in the same tariff as that of the main purpose. 26-12-2020 29-12-2020
65 28 of 2020

U. A. mg ghh, nt khtl.

nkKiwplhs j mYtyf iz SC No.472-003-565F mDa flz %.200/-I j ţL SC No.472-008-320F j mDk拿 vLJbfhljh j mYtyf iz DC bragljdh eZl <L %.1.00,000/- bgW ju nto zg rkäJsh.

26-12-2020 29-12-2020
 64 49 of 2020

U. N.P. urf, U

nkKiwplhs glh y TS No.1577/2,1B Mat tahf iz U.thr mtfSF tHf TlhJ vd nkKiwplhs zäJsh. 24-12-2020 29-12-2020
 63 26 of 2020

Uk. S. khy, f%

nkKiwplhs iz v. 012-008-2935/TF-V-I uju Jo brJ jUkhW zäJsh.

24-12-2020 29-12-2020
62 20 of 2020

Mr. Ranjith Chhalani, Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to set aside the order passed by CGRF, CEDC/Central on the CGRF petition No. 52/2019.

24-12-2020 29-12-2020
61 27 of 2020

Uk. S. jdyR, fh»uhk, f%

nkKiwplhs jDila iz v 014-00-777- mfkhf brYa bjhifia Ug tHFkhW zäJsh.

23-12-2020 24-12-2020
60 23 of 2020

Tmty. Josephine Sunder Singh, Nilgiris

The Appellant has prayed to pass an order not to erect the electricity pole and supply wires adjacent to the Appellants house.

21-12-2020 24-12-2020
59 19 of 2020

U. P. rf, brid

nkKiwplhs jhtGj izfis xnu ca mGj izghf kh ju jlUJ bgwgl %.16,00,000/- tol U jUkhW myJ iz tHFkhW  zäJsh.

18-12-2020 24-12-2020
58 18 of  2020

Uk. rh, nfhaK

nkKiwplhs jdJ rnfhju bga tHfgl izig ( iz v 152-001-1902) uJ brkhW, rl‰F wghf iz tHa bjhlila mfhf J eltoif vLFkhW jdh gh¥w jdF HL tHFkhW zäJsh.

15-12-2020 17-12-2020
57 10 of 2020

Thiru.Rafeeq Sait,  Chennai.

The Appellant has prayed to withdraw the audit shortfall claimed by the Distribution Licensee in the Lr.No.AE/O&M/Neelankarai/F.Audit/D.No./2018 dt.06.09.2018.

15-12-2020 16-12-2020
56 25 of 2020

The Chief Operations Manager, IOC

To reclassify the HT SC No.78 to HT-IA and raise future bills under HT-IA tariff only and to refund the differential amount along with interest paid by appellant under HT-III from Sep10 to till date. 01-12-2020 04-12-2020
55 6 of 2020 M/s.Rajesh N. Venkatesh,  Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to withdraw the audit shortfall claimed by the distribution licensee vide Lr.No.AE/O&M/Kovalam/F.audit/D.105/19 dt. 29.08.2019.

27-11-2020 04-12-2020
54 03 of 2020

Thiru L. Vijayakumar, Chennai

The Appellant has prayed i) not to include the shortfall amount in the another service Connection No.127-014-905 ii) not to take any action of disconnection of Live Service Connection No. 127-014-905 till the disposal of appeal filed in the Supreme Court of India.

23-11-2020 04-12-2020
53 16 of 2020

17 of 2020

Thiru. K. Venkatraman, Namakkal

Tmt. V. Prabhavathi, Namakkal

The Appellants in the Appeal Petition No. 16 of 2020 and 17 of 2020 have prayed to convert the existing III B tariff service connections in their agriculture lands to its original LM 41 agri tariff to enhance the food grain inventory of the country.

19-11-2020 20-11-2020
52 07 of 2020

M/s. CP Aquaculture (India) Pvt. Ltd.,Villupuram

The Appellant has prayed to quash the Audit slip No.24, dt. 11.6.2019 and audit Slip No.14 and 16, dt.1.7.2019 and to reclassify the HT service connection as Industrial as per T.P. No. 1 of 2017.

17-11-2020 20-11-2020
51 74 of 2019

76 of 2019

7M/s. Tamilnadu Spinning Mills Association, The Appellants have prayed to refund the amount to the respective consumers excessively collected as demand charges for the month of November 2019 based on pro-rata method issued vide Memo No. CFC/REV/ FC/REV/DFC/AO /HT/D.770/19, dated 27.11.2019. 17-11-2020 20-11-2020
50 21 of 2020

Uk. F.akh, ehfgoz

nkKiwplhs ţo mU ilfg eL jilyh iz tHFkhW zäJsh.

11-11-2020 18-11-2020
49 14 of 2020

U. T. kfl, gH jhYfh

nkKiwplhs jdJ jhjh bga tHfgl trha iz v 05-289-006-57- jdF cikiaͫ/ghaijͫ cW bra ntLbkW zäJsh.

11-11-2020 18-11-2020
48 11 of 2020

U. M. braJ ϥuhѫ,

nkKiwplhs iz  v. 303-013-587- mfkhf Xoa ms () r brJ jUkhW zäJsh.

10-11-2020 10-11-2020
47 12 of 2020

Uk. S. trjh, JFo


nkKiwplhs iz dsf gf juwf flz tol UäjuΫ kW rgjgl mYty J ca eltoif vLFkhW zäJsh.

04-11-2020 10-11-2020
46 15 of 2020 Thiru S. Bageerathan, Chennai

The Appellant prayed to give Agricultural service connection under Tatkal scheme for the survey No. 63/4E and also prayed for name transferring of SC which was registered in his mothers name.

23-10-2020 28-10-2020


37 of 2020,

38 of 2020,

39 of 2020,

40 of 2020,

41 of 2020

M/s. Honey Priya Textile Mills, Coimbatore ,

M/s. Padmavathi Textiles, Coimbatore

M/s. Komala Gowri Textiles,Coimbatore ,

Tmty. M. Premselvi,Coimbatore ,

M/s. Vignesh Textiles,Coimbatore


To order an immediate addendum in favour of LT consumers to the arbitrary and discriminatory Memo No. CFC/REV/FC/REV/DFC/AAO/JA/F.ASD Review/D.400/20, dt. 18.07.2020 issued by the first respondent, or to order the respondents to immediately issue a new memo/order to the same effect.





79 of 2019

U.R. brtfzg, JFo khtl

nkKiwplhs f TL mDgtš cs ţLF rlnuhjkhf tHfgl izfis uJ brkhW, jtwhd tf goj fhuzkhf mfkhf tNfgl bjhifia HLl Ug tHFkhW zäJsh.

16-09-2020 18-09-2020
43  8 of 2020 M/s. VGN Property Developers Pvt. Ltd.,Chennai The Appellant has prayed to set aside the order passed by CGRF, CEDC/West in the CGRF petition No. 97/2019. 11-09-2020 11-09-2020
42 72 of 2019 M/s. Sundareswarar Modern Rice Mill, Tirupur District The Appellant prayed to set aside the claimed amount of Rs.8,06,184/- due to B-phase loose connection in the LTCT meter. 11-09-2020 11-09-2020
41 02 of 2020

U.A gܮbrt,brid

nkKiwplhs jDila ţoF TLj rۣl kW jdF Vgl H bjhif %.7.5 yr gzK tHf nto zäJsh.

05-08-2020 10-08-2020
40 01 of 2020

U.G. btfnlZ,dnry tl.

U.G. btfnlZ, 233, L.F.nuhL, fuhaghisa - 606 207, dnry tl mtf 30.12.2019 ehl kD nkKiwpL kD v.01/2020 Mf g brOEagLsJ. nkfl kD J FiwԮghs nfiu 05-03-2020 mW eilbgwJ.

05-08-2020 10-08-2020
39 04 of 2020

M/s. Mir uhl, f% khtl.

nkKiwplhs jDila Mir uhl Wtd‰F brhjkhd iz v. 007-011-2574- ms gGjilj khjfSF jif Jiwdh ¡fgl ruhr bjhifahd %. 56774/-I jSgo brkhW  FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwpL brJsh.



38 70 of 2019 M/s. Annapoorani Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd,Chennai

The Appellant prayed to cancel the audit slip no.86, dated 04.04.2019 & withdraw the short fall amount demanded and to restore the tariff into III-B, industrial.



35 73/ 2019

Uk. K. rut, brid

nkKiwplhs gHik thj ţil cilJ mnj lš foa a ţoF kW iz tHFkhW zäJsh.



36 71 of 2019 M/s. Blue Star Ltd., Chennai The Appellant has prayed to refund the available deposits in dismantled LTCT Service Connection 133-004-484 with interest.



37 66 of 2019

Tmty. R.M. Meenatchi, Sivagangai Dist

The Appellant has prayed to set right excess bill charged during 01/2019 assessment in respect of service connection No. 06-187-017-1709.



34 78 of 2019

U.S. nkhfjh, Gu khtl.

nkKiwplhs rnt v 392/7 .kh cs ngh zWF trha iz tHFkhW zäJsh.



33 77 of 2019

Tmty. Mullai Balakrishnan, Virudhunagar

The Appellant has prayed to award compensation for the delay in shifting LT/HT lines as per TNE DSOP regulations.



32 64 / 2019

U.br. mJyhA, Ubent

iz v. 07-004-004-331 ngh Mtzf rkäJ bgwjhfΫ, nkgo izig Jof ntoͫ zäJsh.



31 75 / 2019

U.A. Kija, fsF khtl

nkKiwplhs rnt v 32/10- cs MJis zWF trha iz tHFkhW zäJsh.

16-07-2020 16-07-2020
30 68 of 2019

U. S.gkehg, brid

nkKiwplhs jdJ izf 433-002-522, 433-002-127 uLF mfgr flz nghf gzij %.12,994/-I  jdF Ug ju ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.

16-07-2020 16-07-2020
29 63 of 2019

Dr.A. ka iknf, Ubent khtl.

nkKiwplhs jij U.mnjhKJ ehlh bga tHfgl iz v. 069-003-83 jgo IV -# W,FW trha/Foir izf bga khw bragl ntL vw murhf £l‹ mogil nkKiwplhs bga bga khw bragLsJ.

16-07-2020 16-07-2020
28 69 of 2019

Thiru D. Sakthivel,Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to drop the audit shortfall amount Rs.4,59,360/- for his service connection No. 319-007-118 for the meter defective period from 07/15 to 09/16 09-07-2020 14-07-2020
27 62 of 2019

M/s. Navins Spring Field Owners Association,Chennai

The Appellant prayed to set aside the order passed by GGRF/CEDC/South2 on misconception ofRegulations, and to adjudicate the issue on merits and to direct the authorities concerned to revise the bill paid under protest on the threat of disconnection of other services consequent to the filing of CGRF and to apportion in the manner of bimonthly billing and refund the excess amount paid as disconnection of service connection was not done but entry was made in the system.

09-07-2020 14-07-2020
26 67 of 2019

U.m.nuQ fΩl,

nkKiwplhs jdJ ţoF a iz ju nto zäJsh.

03-07-2020 14-07-2020
25 65  of 2019

U.M.btisanjt, Jnfhil khtl

nkKiwplhs glh yš jdJ rkj bgwhk elgl fgij mf  khW tghij mikJ rbrkhW nto͟sh.

03-07-2020 14-07-2020
24 61  of 2019

U. V.K. uhn#u,f%

nkKiwplhsUF brhjkhd iz v. 002-101-230, TF-V, 7/2010 Kj 05/2013 tiu cs fhy‰F Lgl bjhif %.46,615/- I tha Kiwgo Lgl fhy‰F Kija mjhtJ 7/2010 khj‰F K cs gaܣL ms il itJ ruhr fzL brJ j bjhifia tN bra Mtz brkhW Efnth kwij eho͟sh.

03-07-2020 14-07-2020
23 59 of 2019

M/s. V.S. Hotel (Hotel Grand Palace),  Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to set aside the order dated 24.09.2019 passed by the CGRF, CEDC/South-II in the CGRF petition No.120/2019.

03-07-2020 14-07-2020
22 58 of 2019

U.K.bršFkh, brid

nkKiwplhs jdJ ţoF TLjyhf ehF xUKid iz nto zäj zgf J eltoif vLfhjJ FJ ca HL tHf nto͟sh.

03-07-2020 14-07-2020
21 49 of 2019

Dr. S. Prakash, Principal, Coimbatore

The Appellant hasrequested to quash the CGRF order and to set aside the excess demand charges levied towards alleged excess consumption of over and above the sanctioned demand of 112 KW and to refund the amount Rs.13,11,494/- illegally collected from the consumer.

03-07-2020 14-07-2020
20 60 of 2019

U. K. rfhnjt, nrlgo

nkKiwplhs brhjkhd yš mt mDk Ϛyhk Wtgl Transformer-# mfw ntL kW HգL bjhif tHf ntL vW zäJsh. 17-06-2020 17-06-2020
19 55 of 2019 Tmty. K. Mahalakshmi,  Cuddalore The Appellant has prayed to set aside the order passed by TANGEDCO changing the tariff from III A1 to V and the related penalty imposed. 12-06-2020 16-06-2020
18 57 of 2019

U. .KJrh, f% khtl.

nkKiwplhs kW mtuJ rnfhjuUF brhjkhd brhš cs iz v.011-005-12 bga khw brl zäJsh.

09-06-2020 10-06-2020
17  52 of 2019 Thiru S.M. Rajasekar, Namakkal The Appellant has prayed to reinstate the cancelled application and to provide an agricultural electricity service connection for a load of 10 HP to his borewell dug in survey No.54/1, Athiayapalayam Village, Tiruchengodu taluk. 08-06-2020 10-06-2020
16 56 of 2019 Thiru P. Velmurugan,  Cuddalore The Appellant prayed to drop the audit slip demanding to pay monthly minimum charges from 08.06.2016 to 17.06.2016 (10 days) for HTSC No. 64. 05-06-2020 05-06-2020
15 51 of 2019

Thiru. Babulal L Shah,  Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to set aside the DCW estimate 61/2017-18 by AEE/O&M/Vepery/TANGEDCO.

03-06-2020 05-06-2020
14 44 of 2019  and 46 of 2019 and 50 of 2019

M/s. Zolo Stays Property Solutions, Chennai

The Appellants in all the appeal petitions requested to restore the tariff to domestic purpose for their service connections situated in various locations.

29-05-2020 29-05-2020
13 13 of 2020 M/s. Manchester Sitara Owners Association, To refund the correct eligible excess charges collected from Appellant along with applicable interest rate etc,.(Withdrawn) 22-05-2020 27-05-2020
12  47 of 2019 Thiru N. Chithirai Rajan, Chettikulam The Appellant prayed to reconnect the service connection No. 066-012-594 to his house at first floor which was disconnected as he has another service connection (SC No. 066-012-610) to the ground floor. 19-05-2020 22-05-2020
11  37 of 2019 Thiru E. Nilavazhagan,  Urappakkams The Appellant has requested to remove the mini transformer and poles which were installed on his land 18-05-2020 18-05-2020
10 38 of 2019 Thiru A. Mayil Rajan, Madurai

The Appellant has prayed to issue new service connection for his cold storage unit building.

12-03-2020 13-03-2020
9 43 / 2019

U.k. kfhnjt,br tl.

nkKiwplhs iz v. 09-531011716 ţL cgnahf‰F gagLa flz‰F fLkhd gFa flz ¤J mfgoahf tN brj flz‰F ԮΫ jdF VgLs miyrYF, kdcisrYF, jgh kW nghFtuJ brydfSFa HfSF thuz ԮΫ ill nfhͫ zäJsh.



8 05 / 2020

U. M. bgUkh, Ug  khtl.           

nkKiwplhs jDila ţL izF jtwhd fzL bragljhfΫ, rgjgltf J eltoif nkbfhSkhW mj fh J nkghit bghahs/Ug Efnth FiwԮkw  eltoif vLfiy vW FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwpL brJsh.



7 36 / 2019 Uk V. fhnt nj, brid

kDjhu trha iz nto g brj zgij rhu tha bjhiyJ ljhfΫ, mjdh a zg mF go T jDila KDikia kWgjhfΫ fh bjJsh.



6 29 /2019

U.uh. UZz_, f% khtl

nkKiwplhs MJis z iz v. 06-052-005-1161-F (TF III A1) 5 HP UJ 7.5 HP ahf ca tHFkhW, izig fSbfuhf Jo brJ trha ntiy bralhk brjjF jFj HL tHFkhW  zäJsh.



5 34 / 2019

Uk. M. yjh,  nfha

nkKiwplhs jdF bfhLfgl izf mid‰F HT Line bghJghij nghlgljF Efnthuha jh gz brYj njit Ϛiy vdΫ Mfnt jdF bfhLfgl nehOi[  uJ brkhW nfh͟sh.

25-02-2020 25-02-2020
4 31 / 2019

Uk M. rFjyh,


nkKiwplhs ţoF 35 tUlfshf tU ghijia kh ntW ghij f C mj _y iz tHfgoUgjh jdF rtu iz ilfhj fhuzdh K Ujgona fgUJ neuoahf iz bfhLf nto zäJsh.

24-02-2020 25-02-2020
3 24 /2019

U. M. uŪu, Gu.

nkKiwplhs iz v. 406-004-3146- 11/2009 Kj 09/2011 tiu cgnahf Fiwthf Ujjh jif Jiwduh ¡fgl jif bjhif %.1,51,312/- I uJ bra nfh zäJsh.

13-02-2020 13-02-2020
2 41 /2019

U.  V. fh,  fhiuFo

nkKiwplhs, jdJ thL v.1, sh v.15, eLnuho elgoUF fgid ghijF ilr Ϛyhk ghij Xuš ef CWkhW zäJsh.

13-02-2020 13-02-2020
1 27 of 2019

U.G. MWKf,  Uth% khtl

nkKiwplhs iz v. 565-009-67-F jif bjhifahf ¡fgl %.135787/-I  uJ bra nfh zäJsh.

30-01-2020 31-01-2020





Year 2019

Sr. No Petition No. Appeal By Details of Case

(Click on the Detail to view the order)

Order Date  Uploaded


75 22 / 2019

Uk. R. ghoakh, UJef

nkKiwplhs Tariff-V- a iz nfhU jdJ zgij ntLbknw g brahk, zg‹ J eltoif nkbfhshj cjbghahs J eltoif vLf nfhͫ a iz nfhU l‰F a iz tHf ca eltoif vLf nfhͫ zäJsh.

31-12-2019 02-01-2020
74 20 /2019

U. K. mzhJiu, <.

nkKiwplhs _j rnfhju vw Kiw U. ufrh j/bg KJrh nfhdh < mtfSF bga khw brj iz v.1106- nkKiwplhs jdJ bgaiu izf nto  nfL bfhLsh.

20-12-2019 20-12-2019
73 23 /2019

Uk. A. thR, Jiw-

nkKiwplhs bjhrhiy iz v. 271-005-211-F efa lUJ 24 k neuK bjhl rhu tHFkhW zäJsh.

20-12-2019 20-12-2019
72 19 /2019

U.R. gH, brid

nkKiwplhs iz v.315-007-1220- mfgoahf brYa flzij v®tU flzf  rbrJ jUkhW zäJsh.

17-12-2019 17-12-2019
71 14 of 2019

M/s. Fuso Glass India Private Limited,Sriperumbudur 

The Appellant prayed to set aside the order passed by the respondent in Lr.No.SE / TANGEDCO / CEDC / CGL/ DFC/RCS/AAO-HT/AS/D.102/2014,dated 29.05.2014.

13-12-2019 16-12-2019
70 17 /2019

U. M. Jiurh, <nuhL khtl

nkKiwplhs zWF trha iz nfh nkKiwpil FiwԮghs Kghf rkäJsh.

05-12-2019 05-12-2019
69 32 / 2019

U. M.ghyUZz, brid

Utq khtl Ujt tl, be.64, madghf uhk, y v. 419/2A, 0.20 br  y‰F iz bfhLfTlhJ vW zäJsh. 04-12-2019 04-12-2019
68 16 of 2019 Thiru M. Chandrasekar, Dindigul

The Appellant has prayed to modify the current consumption bill for the month of November 2018 for the SC No. 246-019-699.

03-12-2019 04-12-2019
67 15 of 2019

Thiru. V. Dineshkumar, Namakkal

The Appellant prayed to cancel the fixed charges of Rs.8,928/- in temporary service connection No. 509-001-1912 and requested to instate a new worksheet for balance refundable SD.

29-11-2019 29-11-2019
66 53 of 2019

Thiru S. Makesh, Erode

The Appellant has prayed to cancel the demand notice  of Rs.2,59,913/- towards arrears and not to disconnect the supply of electricity.(Withdrawn)

29-11-2019 29-11-2019
65 10 of 2019

Tmty. V. Prabavathi, Namakkal

The Appellant has prayed for cancelling the fixed charges of Rs.18,889/- in her temporary service connection No. 509-001-1914. 29-11-2019 29-11-2019
64 30 of 2019

Thiru M. Kadavul, Namakkal.

The Appellant prayed to effect the electricity service connection to his house built in Highways Poramboke lands.

21-11-2019 21-11-2019
63 13 / 2019

TLj ffhghs, ehfgoz. 

nkKiwplhs, muR iwJiw mYtyffSF Tariff II B go flz bgwhk tf nehf‰Fa Tariff V go TLjyhf flz brYjglij Ug tHFkhW zäJsh.

18-11-2019 18-11-2019
62 12 of 2019 Tmty. S Sangeetha,  Cuddalore 

The Appellant prayed to cancel the additional shortfall charges for his service connection No. 019-012-19.

15-11-2019 18-11-2019
61 48 /2019

U. N. rutz, f% khtl

nkKiwplhs tF thsh, Fjiy tl gF FiwtGj rhunk tUtjhf bjJsh.

13-11-2019 15-11-2019
60 35 /2019

Uk.P.S. nyhdh Vr, JFo

nkKiwplhs jdF ghagl lš U.G.mUuh#h vgt bga tHfgLs iz v.073840091442-I  uJ brJ nkFãLs izF bga khw brJ ju nfh zäJsh.

12-11-2019 12-11-2019
59  1 of 2019

Dr. R. Rajesh, Chennai

The appellant has prayed to waive the shortfall arrears of Rs.30,360/- towards meter defective period.

08-11-2019 08-11-2019
58 8 / 2019

U. Frh,  ehkf khtl.

nkKiwplhs y v. 134/2-F %.50,000/- brY iz bgW Ra £lš trha iz ju nto zäJsh.

08-11-2019 08-11-2019
57 54 of 2019 Thiru S. Varadharajan, Chennai The Appellant has prayed that the impugned meter reading must be withdrawn and requested to adjust the amount in the forthcoming bi-monthly bills.(Withdrawn) 05-11-2019 06-11-2019
56 45 of 2019

Dr. R. Kumar,Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to direct the respondents to initiate the process of taking over the said land ideal for erecting substation in their premises as per the statutory regulations envisaged to ease out the present & future load growth and to direct the respondents to process their applications for New Service connections to the already completed Towers of 412 flats and club house. 05-11-2019 05-11-2019
55 9 / 2019

U.S.KfkJ R, jrh khtl.

nkKiwplhs nfhif ng 2007- tHfgl iz 7HP gSl Tariff IIIB- UJ Tariff III A1-F 03/2017- khw braglJ.   7HP gSΡF Tariff IIIB- mfgoahd brYa flzij v®tU flzf rbrJ jUkhW zäJsh.

01-11-2019 01-11-2019
54 39  of 2019

M/s. Shri Laxmi Spinners Pvt. Ltd., Virudhunagar

The petitioner has prayed to refund the current consumption deposit and MCD with interest from June 2012 in respect of HT SC 274.

29-10-2019 29-10-2019
53 6 / 2019

Uk.N. fkykh, ehkf khtl

nkKiwplhs rnt v. 117/1B- y cikia uJ brahk rnt v. 117/1C- cs MJis zF GO 350 £lš a trha iz  ntL vW zäJsh.

29-10-2019 29-10-2019
52 2 / 2019

U.G. uh#h, bghnj

iz vf 09-567-004-813 kW 89 Ma izf 6/18- mfkhf tN bragl flz bjhifia v®fhy Ú flzš fJ bfhSkhW ntLwh.

24-10-2019 24-10-2019
51 11 / 2019


33 / 2019

U. . bršFkh,nry khtl

nkKiwplhs iz v. 04-170-002-123- flz bjhif %.723/- brYj ntoa fil nj 17.1.2019.  Mdh 3.1.2019 mW flz brYanghJ %.63/- mfkhf brYj ntoUjij FJ jdF Vgl mtkhd, kd cisr, foj bry,  cl ciHÉF Ԯ nfL zäJsh.

23.10.2019 23.10.2019
50 7 of 2019 Tmty S. Kamala, Koachadai, Madurai The Appellant has prayed to grant compensation for the delay in effecting new service connection as the supply was given after a period of 61 days. 21.10.2019 22.10.2019
49 5 of 2019 Thiru. G. Ramachandran, Pudukkottai District The Appellant has requested to reconnect his agriculture service No. 061-200-353. 21-10-2019 21-10-2019
48 73/2018

Uk. P.uh,fl khtl

nkKiwplhs iz v. 085-011-396-I VG MLF K uju Jo bragljhfΫ mjFa Yit bjhif brYJtij j鮡fΫ, rlJF wghf Jofgl izig kW iz brkhW  nfh͟sh. 

18-10-2019 18-10-2019
47 74 / 2018

U. m. b#fehj, ehkf khtl

nkKiwplhs iz v.514-001-87 bjhrhiy izig  trha izghf kh jUkhW zäJsh.



46 3 of 2019

Tmty. G. Varadammal, Chennai

The Appellant prayed to direct the TANGEDCO officials to give Agricultural service connection under Tatkal Scheme with immediate effect to her agriculture land. 16-10-2019 16-10-2019
45 72 of 2018 Dr. R. Rajesh,Chennai The appellant has prayed to convert the overhead line into underground cable for his SC No. 0102604910. 10-10-2019 10-10-2019
44 70 /2018

Uk. F.ghDk, brid

nkKiwplhs trha iz bga khw bra nfha zgij VW trha izig nkKiwplhs jij bga UJ thRjhuf It bgaUF khw brJ jU go jDila nkKiwpil FiwԮghs Kghf rkäJsh.

10-10-2019 10-10-2019
43 71/2018

U. K. Phdnrf, TLthnr

nkKiwplhs jdJ ţL cgnahf KKid iz  v. 568-025-1584- fgUJ tU rŰ xa fbdo gho fojhnghY, cUͫ UjjhfΫ Mdh ms rahf aajhfΫ, nkgo izF J ms bghWL mjFa bjhifia brYj nfhUtij VfKoahJ vwh.

10-10-2019 10-10-2019
42 65 /2018 Uk.S. rah, jrh khtl nkKiwplhs jdJ FoUid thf brl nto jdJ FoU tshfDnsna TLj fol fo tUtij Kiwf go jtW vW jgoia jfhf izghf kh͟sij uJ brl nto FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwplhs  kD rkäJsh.   09-10-2019 10-10-2019
41 63 / 2018 U. R. ehuhazrh, ©Lf khtl. nkKiwplhs jDila y‰F zg g v.4391/1987-88-F trha iz nto KiwLsh. 04-10-2019 04-10-2019
40 64 /2018

U. P. rf, Gu

nkKiwplhs U. P. rf vgt iz  v. 402-009-356- (kho a tU iz) tajhd eg xUt kLnk tgjh cgnahf Ϛyhj iy flz mfgoahf gth͟sJ vW, flzij U tHf ntL vW, Jo brj izig kW iz bra ntL vW jdJ nkKiwpL kDit rkäJsh.

30-09-2019 30-09-2019
39 68 of 2018 Thiru V.N. Thiyagarajan,Sivaganga District The Appellant prayed to refund the excess payment made towards the current consumption charges for the service connection No.476-012-1227. 30-09-2019 30-09-2019
38 69 of 2018 Thiru H. Prakash Jain, Chennai The Appellant prayed to direct the Respondent to give effect to the reduction of load from 3.23 KW to 1 KW. 23.09.2019 24-09-2019
37 62 of 2018

Uk. K. uzt, kJiu khtl

trha iz v.166-009-530 cs nghbt jٮ gwhFiwah Rkh 500 ۣl bjhiy rnt v.42/2- jdF brhjkhd rJu zF  nkKiwplhs trha izig kh jUkhW zäJsh.

19-09-2019 20-09-2019
36 61 of 2018

Thiru S.T. Surendran, Chennai

The consumption recorded for the months 05/2017 and 06/2017 may be checked and to refund the excess amount paid. 29.8.2019 30.8.2019
35 59 /2018

Uk. S. kfh,Gu tl

nkKiwplhs jDila bjh izF ۣl gGjhd fhy‰F ¤Js ruhr FiwΤ bjhif fzl Kiw jtW vW, Kija tUl‹ mnj fhyš cgnahfgLjgl fhy‹ ruhria mogilahf bfhL fzl ntLbkdΫ nfh ruhr FiwΤ bjhifia U tHFkhW ntLwh.

27-08-2019 28-08-2019
34 60 of 2018

U. D. b#fr, brid

nkKiwplhs jij D. jzh_ (ny) bga cs  uL izfis bga khw brahk miyfgJ,  myagL jhkjgLJtJ kW rl‰F wghf yš FoUgt izig Jof eltoif vLf nfh jdJ nkKiwpil FiwԮghsl rkäJsh.   21-08-2019 22-08-2019
33 28  of 2019

Uk. M. kifafu, kJiu

nkKiwplhs fj v.185/5, ffh ef, d mDghdo, kJiu-9 vw Kft cs jdJ fol‹ thlifjhu lij fh brJlgoah nkgo fol‹ iz (v.038-002-001, TF IIIB) 4/2012 Kj 6/2013 tiu cgnahf䋿 UjjhfΫ, Mdh mfhyfl‰F ۣl afiy vW ruhr Lj bjhif %.1,86,880/-I brYj nfh͟sij uJ bra ntLwh.

20.8.2019 22.8.2019
32 26 of 2019 Dr. G. Prabhu,Chennai

The Appellant has prayed to change the Tariff from commercial to domestic and refund the arrear amount of Rs.3,811/- already collected.14.8.2019(Withdrawn)

14.8.2019 14.8.2019
31 42 of 2019 M/s. Banzai Estates Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

The Appellant prayed to refund the available deposits in dismantled LTCT service connection 132-001-697 with interest.(Withdrawn)

 13-8-2019  13-8-2019
30  57 of 2018

M/s.  Indian MRI Diagnostic & Research Ltd.,

The Appellant requested to direct the SE, TANGEDCO, Nagercoil Electricity Distribution Circle to claim short collection charges as per Regulation 11 of TNERC Electricity Supply Code and render justice.

08-08-2019 08-08-2019
29 46 of 2018

Uk.  R. Phdnfhij,nfhaK

nkKiwplhs jDila bjhrhiy iz v. 259-004-2339- ds B-Phase current vW  nghlgLs Fiw bjhif %.7,01,016/-I brYj T͟sij uJ bra nfh͟sh. 05-08-2019 06-08-2019
28 40 of 2019 U. A.K. mUzhry nt ghz, kJiu khtl.

nkKiwplhs jDila gF nrhyh be ۣl bghUj nfhU nfhifia jehL rhu tha Tariff change LT II-B2 to V to avail net metering is not feasible of compliance vw mogil nkKiwplhs nfhifia kw uhfJsJ.(Withdrawn)

05-08-2019 05-08-2019
27 58 of 2018

Thiru T. George Leon, Kanyakumari District

The Appellant prayed for new separate LT service connection for separate family residing at first floor at 12-301A, Tower city, Asaripallam. 31-07-2019 01-08-2019
26 55 of 2018

U. A.gΚuh{,fl khtl.

nkKiwplhs fhUFa fg lkhWj bra brYa k¥գLbjhif jdF Uä juntoa (Refund) bjhifid Ug jUkhW nfh͟sh. 



25 52 of 2018

U. bjtk, rfuhu 

nkKiwplhs jdJ iz v.543-002-607/TF-V-F jifFGth ¡fgl FiwΡflzkhd %.91,048/- I brYj  nfhUtij uJ bra nto jdJ nkKiwpil FiwԮghs Kghf rkäJsh.  




54 of 2018

Tmty. A.I.Y. Vahida Rasool Beevi,Chennai

The Appellant has submitted an application on-line for three new additional single phase domestic service connections to the section officer on 3.4.2018 and no action was taken till 31.5.2018.  Hence requested to issue orders to effect new additional services.



22 56 /2018

Uk. R. jf,eh. Jgo

nkKiwplhs jDila ţoF iz nto Online Application- zgij jDila sfij nffhknyna jSgo brJlij bjhlJ iz ju nto  FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwplhs  kD rkäJsh.  (Withdrawn) 17-07-2019 17-07-2019
21 21 of 2019

Tmty. Meyyammai,Chennai

The Appellant prayed for the refund of the excess charges paid by them after adjusting the charge if any based on the actual reading and to ensure proper recording of the meter reading.(Withdrawn)

17-07-2019 17-07-2019
20 25 / 2019

U. M. rutz, F


iz zg uJ bragljh zg bjhif Ug mf nto FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwpL brJsh.(Withdrawn)

08-07-2019 09-07-2019
19 18 of 2019

U. J.S. uha bg#,

nkKiwplhs jDila nrhyh be ۣl iz v.165-007-983- Export Reading VJ gthfiy vW, Reading vLfiy vW FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwpL brJsh.(Withdrawn)

05-07-2019 05-07-2019
18 53 /2018

Uk. v. rh, jnkL

uhkw l (nkybfhij 22 nf l) csjh mU cs Mnlh l jDila izig kh bfhLFgo jdJ nkKiwpL kDit rkäJsh. 26-06-2019 27-06-2019
17 67 of 2018

Uk. P. nuh fgdh,JFo

nkKiwplhs, iz flz bjhif %.70,000/- vgJ mf vgjh mij frkhf Fiwf ntoͫ Ϫj bjhifia jtiz Kiw fLtjF th VgLj ntoͫ nfh͟sh.(Withdrawn) 31.05.2019 03.06.2019
16 47 /2018

U. a.v. m. gHrh,

nkKiwplhs jDila l kw Ԯiugo jdF brhj vW nkgo jdF brhjkhd lš cs iz v.456-003-157I Jo brJ jUkhW  bjJsh.

11.04.2019 12.04.2019
15 50 /2018

U. e. eyff,kJiu 

nkKiwplhs TLglhthf cs  zF rnfhjuf xUt  wJlwF  mtuJ thRjhuf rkjJl trha iz ju nto  FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwplhs  kD rkäJsh.    05.04.2019 08.04.2019
14 45 of 2018 U.  T. bt맻,U

nkKiwplhs jdJ ţoF jhf xU iz  tHf izajs _y 13.3.2018 mW zäJ   Jtiu eltoif vLffhk fhy jhJtjh tha 21- go eltoif vLf nfhUtJ  bjhlghf jdJ nkKiwpil FiwԮghs Kghf rkäJsh.  

27-03-2019 03-04-2019
13 39 of 2018

U.  R. ru,gth

nkKiwplhs trha izF nr Xt R飢 mikJ  cju tHf ntL vW  jdJ nkKiwpil  rkäJsh.  

11-02-2019 26-03-2019
12 66 of 2018 Thiru. K. Venkatraman, Namakkal The Appellant  prayed to quash the supplementary bill of audit dated  29.07.2016 which is erroneous 20.03.2019 25.03.2019
11 4 of 2019

U.  T. KUnfr, ©Lf khtl.

trha iz  v.162- jdJ bgaiu nrgJ  bjhlghf jdJ nkKiwpil FiwԮghs Kghf rkäJsh.    15-03-2019 18-03-2019
10 49 of 2018

U. R. ntshf Mnuha

jtwhf g  brj rnt viz kh  nkKiwplhs  y rnt  vF trha iz tHl cjuLkhW nfL bfhLsh.

6-03-2019 12-03-2019
9 42 of 2018 M/s Pandian Chemicals Limited, The Appellant prayed to direct the SE/Madurai EDC to issue cheque/DD for Rs.8,721/- towards replacement cost 27.02.2019 06.03.2019
8 43 of 2018 Thiru. A.R. Rammohan The Appellant filed an online petition stating that there was problem in the meter reading 28.02.2019 06.03.2019
7 37 of 2018 A.K. Ramadoss,Pondicherry The Appellant prayed for shifting of the Transformer   with the cost and expenses of the Respondent. 20.02.2019 20.02.2019
6  41 of 2018 Thiru. T. Paramasivan,Chennai Petitioner prayed to set aside the excess payment and refund or adjust the charges paid by the petitioner. 20.02.2019 20.02.2019
5 36 of 2018

Madurai Government Law College, Mens Hostel,

To set-aside the order passed by Chairman/CGRF/Madurai/Metro vide order dated : 29.5.2018 07-02-2019 13-02-2019
4 38 of 2018

U.  D. #yh ghat,

siy bghahs ghru mtf iz bga khw cjufis uJ  braglntL vW nfh 07-02-2019 13-02-2019
3 32 of 2018 M/s Amaravathi Spinning Mills, To refix the quota in view of reduction of wind generating capacity from 2250 KVA to 750KVA. 04.02.2019 12-02-2019
2 28 of 2018 Thiru. P. Palanisamy Gounder, Notice to pay short levy amount of Rs.2,59,159/- due to B-phase loose connection 11.02.2019 12-02-2019
1 34 of 2018 Thiru. V. Sakthi, Dharmapuri New Electricity Connection for agricultural and irrigation purpose for his well 07.01.2019 07-01-2019



Year 2018

Sr. No Petition No. Appeal By Details of Case

(Click on the Detail to view the order)

Order Date  Uploaded


60 59 of 2017 மு.ராஜேந்திரன், சின்னசேலம் மேல்முறையீட்டாளர் தனது மாடர்ன் ரைஸ் மில்லின் மின்இணைப்பு எண்.560-006-959 க்கு அனுமதிக்கப்பட்டதைவிட கூடுதலாக மின்பளு பயன்படுத்தியதாக கூறி விதிக்கப்பட்ட அபராதத்தொகையான ரூ.5,66,210/-ஐ ரத்து செய்யுமாறு கோரியுள்ளார். 17-04-2018 -
59 25 of 2018

Thiru. P.Srikanth, Trichy District

The Appellant prayed to cancel all letters communicated by the licensee right from 27.8.2014, continuation of existing tariff and compensation towards non performance of standards.

28.12.2018 02.01.2010
58 31 of 2018

U. J. Jiuuh{,  ehfgoz khtl

nkKiwplhs iz v.51100665- Yit bjhif %.42905/-I jSgo brantLbkd FiwԮghsl KiwpL brJsh.

31.12.2018 02.01.2010
57 27 of 2018

Tmty. P. Rajagopal,Chennai

The appellant has prayed to quash the impugned order issued by the CGRF 26.12.2018 28.12.2018
56 26 of 2018

Thiru. Viswanathan Devarajan,Chennai

Improper shifting of meter box not in conformity with Rules & Regulations, positioned in the steps of the stairway causing obstruction 20.12.2018 21.12.2018
55 51 of 2018

U. P. Ug, Jnfhil khtl.

nkKiwplhs izÚ jnghJ  itbjhif brw 8 khj‰Fa bjhif 4744/-I fJ bfhSkhW v®kDjuhiu mQ͟sh.  (Withdrawn)

20.12.2018 21.12.2018
54 44 of 2018

U.  R. ntfhdj,kJiu

nkKiwplhs kJiu Oro FoUngh eyrf mikJs gF  Fiwthd mGj ӮgLJj kW a kh mikf nfhUj bjhlghf 18-12-2018 19-12-2018
53 29 of 2018

Thiru. A. Senthilkumar,Chennai

The Appellant prayed to withdraw audit slips, to defer payment of ACCD, compensation 12-12-2018 12-12-2018
52 30 of 2018

U. M. khf, brid

nkKiwplhs ţo Rtiu xo khia ntW ly khaikFkhW nfh 11-12-2018 11-12-2018


24 of 2018 Thiru. V. Rajendrakumar Jain, Chennai The appellant requested to adopt average shortfall as per the TN electricity supply code regulation 11(2) for the meter defective period for their SC No.057-005-970. 28 .11.2018 29 .11.2018
50 48 of 2018

The Divisional Railway Manager, (Electrical.TRD), Madurai

Refund of  the excess charges paid in their HT bill (HTSC No.308 dt 1.12.17) due to feed extension arising out of TANGEDCO supply failure.  (Withdrawn)

20.11.2018 22.11.2018
49 22 of 2018

mriy / khyh,brid

nkKiwplhs iz v.146-011-217- mf flz tN brjij Ug mFkhW KiwpLsh.

10.11.2018 12.11.2018
48 20 of 2018

gyl fha nuh ng  sl, brid

nkKiwplhs gyl fha nuh ng sl bjhrhiyF  KKid iz ill  Miz tHFkhW nfh͟sh. 10.11.2018 12.11.2018
47 33 of 2018 Thiru. V. Sakthi, Alangkuttai Village

New electricity connection for agricultural and irrigation purpose.(Withdrawn)

10.11.2018 10-11-2018
46 21 of 2018

U. D. njtjh, Co

nkKiwplhs jDila ţo Vgl jildh gh¡fgljhfΫ mjF eZl <lhf %.50,000/- junto FiwԮghs Kghf kD rkäJsh.    01.11.2018 02.11.2018
45 11 of 2018

U. S.N. uhn#u, kJiu

KiwplhsUF brhjkhd mU cs rnt v.454/1aF izig kh jUgo nfh͟sh.

31-10-2018 01-11-2018
44 40 of 2018

U. M. Fg,nt khtl

nkKiwplhs ţL izghf cs S.C.No.243-012-096I tf izghf khw nfh  (Withdrawn) 29.10.2018 30.10.2018
43 18 of 2018 Tmty. V. Kalavadivelu,Thanjavur To provide SC in either in III A (1) Tariff OR other suitable  tariff for Fan & Pad poly house horticultural activity 26.10.2018 30.10.2018
42 17 of 2018 Tmt. V.Kalavadivelu,Thanjavur The Appellant's written Supply related complaints to AE to restore the three phase supply 22.10.2018 29.10.2018


A.P. No. 6 of 2018

Thiru. K. Thirunavukkarasu, Erode -  638 003.    

The Appellant prayed to grant compensation for delay in installing the Bi-directional meter for his roof top solar power plant.



40 35 of 2018

Uk. eh. rnuh#hnj,

f/bg fh. ehKJ,

fΪjgho 638 455,

gth jhYfh, <nuhL khtl.


nkKiwplhs filF Kghf cs ouhghkiu ntW l‰F  kh mikFkhW ntoUjh. (Withdrawn) 27.09.2018 28.09.2018
39 10 of 2018

U. M. fhf,

4/360/2, 10tJ bjU,

Kjkh fhy,

JFo 2
nkKiwplhs dcw Ϛ fg  lkhWj bragl gf Koj iyY, bragl gf mogil jdF Uä juntoa bjhifid Ug jUkhW nfh͟sh.  03.09.2018 04.09.2018
38 16 of 2018

U. S.N.S. RFkhu,

j/bg rKf broah,

317/220, meh rhiy,

U-641 603.


nkKiwplhs  ngh Mtzf _y tHfgl iz v.2252 kW 25520  Ma U izfisͫ Jo brkhW  nfh nkKiwpL brJsh.   31.08.2018 03.09.2018
37 14 of 2018

U. jh.bg. Ruh,

j/bg jhnjh bgUkh,

©Lf HF tl,

©Lf 624 308.


nkKiwplhs jDila y‰F zg g v.248/1992-1993F trha iz nto   KiwLsh.

27.8.2018 29.8.2018
36 70 of 2017

M/s Aruppukottai Sri Jayavilas Ltd.,

Melakandamangalam, Aruppukottai 626 101.


The Appellant prayed to issue appropriate orders to the 2nd Respondent restraining him from collecting extra levy of ten paise per Kwh over and above the normal tariff, for the entire energy consumed for not  availing 33 KV supply  and to collect twice the normal rate on exceeded demand alone  for their HT SC No.68. 27.8.2018 29.8.2018
35 23 of 2018

U. brh. gRth,

ffh ef,

nfhlghf, brid- 24.


MFHh zWF  iz ju kWJ jilyh rhW nfhUtjh nkKiwplhs FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwpL brJsh.    (Withdrawn)   9.8.2018 10.8.2018
34 19 of 2018

Tmty. R. Surya Praba,

1233, Ranga Gounder Street,

Coimbatore 641 001.


The Appellant prayed to bill 213 units as average for the defective connection period (from 14.12.2016 to 12.04.2017) as against  860 units billed by the respondent based on her previous usage and requested  to refund  the excess amount either by cheque (or) by adjusting  in the future bills in respect of her single phase  domestic service connection No.008-007-656. 9.7.2018 10.7.2018
33 9 of 2018

Dr. K. Sivarajamony,

South Thamaraikulam Post,

Kanyakumari District - 629 701.


The Appellant prayed for free agricultural service connection under SFS as per seniority vide application dated 20.09.2011.   5.7.2018 9.7.2018
32 2 of 2018

Thiru. A. Maruthai Veeran,


Vedasandur Tk,

Dindigul 624 801.



The Appellant prayed to cancel the name transfer effected from Thiru.Palanivel Pillai to Thiru.A. Kannaiah in SC No.229-011-190. 5.7.2018 9.7.2018
31 15 of 2018

U. P. bršFkh,

j/bg bghDrh,

Jnfhil khtl


nkKiwplhs jdF brhjkhd  dh uhk y v.485-11CϚ cs iz v. 125-015-125I jdF brhjkhd  rhd uhk y v.76-11CF  khju nfhUjh. (Withdrawn)        29.06.2018 2.7.2018
30 5 of 2018

U. . u,

j/bg v. uhrh,

v.133, uhkrh fhl,

milah, brid-20.   


nkKiwplhs jh tF ţo xU gF¡F iz nfh nkKiwpL brJsh.   29.06.2018 2.7.2018
29 3 of 2018

Tmty. V. Kalavadivelu,

Saint Saveriyar Street,


Thanjavur 613 005.


To hold the fact that appellant is a 'consumer' by default as her premises is already connected with SC No.415-002-126, to direct the respondents to make name transfer of SC No.415-002-126  and   to direct the respondents to provide the Change-over Switch for her intended activity of Fan & Pad protected horticultural activity.

25.6.2018 29.6.2018
28 13 of 2018

Tmty. N. Sreelakshmi Kanaka Valli,

Dr. Seethapathi Nagar,


Chennai 42.


The Appellant prayed for the refund of difference between commercial rates and residential rates for the electricity consumed for the period from August 17 to Feb 2018. 25.6.2018 26.6.2018
27 73 of 2017

Uk. v. takh,

f/bg rghg,

ntlr t, xlru jhYfh,

©Lf khtl.


nkKiwplhs flj 24/03/2000 mW tir g v. EEND241/1999-2000 go mtuJ trha F ytr iz nfh kD bfhLJsh.  cldoahf iz tHf Mtz brkhW nfL bfhLsh.

25.6.2018 26.6.2018
26 69 of 2017

U. V. gHrh,


nfhit nuhL,



            nkKiwplhsUF brhjkhd iz v.028-029-1342-F ¡fgl jif bjhif %1,69,006/- brYj cjul Efnth FiwԮ kw cju v.16/29.11.2016-I uJ bra nfh͟sh.

22.6.2018 25.6.2018
25 1 of 2018

Thiru. J. Gunasekaran,


Chennai  - 600 092.


 The Appellant prayed to order for the payment of compensation   as per the rules for effecting service connection beyond the prescribed time limit of 30 days.

19.6.2018 22.6.2018
24 12 of 2018

U. M. uru,

j/bg uhkrh,

br tl, Gukhtl-604 152.


nkKiwplhs jdJ trha iz  g J eltoif vLJ iz tHFFkhW   FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwpL brJsh.(Withdrawn)    19.6.2018 20.6.2018
23 72 of 2017

U. J. tfh,

f/bg D.V. b#aghy,

Kfng HF,



nkKiwplhs JFo khtl, nfhgo jhYfh, gUFs g rdJJFo uhkš jdJ glh yš Uk. FUtkh vgt jdJ y vW  ngh Mtzf bfhLJ   fgf eL iz bgW csjhfΫ fgfis cldoahf mfw nfhͫ KiwLsh. 11.06.2018 13.06.2018
22 8 of 2018

uhk bghJ kf, r_f Mtyf,

Kdh khztf rhghf

U. C. Fknur,

j/bg idah cilah,

mr,  njtnfhil jhYfh, tfif khtl.


nkKiwplhs njtnfhil tl, ffs F% bga uhkš cs muR Mug bjhlfgF Ëw fg xW csjhfΫ, Mdh mj fgš   sF vJΫ ϚiybadΫ bjJsh.  nkgo f mWJ G iy fΫ mgha iy csjhfΫ mgo Gjh gFHijfSF  mj tahf brY Knahf, fheilfSF c gh¥ VgL vW   Mnrgid bjJ nkKiwpL brJsd.(Withdrawn) 06.06.2018 07.06.2018
21 66 of 2017

U. K. #auhft,

9/1-67,  f njhl,

fU mr,  Xk

jhYfh, nry - 636 012.


nkKiwplhs jdJ fol‰F  bjhKiw rhu iz tHf fhyjhkj Vgljh tnerc Kiwgo ehsJ njtiu mfgr HL bjhif tHfΫ  cldoahf iz tHfΫ Mtz bra ntL vd nfh͟sh.

01.06.2018 04.06.2018
20 63 of 2017

U.  T. btisrh ehlh,

Dr. T. e Frh M


kzfuig ny{,

jrh khtl- 613 003.


kDjhu iz v.417-008-126 ds L L XoajhfΫ, Fiwthf Xo͟sJ vW T jif mYtyf foj‹ _y Fiw bjhif %.75,543/-I brYj T͟sij uJ bra nfh͟sh.

31.05.2018 04.06.2018
19 67 of 2017

U.  [hfh,

j/bg yhfh,

Fjiy mr,

fU khtl.


nkKiwplhs, mtUF brhjkhd y uid rgjkhf Fjiy khtl kwš m.t.v.255/2016 csjhfΫ, vdnt kw W cju wáF tiu vj iz tHfhUf v®kDjhufSF MizLgo nfh͟sh.

28.05.2018 29.05.2018
18 64 of 2017

M/s Harihar Alloys Private Ltd.,

No.6, Thomas Street

Race Course Road,

Kajamalai, Trichy -20


The Appellant prayed to quash the order of the Honble CGRF in Petition No.1/B of 2017-18.    24.05.2018 25.05.2018
17 57 of 2017

Miss. Sheryle Wilcox,

No.3, First Street, Association Road,Madhavaram,

Chennai 60.           


The Appellant prayed to supply 100% electricity and requested to remove and destroy all the unlawful industrial service connections TNEB has unlawfully connected to her house.

24.05.2018 25.05.2018
16 7 of 2018

U. bfhs,

j/bg drh,

£lFo tl,

fl khtl.       


jhtGj ghij nkKiwplhs ţoF ilW  VgL Niy Vgljh Mnrgid bjJ FiwԮghs Kghf nkKiwpL brJsh.    (Withdrawn)

18.05.2018 21.05.2018
15 62 of 2017

M/s Harihar Alloys Private Ltd.,

1/43, Race Course Road,

Kajamalai, Trichy .


The Appellant prayed to quash the order of the Honble CGRF in Petition No.1/A of 2017-18.

18.05.2018 21.05.2018
14 61 of 2017

M/s Bismi Prawn Farms P Ltd.,

C/o M/s Stephen & Stephen Advocates & Associates,

Chennai 20.           


The Appellant, M/s Bismi Prawn Farms (P) Ltd., have prayed to direct the respondents  to refund the  electricity bill paid under protest under HT tariff III for the months of 5/2016 to 8/2016 due to non adoption of appropriate  tariff.

18.05.2018 21.05.2018
13 65 of 2017

U. . ffhju, .V..v.,

tHfP ca kw,

Kfik mYtyf

46, nejh rhiy,

<nuhL-638 001.


nkKiwplhs mDkaw fLkhd bjhlghf a izngh  TLj izngh juTlhJ vd nfh͟sh.


17.05.2018 21.05.2018
12 60 of 2017

U. fh. khrhd,

j/bg fUigah,

101, bk nuhL,

Ughnr, Utd

jhYfh, tfif khtl.            


tfif khtl Efnth FiwԮF kw  wäj Mizia uJ brJ nkKiwplhs mJs zgij VW mtUF ytr iz bfhLf cjul ntLwh. 3.5.2018 7.5.2018
11 4 of 2018

U. M. rKf,

59, ßisah nfh v.1,

brsghisa (m.),

nfha-641 028.

nkKiwplhs, iz v.048-006-1431F  brY taf ghJfh Ϛyhk UgJ rgjkhf nfha gkhd tl/khefu‹ Efnth FiwԮF kwš 15.12.2017 ehl kDF 50 ehf Mͫ  vjj eltoif vLfiy vW jdJ 29.1.2018 ehl nkKiwpL kDit FiwԮghs K rkäJsh. (Withdrawn) 25.4.2018 26.4.2018
10 58 of 2017

Uk. S. KUnft,

1/125, bk nuhL, Ho,

tfif khtl- 630 611.       


nkKiwplhs t W bjh fl bgW ghF kil jL jahF bjh bra iz bgWsh. mtUila iz v.05-438-013-799 TLj cgnahfgLajh ¡fgl  jif bjhif nehOi[ uJ bra nfhUwh.

16.4.2018 18.4.2018
9 56 of 2017

U.  M. n#hghR,

j/bg uhkrh,                                                        


f%-639 006.


kDjhu iz v.004-016-697/TF.IIIB- jif Jiwdhuh ds gGJ vd ruhr flz ¡fgLs %.6,39,108/-I jSgo brJ jf Ԯid tHf nfh͟sh.

20.3.2018 26.3.2018
8 55 of 2017

M/s.Aarthi Scans Pvt Ltd.,C/o M/s Stephen & Stephen  Advocates & Associates,

Chennai 600 020.           


To direct the respondents to set aside the audit claim made by the department in LT S.C. A/c No. 132-023-179 and to refund the same which was paid under threat of disconnection.

15.3.2018 16.3.2018
7 68 of 2017

U. S. #aFkh,

j/bg A.tuhk,

©l mr,

<nuhL-638 012.    


kDjhu mtfsJ iz v.04-006-014-635, 04-006-014-1224 kW 04-006-014-1225 Maitf  VgLs flz bjhlghf tN brjJ FJ kD mJsh.  (Withdrawn) 22.2.2018 23.2.2018
6 47 of 2017

Uk. U. gksh,

$ KJfUigah st 䚰,

jlhu ,

fwgFo jhYfh,

Jnfhil khtl

Jnfhil gkhd tl‹ Efnth FiwԮ kw fh v.7/2016-17 PF penalty bjhif %.14,296/- fl ntL vW cjulij  uJ brJ v®kDjhuf  nkKiwplhsl tNJs mguhj bjhif %.48,840/-I nk KiwplhsUF Ug tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh. 02.02.2018 05.02.2018
5 53 of 2017

Thiru. V. Murugan,

Anantham Colony,

7H, V.M. Chatram Road,

Tirunelveli 627 011.


The appellant prayed that for SC No.07-350-020-171, the billing statement for the entire period from the date of computerization made available in the website and requested compensation for not sending reply to his letter.

29.1.2018 30.1.2018
4 54 of 2017

Mr. Sanjay Sarathy,

C/o M/s.Stephen & Stephen Advocates & Associates

Chennai 600 020.

The appellant Thiru.Sanjay Sarathy of M/s.Hiranandani Palace Gardens Pvt Ltd. has prayed to direct the respondents to exempt the bill pertaining to the petitioners LT SC No.557-008-271 for the month of 10/2016 under Tariff VI for getting reconnection 29.1.2018 30.1.2018
3 52 of 2017

The Managing Director,

SRG Apparels Pvt Ltd.,

No.10-B, Padmavathipuram,

Tiruppur 641 603.


The Appellant prayed to effect name transfer of HT SC No.537 from Design Process to SRG Apparels Pvt Ltd. 11.1.2018 17.1.2018
2 51 of 2017

Thiru. J.M. Anzer Raja,

No.3, Avvai Nagar 2nd Street,

Burma Colony, Selaiyur,

Chennai 600 073.           


The appellant prayed to remove the 100 KV transformer erected at the border of his residential property without regard to the safety of human lives.

11.1.2018 17.1.2018

R.P. No.

1 of 2017

Uk. M. Rjh,

j/bg uru,

UtSt ef,

uhoFg nuhL,

Gu - 605 602. 


Uk. M. Rjh mtf, mt nkKiwpL kD v.5/2017- J flj 16.5.2017 wäj Mizia ۩L kW gyid brJ nkKiwplhs ruhr cgnahf vW ¤Js bjhif %.23,390/-I jSgo bra ntL vW nfh͟sh. 5.1.2018 9.1.2018


Year 2017

Sr. No Petition No. Appeal By Details of Case

(Click on the Detail to view the order)

Order Date  Uploaded


91 49 of 2017

U. P. Rigah,

sh v.344,

v.v. mJuFkh

Kjyh ef,

.v. ru,

kfhuh# ef mr,

Ubent-627 011.

Ubent khtl, btLthFs uhk rnt v.163/8 kW 163/10 mikJs KjFs snfh ef sh v.10, 11, 12 cs L fL kid nkKiwplhs _W shLf ikagF mDk拿 thajh elgLs uL fgfis mf jUkhW nfh͟sh.

28.12.2017 29.12.2017
90 50 of 2017

U. g. KJuhR,

3-106, Mt dhghisa,

rk ngh,

bghsh jhYfh,

nfhit khtl-642 123.


nkKiwplhs trha zg g v.82/97-98 F ytr iz tHf mDk¡fgl vif (Target) Ϛiyba  muR ytr iz tHf mDk tHF rkaš KDik mogil iz tHf nfhUwh.  

27.12.2017 28.12.2017
89 45 of 2017

M/s  The Divisional Railway Manager,


First Floor,

New Control Office Building,

Southern Railway,

Madurai 625 016.


The appellant M/s.Southern Railways have prayed to refund the excess amount paid towards incorrect billing of MD charges by considering check meter readings when the main meter is working in normal condition. 

19.12.2017 21.12.2017
88 48 of 2017

U. S. blh bfhiuuh,

M/s nuh[ ϋa


v.64/B, rij nuhL,

JFo 628 002.

nkKiwplhs VOC JiwKf bghWfHf l‹ ahL-3 bjF flfiu rhiy vw Kft KJ ef njh kW jitfy cikahsf rf bga xgjjhu Mth. mnj Kft 2009 M ML bjhla nuhbr ϊa x vw jhgd‰F LT KKid iz tHf nfL bfhLsh.

15.12.2017 15.12.2017
87 46 of 2017

Uk.  udh,

f/bg v.nf. njtrfha (ny),

ßisahnfh mU,

fUklg,  U 620 001.


nkKiwplhs nrhHf ef bghJ ghijia Mu  brJ ngh Mtzf _y nkhroahf iz bgw iz vf 213-005-3379, 213-005-2953 kW 213-00-147 Matiw Jo bra ntL vW nfh͟sh. 15.12.2017 15.12.2017
86 43 of 2017

M/s Angel Label Division,

32, Parasakthi Koil Street,

Kongu Nagar,

Tiruppur 641 607.


The  prayer of the appellant  is to nullify the measurement taken by MRT at  ET SC No.63, Tiruppur on 8.9.2015 since it is not as per the instructions given by the TANGEDCO. 14.12.2017 14.12.2017
85 44 of 2017

Thiru. S. Boopathy,

Edappady (via),

Salem 637 107.


The Appellant requested the Electricity Ombudsman to pass order to disconnect the power supply provided to S. Suresh kannan with immediate effect since there is a deviation in every step and violation of Govt. Orders.

17.11.2017 22.11.2017
84 40 of 2017

U.  B. tfhRju,

KoN nuhL,

brid- 63.

nkKiwplhs iz v.284-010-568, brid bjF tlš cs gGjilj ds Fãl fhyš khwglhjjh gaܣlhsUF HL  tHf cjuLkhW nfLbfhLsh.

17.11.2017 22.11.2017
83 39 of 2017

U.  m. td#hKa,

v.5, šiy ef,

td jhYfh,

fl-608 601.

jehL rhu tha rl‰F wghf vdJ RCC ţLF f mU GfgLs TLj uL ffis mf khjUtnjhL Rkh 12 tUlfshf vdF fΫ fZlij VgL vdJ RCC ţoid nkY   gL fl Koahj iyF ja  ae, mtf J eltoif vLgJ bjhlghf 25.10.2017 27.10.2017
82 42 of 2017

Thiru. Veerappan,

S/o Rasugounder,

South Kallupatti,

Mathagiri Village, Karur

nkKiwplhs Ra £l‹ ќ iz bgw %.500/- eh 2.7.2010 mW  brY͟sjhfΫ,  nkY, njitahd  Mtzfis rkäJsjhfΫ vdnt,  Ra¤ £l‹ ќ  iz  tHf nfL bfhLsh.

19.10.2017 23.10.2017
81 41 of 2017

Thiru. J.M. Aneez,

No.3, Avvai Nagar 2nd Street,

Burma Colony, Selaiyur,

Chennai 600 073.

The Appellant prayed that the tree branches are touching electrical OH lines at Avvai Nagar 2nd Street, Burma Colony of Selaiyur and requested to clean it up (withdrawn) 11.10.2017 12.10.2017
80 38 of 2017

U.  . jfuhR,

j/bg ug,

kj uhk,

fl tl,

f% khtl-621 313.

nkKiwplhs mt njhl izig  uJ brJ L Ra £l‹ ќ %.25000/- 2.7.10 mW %.500/- K gz brYaj mogil iz tHFkhW nfL bfhLsh. 9.10.2017 10.10.2017
79 24 of 2017

M/s WIPRO Limited,

Sholinganallur Village,

Chennai 600 119.

M/s. WIPRO Limited (the Appellant) have prayed to set aside the order dated 24.02.2017 passed by the CGRF of CEDC/South-II and the demand of Rs.2,31,00,000/-  levied by the TANGEDCO. 06.10.2017 09.10.2017
78 37 of 2017

M/s Harrisons Malayalam Limited,

Wentworth Estate,


The Nilgiris 643 205.

The prayer of the appellant is to direct the Respondent to provide separate energy meter and to convert HT Tariff to Commercial Tariff within a time stipulated by this Honble Court for their Cherambady Bungalow within the Wentworth Estate.

14.9.2017 15.9.2017


36 of 2017

M/s Harrisons Malayalam Limited,

Wentworth Estate,


The Nilgiris 643 205.

The prayer of the Appellant is to set aside the order of the Respondent bearing LR. No.175/2016-2017 dt.22.11.2016 and to direct him to  change the tariff for the service connection no.413-006-336, from domestic tariff to commercial tariff, within a time stipulated by this Honble Court. 14.9.2017 15.9.2017
76 15 of 2017

Thiru G. Gopalakrishnan

S/o Late R. Govinda Pillai,

No.15/4, Karnam Street,

Selaiyur, Chennai 600 073


The Appellant prayed that the Ombudsman takes a favourable view of the case and issue necessary direction to the Appellant as applied for based on the valid documents already furnished without insisting on any NOC from Mr. Chellaperumal.

7.8.2017 8.8.2017
75 23 of 2017

U. v. mgHf,

j/bg KDrh,

18/20, Rngjh bjU,

fsF 606 202.

nkKiwplhsUF mt trha iz bgw jahiyia g bra ca fhy mtfhr mJ jtWjyhf g brj fsF  uhk v.3/4 cs zF gyhf nrhkhl Fo uhk y v.67/5a  cs nghbtYF r.v. khw  brJ bfhLJ iz mf cjuLkhW nfL bfhLsh.

7.8.2017 8.8.2017
74 35 of 2017

U. uh. KJuhkf,

j/bg uhikah,


nk jhYfh,

kJiu khtl - 625 106.    

nkKiwplhsUF U. Ruka vgtUF 2/22a (rahd v.5/22a)vw v cs L kW 5/22 (rahd v.5/32) vw v cs iu bjhlghf kwš tHF Yit cs iy U. Ruka vgtUF flj 20.7.2016 mW cj brabghahs/bjF/nk mtf nghahd uJf mogil  iz tH͟sh. 4.8.2017 7.8.2017
73 32 of 2017

Thiru E. Boopathi,

5/116, Chinna Soli Palayam,

Peria Soli Palayam Post,

Paramathi Vellur Taluk,

Namakkal District    


A person next to us in seniority got connection 6 years back and our connection was delayed without any reasonSo we request you to take action against the erring official and sought a compensation of Rs.20 lakhs from the erring official for our family mental agony  due to the harassment as well as agricultural loss. 4.8.2017 7.8.2017
72 10 of 2017

Thiru C.R. Rajen,

Plot No. 37, Door No. 3,

Balaji Nagar,


Chennai 600 053.           


a)    To set aside the arbitrary, unwarranted demand (viz.,) the supplementary bill for Rs.2,27,030/- raised for the second time for the same period ((i.e) 12/12, 2/13 & 4/13) beyond the statutory period of limitation of 2 years as per section 56 (2) of the Tamil nadu Electricity Code  2003.

4.8.2017 7.8.2017
71 25 of 2017

U. e. uh#nrfu,

3-1-59, uhef,

nj. fYgo,

kJiu khtl.

kJiu Efnth FiwԮF kw‹ Mizia uJ brJ, camGj  ghijia mtfSila LfSF mU nj. fYggo tha bfhL bry jil ¡FkhW, ntW ghij bfhL bry MizLkhW nfL bfhLsh.

2.8.2017 4.8.2017
70 19 of 2017

Uk.  vgh fky nahRth,


Ujt mr,

brid-600 056.

FiwԮF kw‹ eltoiff cjuf vf 071 eh 21.1.2016 kW 122 eh 31.3.2017 uJ braglntL. 01.08.2017 02.08.2017
69 18 of 2017

Uk.  vgh fky nahRth,


Ujt mr,

brid-600 056.

FiwԮF kw‹ eltoiff cjuf vf 071 eh 21.1.2016 kW 121 eh 3.2.2017 uJ braglntL.

31.07.2017 02.08.2017
68 6 of 2017

Uk.  dbghQ,

f/bg Fg,

nkL bjU,

Jngil, br tl.

mguhjbjhif %.6240/- KGtJkhf jSgo bra ntL.  Kiwfis ۿ bragl cj bghahs/ mdju mtf J Jiwahd eltoif vLfgl ntL.

28.7.2017 31.7.2017
67 27 of 2017

Thiru Mu. Baalakrishnan,


Chennai 600 091.           


He humbly request the Honble Ombudsman to call for all original records in this matter and verify the lackness of the action taken and not considered his genuine requests / grievances in time based on the reason explained by him and pass clear order on his mercy petition.

27.7.2017 31.7.2017
66 30 of 2017

Thiru T. Vasanthakumar,

Annapettai Village & Post,

Vedaranyam Taluk,

Nagapattinam District         


The Appellant prayed for effecting Electricity Service connections to his house at door No. 4/107, SF No. 299-24, Annapettai Village.

24.7.2017 24.7.2017
65 R.P.No.5 of 2016

M/s K.P. Blue Metal,

No.27A, MBT Road,


Ranipet 632 402.

Direct the TANGEDCO to ensure stable and balance supply. Direct the TANGEDCO to refund the compensation collected for dumping of Harmonics due to poor quality of Grid supply and error in arriving IL.

20.7.2017 21.7.2017
64 26 of 2017

U. S. n#Ruh{,


b#abfhl - 621 802,


nkKiwplhs ţo Kw ajhf nghlgLs  fgij mf ntW lš  fg  el  Mtz brkhW nfL bfhLsh.

19.7.2017 20.7.2017

21 of 2017

28 of 2017

29 of 2017


34 of 2017

The Divisional Railway Manager,

Divisional Railway  Managers Office,

Electrical TRO Branch,

Traction Distribution,

Salem 636 005.


The prayer is same in all the four petitions except the date of measurement they dispute the measurement taken by MRT and request the Ombudsman to order for nullifying the measurements and to withdraw the penalty imposed on them based on the non standard measurement.

17.7.2017 18.7.2017
62 20 of 2017

U. M. kthrf,

$ ehafh q bkl,

UJef khtl-626 118. 

brabghahs/mUnfhil mtf  foj v.47/17 eh 14.2.2017 goahd 
%.2,49,473/-fhd kW fzѣoidͫ uJ brl FiwԮghza ntlgL Ϫj nkKiwpL kD rkáfgLwJ.

13.7.2017 13.7.2017
61 13 of 2017

U. R. eluh{,

j/bg uf fΩl,

252, brahlt nfh,


mr 641 659, nfhit.

mt iz nfhU zg‰F iz tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

12.7.2017 13.7.2017
60 11 of 2017

U. M. maU,

j/bg bkhila,

1C, ikd njh,
bjF bjU, gHfh ej,

kJiu 3


2003 KDik mogil mtUF iz ntL.         kJiu gkhd tl‹ Efnth FiwԮF kw‹ Miz uJ braglntL.

11.7.2017 12.7.2017
59 31 of 2017

U. M. ahfuh#,

j/bg. kh ehaf,


elij  - 637 206

nkKiwplhs jDila iz v 234-011-1661 flz jgoia V UJ III a(1) Mf khw brJ jUgo nfL bfhLsh. (Withdrawn)

4.7.2017 5.7.2017
58 101 of 2016

M/s  Precision Machine and Auto Components Pvt Ltd

131, Industrial Estate,

Perungudi, Chennai 600 096. 

The Appellant prayed to set aside  the demand of Rs.11,36,017/- as shortfall from Oct 2010  until date of replacement of faulty meter

4.7.2017 5.7.2017
57 16 of 2017

Thirumathi N. Amutha

Pandian Nagar,

Virudhunagar 626 001


The detailed report on different tests carried out at the premises of the consumer.Refund of excess amount Rectification of the still existing problem of excessive reading beyond usage

28.6.2017 29.6.2017
56 14 of 2017

U. g. ghyUZz,

.K. ru,

Ubent 627 011.

iz v.011-017.1158 jgo khw  5.3.16 Kj mkgLjglntL. gS TLjyhf cgnahfgLjgLsJ vW ¥gL  %.2070/- siy bghahslUJ tNJ tha fz  nrf ntL myJ  mtUF U jUj ntL.

28.6.2017 29.6.2017
55 99 of 2016

M/s Natesan Housing (P) Ltd.,


Trichy 620 005


This Honourable authority may kindly call for the records from the 2nd respondent and pass suitable orders or alternatively direct the 2nd Respondent to pass suitable orders and also restrain the first Respondent  from any manner disconnecting the existing service connections.

23.6.2017 27.6.2017
54 3 of 2017

Thiru R. Devadass,

No.29, (Old No. 41), 3rd Main Road, Raja Annamalaipuram,

Chennai 600 028.           

The Appellant prayed to revoke the CGRF Order and claim of cc arrears of Rs.13,577/- for the assessment periods 11/2013 to 5/2014 claimed as non adoption of average.

23.6.2017 27.6.2017
53 8 of 2017

U. P. uhkf,

Fku q bkl,

mutF tl,

f% khtl.

ۣl gGjilj fhuzdh ruhr nghl njitiy vd bjJ nkgo bjhifia mtUila izÚ fJ ju eltoif vLJ ey Ԯ tHFkhW nfL  bfhLsh.

20.6.2017 22.6.2017
52 4 of 2017

M/s  Anjan Drugs Pvt  Ltd.,

No.117, Nelson Manickam Road,

Aminjikarai, Chennai 600 029.


The Appellant prayed to set aside the order of the second respondent dt.28.9.2016, which is confirmed by the first Respondent in order No.39 dated 19.11.2016.

12.6.2017 13.6.2017
51 17 of 2017

Thiru R. Venkataraman,

RVR House,

K.K. Nagar,

Chennai 600 078.   

The grievance was against the proposal of buying unapproved agricultural lands from the private parties for the proposed SS site at Pandanallur. 

12.6.2017 13.6.2017
50 2 of 2017

Thiru R. Venkataraman,

RVR House,

K.K. Nagar,

Chennai 600 078.           


The prayer  of the appellant falling within the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman is to consider his request and pass orders to  remove the service connection and save their land.

02.06.2017 05.06.2017
49 96 of 2016

U. R. btfuhk,

j/bg uh#nfhgh,

nf.nf. ef,

brid 600 078. 


kDjhuUila kDYs Fiwfisͫ nfhiffisͫ u rhuiz brJ jf Miz wáf ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.

02.06.2017 05.06.2017
48 22 of 2017


rir mLFkho

FoUngh  &  cikahsf mik,

136, R.T. ef,

buo, nry-636 004


nkKiwplhs iz v. 457-006-1688 25.2.2013 Kj 13.8.2016 tiu TF Ia F gyhf  TF V j   tN brj flz‹ (excess collection) ahr bjhifia mtfSF Ug mf  ntLwh.

01.06.2017 02.06.2017
47 61 of 2016

U. D. fiybjw,


Mnuhah ef,

jrh 613 005.     


mtuJ nkKiwpL kDit rhuizF VWbfhtJl FiwԮkw‰F jtwhd  jif ӣil uJ brJ cjuL mfhu csjh vgijͫ MuhJ mtUF aha tH mtuJ کlfhy  kd ciHriy nghLkhW nto͟sh.

31.5.2017 2.6.2017
46 100 of 2016

Tmty  Meenakshi Ramesh, BA. BL,


Chennai 600 094.           


The Appellant prayed to remove the defective meter and refund the excess amount collected.

26.5.2017 26.5.2017
45 90 of 2016

Thiru. K. Rajkumar,

Banu Nagar,

Pudur, Ambattur,

Chennai 600 053.


            Flat B6 & B7 has been combined  and a service connection No.434-005-2450 was effected in B6 flat for which  no tax was paid. The conditional undertaking  details were  not informed to the concerned  service holder when transferring the name


26.5.2017 26.5.2017
44 33 of 2017

U. E. b#aFkh,

toghisa nuhL,

fl - 607 004.


U. E. b#aFkh mtf mt iz v.02-006-014-684 U khjfSF xUKiw  fzbfLgjF gš 4 khjf fJ gaghls fzL brjjh mt mfkhf brY͟s %.1520/-I Ug bgWju ntL vW nfh͟sh.

22.5.2017 22.5.2017
43 88 of 2016

U. g. tag,

j/bg gHag,

FsKila} mr,

nk^ jhYfh, nry khtl.


mtUila jfhf iz v.04-106-000-007 ¡fgl mguhj bjhifia uJ brJ Kiwahd fzѣogo mtUF Ug ilf ntoa (%.30,000 njhuhakhf) bjhifia tHFkhW nfL bfhLsh.

17.5.2017 22.5.2017
42 5 of 2017

Uk. M. Rjh,

f/bg uru,

uho Fg  nuhL,

Gu - 605 602.  


nkKiwplhs ruhr cgnahf vW ¤Js bjhif %.23,390/-I jSgo bra ntL vW nfh͟sh.

16.5.2017 17.5.2017
41 12 of 2017

Thiru. R. Venkataraman,

RVR House, 1, 2 & 3 Thirumalai Street,

Jai Balaji Nagar,

K.K. Nagar, Chennai 78.

The petitioner  has filed this petition as a public interest petition on the Revenue loss to TANGEDCO.  He has stated that the service connection No.482-001-1744 was granted against norms and without proper documents.  


15.5.2017 16.5.2017
40 9 of 2017

Thiru. R. Venkataraman,

RVR House, 1, 2 & 3 Thirumalai Street,

Jai Balaji Nagar,

K.K. Nagar, Chennai 78.


The AE/O&M/Pandanallur to be enquired for his statement as confirmed by the JC Hr & CE Mayiladuthurai to the CM office. If true, necessary actions may be taken against the AE for violation of law and certifying misuse.

15.5.2017 16.5.2017
39 91 of 2016

Thirumathi Shakila,

No.2/41, Sri Perumal Nagar,

1st Street, Nanmangalam,

Chennai 600 129.           


The consumption recorded for the period from 14.3.2015 to 9.9.2016 may be checked and reduce the consumption charges as per correct tariff rate.

10.5.2017 11.5.2017
38 97 of 2016

U. R. btfuhk,

j/bg uh#nfhgh,

R.V.R. giz,

R.V.R. Ϛy,

nf.nf. ef, brid 600 078. 


mtuJ giz  mla y v.16/2 tahf brY ghijia JoJ njitaw ffisͫ fgijͫ mfw ntL vW nfh͟sh.

9.5.2017 10.5.2017
37 85 of 2016

U. nf. nyhfehj,

165, .v.o nuhL,

U ef, kJiu


mtuJ nkKiwpL kDit nfhÉF vLJ kJiu Efnth FiwԮF kw, kJiu gkhd tl, kJiu mtf tHa Mizia uJ brJ mtUF iz tHf cjuLkhW nfL bfhLsh.

9.5.2017 10.5.2017
36 95 of 2016

Tmty. Saraswathi Venkataraman,

W/o R. Venkataraman,

Jai Balaji Nagar, K.K. Nagar,

Chennai 78.


The Appellant prayed that  TANGEDCO shall carry out the necessary  works and enmark the required land for the transformer erected in its land so that it may be legally owned by the corporation or en marked the boundaries.

2.5.2017 3.5.2017
35 77 of 2016

Uk B. Jthufkh,

#yflu mr,

nkL tl,

nry khtl 636 501.


nk Kiwplhs Mtzfisͫ, kDidͫ u MuhJ, rhuiz brJ, Ϫj nkKiwpL kDid mDk¤J cju l ntLbkW nfL bfhLsh.

27.4.2017 2.5.2017
34 93 of 2016

Uk. M.S. R#hjhyR,

fhgho 632 007,

nt  khtl.


nkKiwplhs fhgho,  jhuglntL, brFil, Ϫuh ef thf,  rnt v.330/5 kid kid v.41  LfLtjfhf jfhf iz v.212-005-2629I jgo VI 31.01.2015 mW bgWsh.

25.4.2017 26.4.2017
33 82  of 2016

Thirumathi L. Rukmani,

W/o C. Lakshmanan,


Chennai 600 009.           


It is prayed that order in petition No. 03 of 2016dt.29-7-2016 on the file of the Chairman, CGRF, CEDC/North is unjust, illegal and in any event liable to be set aside and consequently directing the authorities to disconnect the service connection.

24.4.2017 25.4.2017
32   94 of 2016

U. R. btfuhk,

nf.nf. ef,

brid 600 078. 


.nf.635 izÉF urid ϚyhjthW ghij mikfhk, jehL cg kW gkhd fHfij Vkh, fΫ rhkakhf f Fiwj k¥գo a iz bgwjF, rhu rlgo mj Efnth J V eltoif vLf TlhJ vd gyid brantL

20.4.2017 21.4.2017
31 RP No.4 of 2016

U.  P. ufehj,

j/bg gHrh,

_y} t,

jhuhu tl 638 106.


kDjhu nkKiwpL kDit rhuiz brJ rhu FiwԮgs tHa Miz bghUik ga jtW, mogil cik ga mahik Maitf fhuzkhf tHfgl Ԯghf csjh kW uh bra ntL vW nfh͟sh.


18.4.2017 19.4.2017
30 1 of 2017

M/s Pandian Chemicals Ltd

Chokkikulam, Madurai

The Appellant prayed to direct the SE /TANGEDCO Sivaganga to refund or adjust excess amount collected from him.

13.4.2017 17.4.2017
29 69 of 2016

Tmty. R. Ranjani,

W/o Rajendran,

P.No.146, 2nd Main Road,



Chennai 600 089.


The Appellant prayed to reconsider the order of the CGRF of Chennai EDC/South and order to effect service to his complex.


10.4.2017 13.4.2017
28 89 of 2016

Thiru. R. Ramachandran,


Chennai 600 089.           


           Direct the opposite party to refund the Compounding fees of Rs.16000/- collected u/s 152 of IR Act 2003 and extra levy fees of Rs.2,37,310/- collected under section 126 of IE Act 2003 along with applicable interest.

5.4.2017 7.4.2017
27 65 of 2016

U. . brtk,

ygho mr,

©Lf-624 005.           


©Lf, ygho uhk, rnt v.733/5 U. KJrh vgtUF tHfgl iz v.709 I Jof  ntL  vW  nfh͟sh.

5.4.2017 7.4.2017
26 78 of 2016

U.  m. btisrh,

j/bg madh,

kfhuh#h ef,



mtuJ ahakhd nfhifia VW IIIA(1) jgo trha  izid jgo IV Mf khw bra cju tHf ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.

4.4.2017 5.4.2017
25 102 of 2016

M/s Thiruselvan Spinners (P) Ltd.,

71/C, Patel Road,

Virudhunagar 626 001.    


Withdraw the order by Honble Forum  dt.23.11.2016 and       Refund the amount of Rs.1,00,950/- which was paid to change the metering set and meter for effecting of reduction of demand since the changing of meter was not effected.

28.3.2017 3.4.2017
24 103 of 2016

U. v. uhk_,

j/bg Ruk,

br tl,

fhu khtl


nkKiwplhs  bga bgWs iz v.211 mnj yš khaikf flz vts brYjntL kW Vfdnt xU HP bgwtUF  ϋD uL HP njitglh mjF vts blgh & iz bgWtjF fg njitglh mjF kDjhu vts flz brYj ntL.

24.3.2017 27.3.2017
23 70 of 2016

Thiru. K. Prabakaran,

S/o Karuppanna Gounder,

E. Nallagoundampalayam,

Jamin Elampalayam Post,

P. Velur Tk, Namakkal Dist.


The Appellant prayed for name transferring of an  agricultural service  application which was registered in his father name in SF No.285/4.

23.3.2017 24.3.2017
22 76 of 2016

Thiru. C. Jeganathan,

S/o Sellappa Gounder,

283/10, Sembampalayam,

Villarasampatti, Erode.


To direct the  4th Respondent  to charge the electricity charges under Tariff IIIA2 instead of IIIB for the appellants powerloom factory.

23.3.2017 24.3.2017
21 48 of 2016

Tmty. M.R. Saradha,

No.11, Lakshmi Nagar Extension,

Jupiter Backside Street,

Tiruppur 2.            


The Appellant prayed to set side the order in c.br.bgh/&ng/ /ntfh/ U/nfh.j/t. v.88/2016 eh 24.5.16 wherein it was levied to pay a sum of Rs.14,31,685/- due to defect in the meter.

22.3.2017 23.3.2017
20 72 of 2016

U. K. tuh,

v.13, toilak ef,

kz J ef,

brid-600 103.    

nkKiwplhs mtfSila cgnahf mfkhf  tN ga bjhifia Ug juntL vW msia  kh jUgoͫ  nfh͟sh.

22.3.2017 23.3.2017
19 7 of 2017

U. P. mUFkh,

v.463a, V.V.C. ef 2tJ bjU,

Gu 605 602.


nkKiwplhs iz v.406-002-2964- cs ۣl vJ ljh ۣl vJ ljfhf tN bragl bjhif %.1718/- I Ug tHFgo nfh͟sh

16.3.2017 17.3.2017
18 98 of 2016

Thiru. S.C.M. Jamaldeen,

Jamals Sonu Terrace,


Chennai 600 094.


The Appellant prayed for waiver of Audit short fall amount for the period during which the shop was kept vacant.

16.3.2017 17.3.2017
17 74 of 2016

M/s. Hariram Chemicals (P) Ltd.

672/2, Melaamathur,

Anaikuttam 626 130.


The Appellant prayed for cancel the excess energy charges levied by the Respondent  and Stay the recovery proceedings still the disposal of the case

14.3.2017 17.3.2017
16 87 of 2016

M/s Artika Cotton Mills Ltd.,

R.N. Pudur, Erode

The Appellant prayed that refund the excess amount collected from him.

6.3.2017 8.3.2017
15 44 of 2016

Uk. . KJyR,

v.9, Kj FWF bjU,

fh rhiy,

lzk, i.a.f. Mto,  brid-55.

nkKiwplhsUF brhjkhd kid  cs  40 kVa mikfgLs kh ntW lš tha bry kh mikf ntL vW  nkKiwplhs nfh͟sh.

27.2.2017 28.2.2017
14 63 of 2016

Thiru. Shekar Murthy,

Plot No. 26, C.R.R. Puram,

L&T Colony, II Main Road, Manapakkam,

Chennai 600 125.          


The Appellant prayed that the cost of Meter collected for changing the burnt meter of service connection No. 261-031-379shall be refunded to him.

22.2.2017 23.2.2017
13 71 of 2016

Tmty. B. Tholath Begum,

Chinna Kanmai Road,

Shanmuga Nagar,

Madurai 625 009.


The Appellant prayed that the  Honble Court may be pleased to set aside the impugned order of the CGRF of Madurai EDC/Metro


21.2.2017 21.2.2017
12 73 of 2016

hiru. S. Thirugnanam,

No.360, Indira Gandhi Street,

K.K Nagar,

Trichy 620 021.


To consider the request of changing the,Tariff of SC No.224-012-174 from V to IA.


20.2.2017 21.2.2017
11 84 of 2016

Thiru. R.Dakshinamoorthy,


Chennai 600 041


The Appellant Prayed for Compensation, replace the meter  and  refund of excess of cc charges collected from him.

15.2.2017 16.2.2017
10 64 of 2016

U. M. ah rf,


brid 600 017.  


          mfkhf tNfgl flzij Ug   tol tHf ntL. muR ¥go braglhk, m tHfhk Jo brj mfh J Jiwrhj neuo rhuid kW jlid njit.   nkY, eZl <L bjhifahf %.1 yr juntL.

14.2.2017 16.2.2017
9 46 of 2016

Tmty. P. Govindammal,

No.122( Old No.136), Big Street,


Chennai 600 005


To direct the licensee (TANGEDCO) to refund the deposit amount of Rs.1,44,807/- with interest and costs. 

9.2.2017 10.2.2017
8 80 of 2016

Dr. A.K. Natesan,

Sri Rangasamy Educational Trust,

Sankari West Post 637 303,

Namakkal Dist.


The Appellant prayed that additional load has to be sanctioned  in SC No.04-152-010-356, 04-152-010-357 and 04-152-010-525

3.2.2017 6.2.2017
7 38 of 2016

U. ehfuh#, K.A.,


brid 600 087. 


mnlhg khj foa Ú bjhif %.13218/-  mLj Kiw org khj foa Ú bjhif %.3582/- mtuJ bga E.B. blghlhf itJ bfhL tU khjfSbfhUKiw tU Ú bjhif fJ bfhs ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.

30.1.2017 31.1.2017
6 86 of 2016

Thiru. K. Chandran,


Chennai 600 073.


The Appellant prayed for refund of Rs.1268/- which was collected in excess due to recording of the meter reading (Withdrawn)

27.1.2017 30.1.2017
5 83 of 2016

Thiru. P. Subramanian,

Mahakavi Bharathi Nagar,


Chennai 600 039.   


The Appellant prayed that the excess amount of Rs.1123/- collected from him has to be  returned to him along with interest. Action may be taken against the person who is responsible for this.

27.1.2017 30.1.2017
4 81 of 2016

U. N.E. ghfu,

1/32, bgUkh nfh bjU,

mUkij, TL nuhL,



nkKiwplhs eir rnt v.558 cs iz a v.10/GNR (giHa v.26-32-51)I rnt v.430/1/DF kh juntL vW nfh͟sh.

25.1.2017 25.1.2017
3 68 of 2016

U. R. bršFkh,

107/1, KJ ef,

Jnfhil nuhL,

jrh-613 005.


iz v.405-009-671fhd Yit bjhif %.2,49,591/- brYjnfhU  jif ӣL v.156I uJ brantL. mtUila jfhf izig Koj dUJ 3 khjfSF ¤bjhif Ug tHf gliy vgjh thu xF %.100/- j HL tHf ntL.

13.1.2017 16.1.2017
2 92 of 2016

U. M. jfntY,

j/bg uhkrh fΩl,

uhu tl,

ehkf khtl.


iz v.476-002-117 jgo IIIBϚ wáfgl  flz gh %.32,128/-  rgjkhf ehkf khtl, uhu rh kw _y m՚ bragL mtHF KotjF Rkh 10 MLfhy MF vgjh ilfhy thuz tHf ntL vW nkKiwplhs nfh͟sh.

12.1.2017 16.1.2017
1 79 of 2016

U. D. #yh ghat,

f/bg. S. mjuh{,

gh ru - 627 808.      

iz v.098-008-723 Tariff V UJ ia vW khwntL vW nfh͟sh.

11.1.2017 11.1.2017









Year 2016

Sr. No Petition No. Appeal By Details of Case

(Click on the Detail to view the order)

Order Date  Uploaded


101 56 of 2016

U. B. tFkh,

j/bg. . ghyRuka,


mtuJ mguhjbjhifahd %.6,93,009/-  jSgo brJ mt bjh wf cj l  ntL vW nfLbfhLsh.

30.12.2016 2.1.2017
100 54 of 2016

U. A. gh,

j/bg. bg. uhikah,

Mto, brid.


ca eltoif nkbfhL U. #hduhk, CA mtfis g ڡf brtJl mtuJ rnfhju, U.tuh{ mtfSF rlgo iz ilf tHf ntLkh nfL bfhLsh.

29.12.2016 30.12.2016
99 RP No.3 of 2016

Uk. K. F,

200, ßisah nfh bjU,


nt-632 001.

nkKiwpL kD v.104/2015 flj 6.7.2016 wäj Mizia ۩L kW gyid brJ kW M brJ khia mfw ntL vW nfh͟sh.

28.12.2016 29.12.2016
98 34 of 2016

M/s Tamil Nadu Spinning Mills Association,

No.2, Karur Road,

Modern Nagar,

Dindigul 624 001.

It is prayed that the above matters may be enquired thoroughly and may be ordered to be clarified at the earliest by the CFC/Revenue  the grievances may be redressed suitably.

20.12.2016 21.12.2016
97 53 of 2016

U. N. nyhfehj,

j/bg ghfu,

uh# mzhkiyu,

brid 600 028.


nkKiwplhs rhu gagLjhj ehfSF (10.10.2011 Kj 2.11.2011 tiu) mt gz brYjhk Uf ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.

16.12.2016 19.12.2016
96 58 of 2016

Thiru.V. Murugan,

Anandam Colony,

7H, V.M. Chatram Road,

Tirunelveli 627011.


The Complaint dt.9.3.2016 is not redressed within the stipulated time, compensation is required 15.12.2016 19.12.2016
95 59 of 2016

U. R. uFg,

v.v. nuhL,

uhngil 632 401.


nkKiwplhs kDit VW rltkhd cikahsuhd mtuJ bga nkgo tghy mghbko cs a1, c4 FoUfSF mtuJ bga iz tHf cju lntL vW nfh͟sh.

9.12.2016 16.12.2016
94 36 of 2016

U. K. nrf,

fz ef,


nkKiwplhs iz v.205-004-1219 lh i-aF 19.9.2014 Kj khwglntL vW 20.6.2013 Kj 19.9.2014 tiuyhd fhy‰F cs Yitbjhifia jtiz Kiw brYj mDk ntL vW nfh͟sh.

7.12.2016 16.12.2016
93 43 of 2016

Dr. Elangovan,

No.1-A, Sambasivam Pillai Street,


To cancel the orders of the AE dt.16.2.2016 and order for disconnection of the service No.392 immediately

30.11.2016 30.11.2016
92 51 of 2016

Thiru. Jothi,

S/o Perumal,

Maarakkanam Tk,

Villupuram Dist.


The Appellant prayed that pleased to set aside the order passed by consumer grievance redressal forum, Villpuram in petition No.5/2016.

23.11.2016 24.11.2016
91 19 of 2016

M/s Kingston Victor,
C/o Stephen & Stephen, 
Indira Nagar, Indira Nagar, Chennai20


It is humbly prayed that Directing the respondent to properly close the accounts To refund the difference in amount deducted on arbitrary calculation without
adhering to the rules.

23.11.2016 23.11.2016
90 23 of 2016 M/s Kingsly,
C/o Stephen & Stephen,Indira Nagar,                                     Chennai - 600 020.       

It is humbly prayed that Directing the respondent to properly close the accounts  To refund the difference in amount deducted on arbitrary calculation without
adhering to the rules.

18.11.2016 21.11.2016
89 22 of 2016

M/s Harish Vasanji,
C/o Stephen & Stephen,
Indira Nagar, Chennai

It is humbly prayed that Directing the respondent to properly close the accounts To refund the difference in amount deducted on arbitrary calculation without
adhering to the rules

18.11.2016 21.11.2016
88 21 of 2016
M/s Sharath Vasanji,
C/o Stephen & Stephen,          
Indira Nagar,                           Chennai

 It is humbly prayed that Directing the respondent to properly close the accounts To refund the difference in amount deducted on arbitrary calculation without
adhering to the rules.

18.11.2016 21.11.2016
87 20 of 2016

M/s Sharath Vasanji,
C/o Stephen & Stephen,
Indira Nagar, Chennai

It is humbly prayed that Directing the respondent to properly close the accounts To refund the difference in amount deducted on arbitrary calculation without
adhering to the rules.

17.11.2016 21.11.2016
86 18 of 2016

M/s Venture Metal Products,
C/o Stephen & Stephen,
Indira Nagar,Chennai -20

It is humbly prayed that  Directing the respondent to properly close the accounts To refund the difference in amount deducted on arbitrary calculation without
adhering to the rules.

17.11.2016 21.11.2016
85 75 of 2016

U. a. ghoa,

j/bg G. MWKf,

bgah ef bjF,



nkKiwplhs, ghij kW fg kh mikf  mfkhf  tNfgLsJ  vW, Mdh, tnerc ¥go  kL tNUf ntL vW bjJ mtl mfkhf tNfglij Ug mf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

16.11.2016 18.11.2016
84 47 of 2016

M/s Harihar Alloys Private Ltd.,

1/43, Race Course Road,


Trichy .


The  Appellant prayed to direct the Respondent to give effect to the reduction of load  and refund the excess amount. 16.11.2016 18.11.2016
83 55 of 2016

Thiru. N.B. Sathynarayanan,


Chennai 600 056


The Appellant prayed to consider the original  complaint and pass necessary orders giving fair chance to hear his plea.  Also refund the fines paid to get credited along with  compensation for deficiency in service and mental agony suffered.

14.11.2016 15.11.2016
82 60 of 2016

U. K. fjrh,

j/bg fh fΩl,

1 th ,

tujuh#u, nfhit 641 015.


jehL cg kW gkhd fHf gy lf Mnrgidia t brJ iz tH͟sjh mtUF Mnrgidia t brJ iz tHf nfh͟sh.


3.11.2016 4.11.2016
81 37 of 2016

U. mu. VGkiy,

rlkfy uhk,

kiwkiy ef, fhu khtl.


záfgl l‰F gkhd Kiw 27/12 goahd muR mtnghJ begLJtjFnfg njitgL Mtzf jjh kLnk wnghF y‰F iz juntL

31.10.2016 1.11.2016
80 49 of 2016

U. nfh. ekhth,

524, yRu,

nkF fhy,



rŰ ta kW dsia flz Ϛyhk ckjhu bryny khwgl ntL vd Miz wáFgo ntobfhnw.

31.10.2016 1.11.2016
79 33 of 2016

Thiru. V. Murugan,

Anandam Colony,

7H, V.M. Chatram Road,

Tirunelveli 627 011.


 The Appellant prayed for Proper entries shall  be made in the computer for the variation  of the security deposit amount, Compensation must be ordered for the non reply of his letters.

31.10.2016 1.11.2016
78 31 of 2016

U. . bghDrh,

j/bg bgh. ahfuh#,

ehf ef,

©Lf 3.

iz v.202-006-1483 fhak nfh bjU, kW iz v.202-006-2163 Ma tiw uju Jo bra nto͟sh.

21.10.2016 25.10.2016
77 10 of 2016

M/s G.J. Spinners,

D.G. Pudur,


The Appellant prayed to quash the order of Hon'ble CGRF in CC No.15 of 2015 on 22.1.2016

19.10.2016 25.10.2016
76 62 of 2016

U. nf. snfht,

j/bg fUigahßis,

yhFo tl,                     Uuhg

nkKiwplhs, Jofgl iz v.218-002-2461I ۩L jdF tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

18.10.2016 18.10.2016
75 4  of 2016

M/s K.P. Blue Metal,

No.27A, M.B.T. Road,




The Appellant has prayed for Order may be passed to direct TNEB to refund the compensation charges, Direct the TANGEDCO to compensate the losses of 25% incurred by poor quality of Grid Supply.

17.10.2016 18.10.2016
74 57 of 2016

U. a. Aե uAkh,

v.90, unt nuhL,


nkKiwplhs jrh gkhd tl‹ Efnth FiwԮF kw‰F rkáfgl kDF gš vJΫ bgwgliy vW FiwԮghs Kghf mt ehlglhj kDit rkäJsh. 

8.10.2016 13.10.2016
73 52 of 2016

U. A.S.C. mUFkh,

j/bg. v. runrfu,

20/7, uhrg Kjah ,

Midkiy 642 104.           


nk Kiwplhs, jdF wF g brjtUF  iz KDik ۿ tHfgLsJ.  Mdh mtUila zg‰F Jtiu iz tHfgliy jdF xU ey Ԯ tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

7.10.2016 13.10.2016
72 41 of 2016

U. P. Fkhurh,

j/bg bga j fΩl,

MyJbfhig uhk


nkKiwplhs, mtUF ahkhf ilf ntoa izig 10/1A cs znfh myJ mtUF ghagl 69/2A  cs ntW M FHh znfh  tHf cju l ntL vW nfh͟sh

5.10.2016 7.10.2016
71 67 of 2016

U. Fr. b#. #h n#hr bfdo, mr ef,          kJiu 18.      

kh lkhw brtjfhf brYjgl bjhifF vjbthU ntiyͫ brahj iy (Mnrgid Ujjh) brYjgl bjhif %.5,31,529/-I Ug tHf cju lntL vW nkKiwplhs nfh͟sh.


30.9.2016 3.10.2016
70 17 of 2016

M/s Orchid Chemicals  & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,


Chennai 34.


The Appellant prayed that this Honble Ombudsman may be pleased to set aside the impugned order dt. 16.9.2015

30.9.2016 3.10.2016
69 42  of 2016

U. N. mdjrad, M.a., B.l.,

rkae (t) ,

kJiu khtl - 625 402.


nkKiwplhs FiwԮF kw‹  cjuit uJ brJ nkKiwplhsUF Mjuthf jFj cjuit wFkhW nkKiwplhs juÚ uh¡fgLwJ.

28.9.2016 29.9.2016
68 35 of 2016

M/s Ayyanar Matriculation Higher Secondary School, 

Veppur & Taluk,

Cuddalore District.

The Appellant humbly prays that  this Honble Ombudsman may be pleased to set aside the order passed by the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Cuddalore

28.9.2016 29.9.2016
67 39 of 2016

Thiru. P. Palanisamy,

M/s Point Textile Process,Kasipalayam,         Tiruppur 641 006.


The Appellant prayed to revise the order dt.29.2.2016 passed by Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Tiruppur in CGRF Petition No.007/2015-16 and pass such other or orders deem fit and proper and render justice.

22.9.2016 23.9.2016
66 66 of 2016

U. a. bjtfhk,

3/285, nfhjrh bjU, brid 600 123.


iz v.281-012-17 ۣl flzkhf %.548/- kW nrhjidflz %.75/- Mf bkhj %.623/- flzJl tNf gLsJ. mj fh J eltoif vLf ntL vW nkKiwplhs nfh͟sh.

21.9.2016 23.9.2016
65 30 of 2016

Tmty. T.S. Malini,
W/o T.S. Sudarsan,
Nungampakkam, Chennai 34.

The Appellant prayed that the consumption for 10/2015 assessment period in respect of SC No.136-022-93 may be fixed as 800 units and the amount may be fixed  as Rs.4100/- and render justice.

19.9.2016 20.9.2016

R.P. No.         2 of 2016

U. mu. VGkiy,

j/bg. m. ufrh,

kiwkiy ef,

fhu khtl - 603 209


U. mu. VGkiy mt nkKiwpL kD v 102/2015 F FiwԮghsuh tHfgl Mizia kW M bra ntL vW nfh͟sh.

12.9.2016 16.9.2016
63 45 of 2016

Uk. M. Rk,

j/bg T. Kahrh,

nrhf - 631 102,

thyh#h tl, nt khtl.

iz v. 271-010-390, U. T. Kahrh  bgaUJ  Uk. K. tuyR mtf bgaUF 21.1.2016 mW bga khw bragLsJ.  nkfl bga khwij uJ brantL vW  Uk. M. Rk, mtf kD brJshf.

31.8.2016 1.9.2016
62 50 of 2016

M/s ACV Products (P) Ltd (Spinning Division),

Nilakkottai 624 208,


The Appellant filed a petition  before the CGRF of Dindigul  Electricity Distribution Circle on 20.1.2016 praying not to levy the monthly rent for the meter owned by them and refund the entire rent so far collected from the date of owning the meter.

26.8.2016 30.8.2016
61 11 of 2016

U. Kiytdehj,

j/bg bghDuf,

th} tl - 605 104. 

nkKiwplhs jDila nkKiwpL kD iz bgw ehUJ ϋWtiu cgnahfgL tU mtUila trha iz v. (gkhd) 163-I bjhlJ gagLl ca  cjuid tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

19.8.2016 23.8.2016
60 96 of 2015

Uk. B. fkyh,


U. mnrh fz,

Public Welfare & Consumer Protection Association,


nkKiwplhs jDila nfhiffshf ţL kid tahf brY, taiu v®kDjhu mt brhj bry mfw ntL. nrit FiwghL ftdik flik jtWj  nghw jtW brj mYtyf bghW Vf ntL Kjyh nkKiwplshUF  v®kDjhuuh VgLjgl  kd ciHr, mbrhsfa kdnrh, Vkhw, cleyš  Vgl fZlf MatF %.50,000/- HգL,  Ϫj tHѣL bjhifahd %.1000/- tHfglntL.

19.8.2016 23.8.2016
59 40 of 2016

Uk. dhif,

jlgh nfh,

brhf ehju,

mrgJ, kJiu 625 019.

nkKiwplhs akhd nfhifia rl‰F wghd t uhfjij uJ brJ  U. jtk kW mtuJ kf KJuhk Ma UtUF tHa izig Jof Mizl ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.

18.8.2016 19.8.2016
58 24 of 2016

M/s. Real  Link Engineering India  P Ltd.,


Sulur Taluk,

Coimbatore District.


To direct the respondents to refund the EMD amount of Rs.5,20,000/-(Rupees five lakhs twenty thousand  only) and pass such further or other orders as the Honble Ombudsman may deem fit and proper and thus render justice.

9.8.2016 10.8.2016
57 94 of 2015

M/s Rattha Somerset Greenways Chennai (P) Ltd

C/o Sharan Tech & legal Solutions,

3rd Avenue, Indira Nagar, Chennai 20.

To direct  the Chairman and  members to strictly follow & abide by the rules framed in this regard and to direct the respondents to close the temporary supply accounts and refund the excess amount with  interest within a time frame.

5.8.2016 8.8.2016
56 R.P.No.1 of 2016

Thiru S. Nandakumar.

12, Bhavani Nagar,

Perumal patti 602024,

Thiruvallur District.

The Appellant prayed to review the order to address the appeal as per amendment rule 22 (6). 3.8.2016 8.8.2016
55 29 of 2016

U. M. snfht,

j/bg  KUfgilah,

ma khtl - 621 719.

 nkKiwplhs nkKiwpil VW MJis zW mikJ FHh mikf clhd bryit fUͫ mtuJ bgaUF trha izig tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

29.7.2016 1.8.2016
54 32 of 2016

Thiru. C.M. Nanjappan,

Chinnanaicken pudur,


GOBI 638 054.


The Appellant very humbly prays to consider this appeal petition and direct the department/opposite parties to provide him with  supply without making him to losses his seniority/priority.

28.7.2016 29.7.2016
53 16 of 2016

U. P.ufehj,

j/bg. gHrh,      jhuhu tl - 638 106.


 Efnth FiwԮF kw Mizia uJ bra ntL.   ii.        rnt v. 3/1B a trha iz mtUF tHf ntL.


22.7.2016 25.7.2016
52 81 of 2015

U. B. runrfu,

thagho tl,

nt khtl.


p frkh bgaUF tHa izig uJ bra ntL. U. jhnkhju bga iz v 053-007-73 I khw brjJ jtW vW mj bga khwij uJ bra ntL vW nfh͟sh.

21.7.2016 22.7.2016
51 28 of 2016

U. M. nueӮ,

c/o. ekh iu,

tfif khtl

kDjhu bjh Egahd MjhuJl Toa sfidͫ nkbfhL mt bjJs kw gufisͫ fl gyid brJ ca ahakhd cuid tHFgo nfL bfhLsh.

15.7.2016 18.7.2016
50 8 of 2016

Uk. th. rut,

f/bg.A. thRnjt,

nt khtl - 632516.

nkKiwplhs kDit VW bfhL, tha  rl£lfgo mtUila ţoF mU brY ghijia khW lš bghU ju ntL vW nfh͟sh.

14.7.2016 18.7.2016
49 106 of 2015

U. b#. uhInkhf,

Xu, jgu tl,

fl khtl.


nkKiwplhs, kW iz bra ntL, uju JoÉfhd k¥գL bjhifia uJ bra ntL,     jFj eZl <L,  iz tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

11.7.2016 12.7.2016
48 99  of 2015

Thiru  Rajendran Chingaravelu,Madipakkam, Chennai.


The Appellant prayed that the Respondents to be directed not to insist on completion certificate  and / or any NOC from CMDA and strictly follow the process as per section 43(1) of Electricity Act and Distribution Code thereof and provide service connection to their properties immediately.

6.7.2016 11.7.2016
47 104 of 2015

U. K. F,


nt - 632 001.


nkKiwplhs ţil xo cs khia mf mtf ţo thtjF ttif brkhW FiwԮghsiu nto nfL bfhLsh.

6.7.2016 6.7.2016
46 27 of 2016

Uk. j. uhn#t,

f/bg  jfnt,

f% khtl. 

nkKiwplhs yš v® fhyY fgf ajhf mikgjF, UF fgfis kh mikgjF mt mDkia bgW bra ntL vW nfh͟sh.

28.6.2016 29.6.2016
45 26 of 2016

M/s. Wichitra Auto Limited.,

No.84/3, Sidco Industrial Estate, Ambattur,

Chennai 600 098.           


The appellant prayed for set aside the levy of Harmonic compensation  charges, Recalculate the compensation  charges, After adjusting the amount so calculated refund the balance amount.

27.6.2016 28.6.2016
44 12 of 2016

U. M. Aե KfkJ,

j/bg ikԋ ghrh,

ghgehr tl,

jrh tl.

nkKiwplhs ќfl nfhif fis jDila nkKiwpL kD bjJsh.

(i)kW iz tHf ntL

(ii) iz  ntW xUt bga khw brjJ jtW

(iii) Kiwnflhd cgnahf csjh  ¥go eltoif

(iv) izig kDjhu cik Mtzgo cWgLJtJ

17.6.2016 17.6.2016
43 77 of 2015

M/s Hindustan Bible Institute & College,


Chennai 600 010.

The Appellant prayed to set aside  the Audit Shortfall claimed  on  a wrong assumption to the tune of Rs.2,81,441/- in LT  service connection No.150-038-161 for the period from 4/2011 to 3/2012 (Withdrawn)

16.6.2016 17.6.2016
42 15 of 2016

U. S. rhyh, b.a.,

f/bg v.s. rjhd, M.sc., M.Phil.,


nkKiwplhsUF brhjkhd fahz klgYs izig Jof ntL vW nfh͟sh.

10.6.2016 13.6.2016
41 25 of 2016

Thiru, N, Damodaran,

No.33, A/1, New Colony,



 The Appellant prayed to pass orders directing the Respondent herein to adjust the future bills with bimonthly rate of 200 units of consumption for the bills of September 2015 to till date.

8.6.2016 9.6.2016
40 14 of 2016

U. v. mag,

j/bg enlr (ny),

ika} mr,

rfuhu tl

nkKiwplhs, mtUila jfgdh bga g brJs, trha iz zgid mt bgaUF khw brJ, mtUF iz tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

31.5.2016 1.6.2016
39 91 of 2015

U. lh uh,


Ubent 11.

nkKiwplhs nfhifahd mfgoahf tNfgl flz. fhbjhif tol Ug tHf ntL, jdJ fhUF gš tHfhjjF ca HգL, bkbghU FiwghLfis fhuz fho  gaܣlhsl Kiwnflhf mguhj tN brtij jLf ntL.

31.5.2016 1.6.2016
38 92 of 2015

Thiru R. Periasamy

S/o. Ramasamy Gounder,


Erode 638152

The Appellant prays that this Honorable Forum may kindly pleased to allow the appeal of the Appellant and set aside the orders  of CGRF of Erode EDC,

24.5.2016 31.5.2016
37 6 of 2016

Thiru. S. Vijayaramalingam, Bethaniapuram,       Madurai 16.

The Appellant  prayed to change the name of his service connections into his name.

17.5.2016 20.5.2016
36 13 of 2016

U.  F bryg,

j/bg FHij ntshs,

Jnfhil khtl

nkKiwplhs mt trha iz zg‰F  rgjkhd tH kw tha‹ J jtW vW  Ԯ tH͟sjh  mtuJ tfl tol nrJ bkhj %.10,00,000/- eZl <Ll izigͫ tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

11.5.2016 17.5.2016
35 2 of 2016

Thiru. J. Sridhar,


Chennai 42.

The Appellant paid excess amount during August-15 assessment period and hence prayed  suitable action as deemed fit may please be taken against the Assessor for not taking  meter reading regularly

10.5.2016 17.5.2016
34 79 of 2015

Tmt. V. Kamalakumari,

Anna Nagar (West),

Chennai - 600 040

The Appellant prayed to take necessary action to check the working condition of the meter in SC.N o.162-022-1072 and refund the excess amount .

5.5.2016 6.5.2016
33 5 of 2016

Thiru R. Ramachandran,


Chennai - 600 020.

The Appellant prayed for refund of the excessively billed amount in his S.C.No.201-017-310 & 201-017-60.

5.5.2016 6.5.2016
32 83 of 2015

Thiru. V.B.R. Menon,


K.K. Nagar,

Chennai 78.

The Appellant prayed for the refund of the low power factor levies of Rs.30134/- collected from him.

29.4.2016 3.5.2016
31 9 of 2016

Thiru. K. Varadarajan,


Chennai 600 099.

The Appellant prayed to take necessary action to heighten the 110 KV line passing through the residential area.  He has also prayed to convert the existing line as UG or reroute the existing line along the Main Road.

29.4.2016 2.5.2016
30 101 of 2015

M/s. Shanmugaraja Spinning Mills P. Ltd.,

Chittode 638 102.

The Appellant prayed for refund of sum of Rs.2,54,283/- paid towards Harmonics compensation charges.

27.4.2016 2.5.2016
29 68 of 2015

U. T.V. ufehj,

v.29/38, nt mk nfh bjU,


brid- 600 044.

nkKiwplhs mtuJ y‹ J xa bfhL brtij JoF go,  nfh͟sh.

25.4.2016 26.4.2016
28 86 of 2015

M/s Vellore Shoe Fabrik,

No.316/4B, Bangalore Road,

Mottur Village,

Vellore 632 010. 

The Appellant prayed to refund /CC adjustment  of audit short fall amount of Rs.37763/- already paid towards average CC bill.

22.4.2016 25.4.2016
27 3 of 2016

U. J. khjt,

12/68, jhah Fs bjU,

ßisah ghisa,

mkjt m Miy,


nkKiwplhs iz v.304-010-47 fz  mfgoahf cs fhbjhif %.1,45,898/-I Ug  tHf cju tHf ntL vW nfLbfhLsh. (Withdrawn)

18.4.2016 18.4.2016
26 102 of 2015

U.mu. VGkiy,

j/bg. mu. ufrh,

rlkfy uhk.   

kDjhu kDF gš mlhj jF, FiwԮF kwš KiwL ca gš illhjjF jf Ԯ ill ntL vd nfL bfhLsh.

18.4.2016 18.4.2016
25 R.P. No.      3 of 2015

Uk. #h. vgndr vgh,

j.bg. #h{ (ny),


MWKfne 628202.


nkKiwplhs mt ţo RW Rtiu xo ngha ilbt拿 WtgLs ouhghkiu ntW l‰F kh mikf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

12.4.2016 13.4.2016
24 1 of 2016

U. J.ntyhj


<nuhL 638455.

nkKiwplhs 60 ehfSF ۣl fzbfLF bghGJ, 100 LfSF %.1/- j fzL Ëd, mfKs 10, 20 LfSF %.1.50 j fzL jjna fzL brJ bkhjkhf To flz bjhif brYj cju l nfh͟sh.

31.3.2016 1.4.2016
23 95 of 2015

U. C.K. fz,

218, Ujhg,

M. v. u,

nfha - 641002.


nkKiwplhs jdJ gyid brJ, mt, trha izig lkhw brJju cju LkhW gtl nfL bfhLsh.

30.3.2016 31.3.2016
22 60 of 2015

M/s Platinum Catering,

165/1 Bharani Main Road,

R.N. Pudur,

Erode 638 005.

The Appellant most humbly pray that  this Honble  Forum may kindly be pleased to allow the appeal of the  Appellant and set aside the order passed in petition No.10/2015 dt.14.6.2015 on the file of consumer Redressal forum, Erode.

30.3.2016 31.3.2016
21 98 of 2015

Thiru. V. Palanivel,

S/o Vadivelu,

Mayiladuthurai 609 001.

Nagapattinam Dist

The appellant prayed for officials who have committed defective /deficiency in service and involved in unfair trade practice has to be punished.

24.3.2016 28.3.2016
20 97 of 2015

U. B. btflehfud,

j/bg s.a. ghyUZz,

nk - 625 106.

 nkKiwplhs jdJ izÉFlhd Mtzf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

23.3.2016 24.3.2016
19 103 of 2015

U. N. Fzy, jrh.

nkKiwplhs, Kfhukw tif ruhr fzL  brJ mt J fgoUF TLj bjhifia uJ brJ Ԯ tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh. (Withdrawn)

18.3.2016 21.3.2016
18 82 of 2015

Tmty. O. Indira,

W/o Olimuthu,


Madurai 625 020.

The Appellant prayed  that a new service connection may be effected as per section 27 (c) of the Electricity Act, 2003 read with as per para 27 (4) of the TNERC Distribution Code and suitable action may be taken against the Respondents for delaying the supply.

16.3.2016 18.3.2016
17 90 of 2015

U.  K. bgUkh,

(kid Uk. uh#yRfhf)

kiwkiy ef - 603 209.

fhu khtl

nkKiwplhs kDF gš mlhj bghahsf kW cj fzF mYty J xGF eltoif vLl ntoͫ TLjyhf bgwgl bjhifidͫ HL bjhiff mididͫ  juntL vW nfL bfhLsh.(Withdrawn)

8.3.2016 9.3.2016
16 84 of 2015

Thiru. S. Nandakumar,

Perumalpattu 602 024,

Tiruvallur District.

The Appellant prayed to disconnect the S.C. No. 430-016-309.

7.3.2016 9.3.2016
15 105 of 2015

U.  kh. UZz_, B.a., B.L.,



ma khtl.   

nkKiwplhs mtUila zF trha iz tHf cju wáf ntL vW nfh͟sh.(Withdrawn)

3.3.2016 7.3.2016
14 93 of 2015

U. nf. uhkrh,

j/bg.fUgz  fΩl,

nt - 638 182.

 nkKiwplhs mt  trha iz nfhU zgij TL cikahs ifbahg/rkj foj Ϛyhk iz K gu bgW  bfhL g bra jf Miz wáf ntL   vW nfh͟sh.

29.2.2016 3.3.2016
13 76 of 2015

Thiru. M. Srinivasan,

Old Washermanpet,

Chennai  - 600 021.  

The Appellant  prayed for change the new meter  showing the  wrong electricity consumption units and  tested and replaced with a good working meter.

29.2.2016 1.3.2016
12 7 of 2016

U.  Fkhurh,

j/bg tf fΩl,

Gu khtl 604 306.

nkKiwplhs Joig  kW iz tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.(Withdrawn)

26.2.2016 29.2.2016
11 85 of 2015

U. j. gܮbrt,

j/bg  jfuhR,

fjt nfhil,

Jnfhil khtl.


nkKiwplhs 99 tUl‰F Fjif xgj brJs y v.150/1a1a- cs zF trha iz nto g brJs zg‰F trha iz tHf cjul ntL vW nfh͟sh.

24.2.2016 25.2.2016
10 58  of 2015

Thiru A. Paulraj,

S/o. G. Anthonysamy,

Srimushnam Post,

Cuddalore District.


The Appellant prayed to remove the new electric post erected near the teak wood tree and erect it in the corner of the road and to order compensation for cutting the branch of the 35 years old teak wood tree and for damaging the fence.


19.2.2015 22.2.2016
9 49 of 2015

U. G.fiybr,





tf gaghoF tHfgLs iz v.209-149-1411-I Jo bra ntL kW cj bghahs/brjٮu mtf J  eltoif vLf nfhUtJ bjhlghf

17.2.2016 22.2.2016
8 100 of 2015

Thiru. S. Rajamanickam,

M-218, Manickampalayam Housing Unit,

Erode 638 011.


The Appellant prayed for refund of Rs.4826/- collected  unauthorizedly with  interest.(Withdrawn)

16.2.2016 17.2.2016

87 of 2015

88 of 2015 &

89 of 2015

M/s Greenweiz Projects Limited,

M/s Tapi Energy Projects Limited,

M/s Mitra Fidelity Limited,

No.26, Gobind Mahal,

86-B, Netaji Subhash Road,

Marine Drive,Mumbai 400 002.

The Appellant in all the above appeal petitions have prayed to direct the Superintending Engineer, Tuticorin EDC to effect payment for the wind power pumped into the grid during the period from 1st April 2013 to July 2013 by following the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commissions Order

4.2.2016 10.2.2016
6 78 of 2015

U. v. mnjh b#agh,

13/1, UZz uh#u,

4tJ bjU,

JFo 628 002.           


a iz nto rhu mYtyfš brlg 2014- zg brJsh.   nrit FiwghoF HL tHf ntL. gagLjhj fzL fhy‰F  tN bragLs  flzij Uäju ntL mthW nritFiw VgLa mYtyf kW Caf J eltoif vLfntL.

3.2.2016 4.2.2016
5 75 of 2015

Uk. M. fhk,

f/bg  uhkrh fΩl,

jhuhu tl,

U khtl.


nkKiwplhs, mt ed irj Tl‰F mfgLs KKid iz v.370-002-1194-F  KG neuK KKid rhu  tHfglntL vW  nfh͟sh.

1.2.2016 2.2.2016
4 48 of 2015

U. P. MWKf,

j/bg. bgarh fΩl,

U. a. fZfh,

j/bg MWKf,

fzg mr,

nfha 641 006.

nkKiwplhs trha izig fzg gkhd tlUJ FUgghisa gkhd tl‰F khw bra cju tHf nto͟shf.

28.1.2016 1.2.2016
3 80 of 2015

U. S.K. uh#h,

j.bg. rKuehlh,

MyFs jhYfh,

Ubent khtl.

FiwԮghs Ma jhf fUiz TJ nkgo kD cjuΥgo mt brY͟s bjhif %.43,150/- cikahd kW ahakhd brydfis fJ ¤ bjhifid mtUF tHf cjul nto Ϫj nk Kiwpil mD͟sh.

21.1.2016 22.1.2016

62 of 2015

63 of 2015

65 of 2015  & 66 of 2015


Tvl. N. Ramakrishnan & L. Azhakumani,

1.      Tvl.Rajabharathi & Senthil Kumar,

 Tvl. Sivakumargangadharan &   Vijayakumari

1.      Tvl. P.S.Ramprasad & Harilakshmi

Perumbakkam, Nokampalayam Road,

Chennai 603 306.


All the Appellants have prayed to order for the payment of due compensation for the deficiency of service committed in respect of effecting the service connection and also to order for effecting the service connection based on the amendment to Section 27 of the Distribution Code notified on 3.12.2014.

12.1.2016 14.1.2016
1 53/2015

U. M. Fku, brid

nkKiwplhs, brid Nis Moag bjU, v.25/42 ţo U. M. rKf bga  2004- mfgl fzF v.141-022-224 vw tf izig clnd JoJ fzif uJ bra ntL vW nfh͟sh.

8-01-2016 13-01-2016





Year 2015

Sr. No Petition No. Appeal By Details of Case

(Click on the Detail to view the order)

Order Date  Uploaded


92 74 of 2015

Thiru. V. Rathinagiri,  M.A.,

S/o Vairaperumal Pillai,

Vadivelkarai, Madurai


In the appeal petition, the Appellant prayed to change the electricity service connection No.463 effected in the name of Thiru. V. Kannan as Sri Theepachiamman Koil Trust.

31.12.2015 31.12.2015
91 57 of 2015

U. N. ahfuh#,

35, brfh _gdh bjU,

brjhugo mr,

nry  - 636 110.

nkKiwlhs  TiuţoF, RW RtUF  fh kidF gh¥ VglhjthW fg/f ghijia rW kh mikjh ţoF,  kj c殡F fah  VgL MgJ Ϛyhk UF vW KiwpL brJsh.

31.12.2015 31.12.2015
90 36 of 2015

U. H. jhfh,

j/bg f. iAjfh,

U nuhL,

cLkiy ngil

tl - 642 126

jehL cg kW gkhd fHf mfhfsh, rahd Kiw fs M brahknyh, myJ bjnjh mtfsJ FLg‰F brhjkhd rugo uhk (fj v) 5/44 vw ţoF U. v. muh rha vgtuJ bga mtuJ ţL uJ 5/42- go bfhLfgLs izig (1336) KGikahf mfl cju wáFgo nfLbfhLsh.

23.12.2015 28.12.2015
89 64 of 2015

Dr. R. Balasubramaniam,

No.12/45, Thiyagi Natesan Street No.2,


Salem 636 003.

The Appellant prayed for His physical and mental agony is duly compensated (the amount of compensation as decided by the Honble Ombudsman)  and  recovering  the same from  staff/officer  who are /were responsible.  Necessary  orders may be passed for reimbursing the  demand dt.23.2.2015 for Rs.3518/- paid by him on 8.6.2015. This amount may also be recovered from the staff/officer who were responsible for the lapse.

21.12.2015 22.12.2015
88 72 of 2015

Thiru  Rajendran Chingaravelu,

Srinivasan Main Road,

Ram Nagar North Extension,

Madipakkam, Chennai.

The Appellant has stated that  he is owner of a residential flat of stilt + 3 floor and has applied for a service connection for the above flat.  respondent has refused to receive the application and application will not be received without the completion  certificate  from CMDA and complaint of common nature and hence directly filed before the Electricity Ombudsman.

14.12.2015 15.12.2015
87 70 of 2015

U. K. ntYrh,

j/bg  fUgz,

mahu, ehkf khtl,

ehkf 637 017.

nkKiwplhsUila kDit VWbfhL  Mere service iz tHfΫ, Distribution Standards of Performances Regulation-go iz tHfhikF <Lbjhif %.1000/- tHfΫ jf Ԯid tHf ntL vW  nfh͟sh.

11.12.2015 14.12.2015


2 of 2015

U. mu. VGkiy,

j/bg m. ufrh,


rlkfy uhk,

kiwkiy ef, fhu khtl.

kDjhu mtf FiwԮghs jDila Ԯid ۩L gyid brJ mtUF tHfgl mfhu‰Fa Ԯ tHl ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.

9.12.2015 14.12.2015
85 52 of 2015

U. S. mnrhf,

j/bg  rfuf,

185V, kJiu nuhL,

mU nfhil


UJef khtl, mUnfhil, berths fhy, iz v.07-203-011-16-I v®kDjhu tifahwduhd Trustee MNUT vW  bgakhw brJsjid uJ brJ ۩L kDjhu bgaUF bgakhw brJ cjul ntLkh uh¡fgLwJ.

7.12.2015 9.12.2015
84 61 of 2015

U. M. btfnlr

j/bg  KUnfr fΩl

br tl,

Gu khtl

nkKiwplhsUF brhjkhd rnt v.133/4V- cs zF  trha iz  tHf ntL vW mtUila jahiyia g brahkUgjF fhuzkhd mYtyf jofgl ntL vW nfh͟sh.

23.11.2015 24.11.2015
83 41 of 2015


W/o A. Nithyakumar,


Chennai 600 089.

Due to wrong entry made by the assessor in their service connection they have been charged with theft of energy .  This may be enquired.

19.11.2015 20.11.2015
82 55 of 2015

M/s Scientific Publishing Service (P) Ltd


Chennai 600 004.           

In the Appeal Petition, the Appellant prayed to allow the appeal and set aside the letter of second respondent  bearing No.Lr.No.EE/O&M/ Myl/RB/F.BOAB-Audit Tariff Re/D226/015, dt.8.06.2015.

17.11.2015 17.11.2015
81 54 of 2015

Thiru M. Ravichandran,


Chennai-600 041.

The Appellant prayed that the office of the Electricity Ombudsman instructs CGRF/ TANGEDCO to refund the unjustifiably withhold part of the security deposit along with interest for the complete deposit amount till date of payment apart from addressing the additional concerns raised.

16.11.2015 16.11.2015
80 73 of 2015

Thiru. B.Ellak ka kumar,

32, Kamaleeswaran Koil Street,



The  Appellant prayed to waive  the additional claim of Rs.71,605/- levied by the licensee based on a audit report.

3.11.2015 4.11.2015
79 39 of 2015

U. P. #h{,

69/45, fjrh u nuhL,

uh#kau - 628 202,

Ubr tl,

JFo khtl.

nkKiwplhs mt RWRtiu xo ngha ilbt拿 WtgLs ouhghkiu ntW l‰F kh mikf ntL vW nkKiwpL brJsh.

30.10.2015 2.11.2015
78 69 of 2015

Tmt. Teena Ajai,

B205, Arattukulam Lake Point Tower,

Manipal County Club Road,

Bangalore 560 068.

 The Appellant prayed for refund of the balance  deposit amount of Rs.1,27.247/- available  with the licensee after surrendering of the temporary power supply connection availed.

28.10.2015 28.10.2015
77 71 of 2015

U. kiyrh,

j/bg FUrh,

202, broFil,

jfΩl ghisa mr,

r ef t,

m tl,

<nuhL khtl - 638 315.

nkfl kD nkKiwplhs mtUila .r. v.894/3B vw fhiyf cs mikJs MFHh zF mt fΫ ÉgLjglt (MBC) vw mogil mt  trha iz nfhU zg‰F izig tHf cju lntL vW KiwpL brJsh.(Withdrawn)

20.10.2015 23.10.2015
76 56 of 2015

Tmt.S. Bhuvana,


Prema Sivalingam Trust,

35A/1, M.B.T. Road,


Ranipet 632 402.

 The Appellant prayed to direct Executive Engineer/O&M/Ranipet to effect Domestic and Commercial service connections in the premises.

19.10.2015 20.10.2015
75 47 of 2015

Tmt. M.K. Lakshmi,

F2, Jains Anurag,

Old No.19, Arcot Street,

T. Nagar,

Chennai  - 600 017.

The Appellant prayed to restore back the correct EB meter and to reassess their past current bills and to adjust the excess amount paid by them in the future dues.

15.10.2015 19.10.2015
74 46 of 2015

U. a. ghoa,    

j/bg G. MWKf

v.390/2, #K ,

bjF bgah ef,


bghJkfSF,  KiwplhsUF  bghJ  mtuJ ţoF mUfhik brW bfhoUF fg kW ffsh gJ Vgl th csJ vW, mj gij jLf ntL vW kD mJsjhfΫ mjF jf eltoif vLfntL vW mYtyf J eltoif vLf ntL vW  nfh͟sh.

12.10.2015 14.10.2015
73 7 of 2015

Thiru Baleswar Raman,

Flat No.6, Door No.Old No.67, New No.15,

Moorthy Street,

West Mambalam,

Chennai-600 033.

The Appellant prayed for refund of Rs.61/- collected towards Reconnection charges and BPSC and to order payment of Rs.500/- as compensation towards expenses, inconveniences, harassment , and injustice caused to him by TNEB.

9.10.2015 9.10.2015
72 59 of 2015

U. V. KUf,

j/bg V. btisrh,

sh v.17, fj v.2/599,

ejtd gF-4,

nfhF ef rhiy,


nkKiwplhs mtuJ iz v.
063-007-3951 cs ds gGJfhuzkhf mtlUJ mfkhf tNfgl flzij tU fhyfSfhd Ú fJ juntL vW KiwpL brJsh.

7.10.2015 8.10.2015
71 32 of 2015

Uk. S. rhyh,

f/bg V.S. rjhd, Msc., M.Phil.,

btisaU bjU,


ehfgoz khtl.

nkKiwplhs ebr rnt v.y v.41/1a mtUF  bjahk tHfgl trha izig Jof ntL vW nfh͟sh.

25.9.2015 28.9.2015
70 67 of 2015

U. S. KJrh,

32, R.K.K. ef,

nfhzh ghisa mr,

nfha - 641 033


 nkKiwplhs mtuJ K mDk拿 mtuJ J bfhLbrygLs rŰ taiu mf bfhsntL vW, mjF clhd KG bry bjhifiaͫ mtuJ mzh U. fahzRjunk VW bfhsntL vW Ԯ tHf ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.

25.9.2015 28.9.2015
69 51 of 2015

Thiru. K. Ganesh, Ex. Army,

No.3/134, K.K. Street,

Visalakshi Nagar,


Tambaram, Chennai 600 073.

The Appellant prayed to refund the excess amount of Rs.7993/- collected from him in SC No.317-003-32.

19.9.2015 21.9.2015
68 43 of 2015

Thiru. C. Albert Victor Raj,

No.46, VIP Nagar (Extension),

Kondur Post,

Cuddalore 607 006.


The Appellant informed that he has filed a petition before the CGRF of Cuddalore EDC on 23.1.2015 and proceedings were held on 20.2.2015, 26.2.2015, 6.3.2015 and 10.3.2015 but the order has not been pronounced.  Hence, the Appellant prayed to cause an inquiry and order pronouncement of award.

16.9.2015 18.9.2015
67 18 of 2015

M/s G.J.Spinners,

LTCT SC No.353-009-762,

SF No.82/1, Sendrayanpalayam,

D.G. Pudur,


The Appellant prayed to quash the order of Honble CGRF in CC No.12 of 2014 on 7.11.2014 and consequently  direct the Respondent to quash the demand for a sum of Rs.24,34,047/- (Rupees Twenty four lakhs thirty four thousand and forty seven only)  issued by the Respondent namely TANGEDCO vide its demand notice LrNo.218/14 dt.15.9.2014 under the head of short levy charges due to defective meter covering the periods from August 2012 to August 2014 and pass such further or other orders as the Honble Forum may deem fit and proper.

14.9.2015 16.9.2015
66 37 of 2015

U. . Jiuf,

j/bg m. uz,


kJiu- 8

nkKiwplhs Jo bragLs mtuJ trha iz v.121ϋ Yitbjhif %.16412/-I brYj jauhf csjhfΫ vdnt, ۩L mj izig mtUF tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

9.9.2015 10.9.2015
65 10 of 2015

U. P.N.R. b#auhk,

136/1, uhkyR iu,



nkKiwplhsUF brhjkhd m Miy tahf mLjt ţo izÉF brY rŰ tafis khwntL vW, mt yš elgLs fgijͫmfw ntL vW nfh͟sh.

7.9.2015 8.9.2015
64 42 of 2015



Research Institute,

(Council of Science  &

Industrial Research),

Karaikudi 630 006.

The  Appellant prayed  to issue appropriate ruling to TANGEDCO, Karaikudi to refund the amount of Rs.4,46,866/- paid by them towards current consumption arrears in respect of service connection no.213& 214.

31.8.2015 1.9.2015
63 34 of 2015

U. K.KUf,

j/bg. v.. fz fΩl,

Gu - khtl.

nkKiwplhs m mfu uhk, rnt v.117/7 rhjhuz KDik jah iy g brUj trha zgg v.384F gyhf mtUF brhjkhd rnt v.82/6 cs zF izig  tHf ntL vW  nfh͟shf.

26.8.2015 27.8.2015
62 40 of 2015

M/s Tharangini Sea Foods

(Old No.4/216) 4/210,

MGR Road,


Chennai 600 041


The Appellant prayed to pass necessary  order directing the authorities  concerned to refund the deposit amount with penal interest for delay caused immediately  without any further delay as per Tamil Nadu Electricity Distribution Code.

24.8.2015 24.8.2015
61 38 of 2015

Uk lhl nkhfdh ghYrh,

f/bg lhl ghYrh,


gth tl,

<nuhL tl.

<nuhL Efnth FiwԮF kw 27-3-2015- nj wäj cjuit uJ brJ, nkKiwpil mDk¤J cju wáf ntQkh uh¡wh.

21.8.2015 24.8.2015
60 44 of 2015

U. I. brt,

j/bg IaJiu,

btshs ghisa,

fhntgo mr,

nj t, rf tl,

nry khtl - 637 104.

nkKiwplhs nry khtl rf tl nfhndgo uhk trha iz v.1111 Kiwnflhf rnt v.209/10Ϛ bgwgLsJ vW,  Mdh, mj izig vj rl mogil  itJ bfhs cju lgLsJ vW bjJ bfhs ntL vdW nfh͟sh.

20.8.2015 21.8.2015
59 25 of 2015

M/s.Sabari Alloys & Metals India Pvt Ltd,

A-3, Sipcot Industrial Complex,

Gummidipoondi 601 201

To direct the concerned authorities to regulate the excess charges for excess consumption during peak hours and to refund the IDP amount already collected on the refundable amount and to pay interest for the delayed settlement as per TANGEDCO rules treating the amount as advance CC charges and also refund the Electricity tax excessively collected on the refundable amount.

10.8.2015 11.8.2015
58 35 of 2015

M/s.Hindustan Steel and Alloys

67, Avarampalayam Road,

 K.R. Puram,

Coimbatore 641006.

The  Appellant prayed  to issue necessary direction to the Superintending Engineer to effect the new service connection at the earliest.

7.8.2015 10.8.2015
57 23 of 2015

Uk. D. Phdn#h (Ma giw),

f/bg. jf FL,


<nuhL khtl

 nkKiwplhsuJ yš L fLtjh rnt v.483/9 cs xaiumwgLj ntL vW nfhif LJsh.

6.8.2015 10.8.2015
56 45 of 2015

U. eh. Kjhnfhdh,

j/bg ehj nfhdh,

Ggu khtl

nkKiwplhs mtUila iz v.554-001-150Ϛ 9/2013 Kj 3/2014 tiuyhd fhyfSfhd bkhj flz %.1483/- vW tNfgLsJ. mt gS 0.180 th vW kW  gaghL 16 Lf vgjhY  nkfl bjhif mf.   vdnt, mfkhf tNfgl bjhifia v®tU khjflzš  fJ cju tHfntL vW nfh͟sh.(Withdrawn)

31.7.2015 3.8.2015
55 31 of 2015

U. mu. VGkiy,  

j/bg m. ufrh,

kiwkiy ef,

fhu khtl.


U. Ӥjhuhk mtfSF rnt v.258/12B-Ϛ  bfhLfgl iz v. 572-008-929 jtwhd Mtzf bgwgL tHfgLsJ vgjh mj izË J jf eltoif vLf ntL vdW nfh͟sh.

29.7.2015 30.7.2015
54 50 of 2015

U. R. b#fehj,

j/bg uhkrh fΩl,

U khtl      

nkKiwplhs ds gGjilj fhy‰F ¡fgl flz bjhifahd %.49,295/- I uJ bra ntL vW nfh͟sh. (Withdrawn)

27.7.2015 28.7.2015
53 28 of 2015

U. R. ghyuhk_,

g.v. 14, J v.31, btFßis bjU,

vG, brid 600 08.


 kDjhu izig clause 27 (4) Tamil Nadu Distribution Code gonah myJ jtW elF vW v®ghuhk, vGjhj ngg ifbaG£l mtuJ jtiw as a special case Mf kJ ۩L iz tHf cju tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

21.7.2015 22.7.2015
52 16 of 2015

M/s Orion Ventures,

Near Basin Bridge Road,

BBQ Depot,

Chennai-600 079.


The Appellant prayed that they are to be billed under Industrial Tariff III B and the demand notice issued for the audit shortfall amount of Rs.3,21,312/- shall be set aside.

20.7.2015 21.7.2015

R. P. No.

1 of 2015

U.  uhk brtuha,

v 10/34, G14, uhk bjU,

uhkru ngil,



U. uhk brtuha mtf FiwԮghs mtf jDila Ԯid ۩L gyid brJ, jf khW Ԯid tHf ntLbkW nfh͟sh. nkY, iz v 116 I nf tHfhk Jo brjJ jtW vW mfΫ, tHF ela bry bjhif kW kW izÉF el <L Kjatiw  tHfΫ Mizl nfh͟sh.

8.7.2015 16.7.2015
50 15 of 2015

U. . yRkz,

j/bg u,




nkKiwplhs mt kDit fUizl gyid brJ mtiuͫ rhJ mtuJ y‰F iz tHf  ntLnw vW nfh͟sh.

6.7.2015 7.7.2015
49 26 of 2015

Thiru E.Ramesh,

No.4, Self help Industrial Estate,


Chennai- 600 117


The Appellant prayed that the Electricity Ombudsman may consider the facts and circumstances and the documents furnished hereunder and pass order, directing the DCIAO to withdraw the audit shortfall amount and thus render justice.

2.7.2015 6.7.2015
48 29 of 2015

U. nf. uhrg,

15/64, fΩlghisa,

btshs bjU,

ntY - 638 182.


nkKiwplhs izYs ds MRT Seal njj milJsjF kL flz tN brtjF  jf Ԯid tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

30.6.2015 1.7.2015
47 33 of 2015

Thiru. T. Rengarajan,

21, SBI Staff Colony-II,

Madurai 625 010.


The Appellant prayed to refund the deposit amount collected for the three phase meter stating that the said meter was surrendered  to TNEB and he has deposited Rs.5570/- for the net meter.(Withdrawn)

16.6.2015 17.6.2015
46 30 of 2015

U.  S. nkhr Rj, fahFk khtl

 nkKiwplhs U zgf J ca eltoif vLf jta Fiwghofhf mtUF tHfgl ntoa HգL bjhifid tHl Miz tHf ntL  vW nto͟sh

15.6.2015 16.6.2015
45 4 of 2015

Tmt. P. Priyanka,

W/o Pannerselvam,Kundrathur, Chennai 600 069.


The name transfer effected in SC No.305-007-428, 305-007-326, 305-007-184 and 305-007-183 in favour of  Arunmozhi and Divya shall be cancelled   and action may be taken on the AEE/Kundrathur for his wrong report.

15.6.2015 16.6.2015
44 21 of 2015

Thiru. P. Thiyagamurthi,

Murugankudi Post,

Titagudi Pincode 606 106

The Appellant prayed to review the order of the CGRF and settle the issue of changing the tariff from VI to I a from June 2014.

8.6.2015 9.6.2015
43 13 of 2015

Tmt.Chitra Srinivasagopalan,

West Mambalam,

Chennai 600 033.

The Appellant prayed either to shift the transformer erected near her house or to replace the same with the closed box typed transformer.

5.6.2015 8.6.2015
42 27 of 2015

M/s Madras Cancer Care Foundation,

214, P.H.  Road,


Chennai 600 010.

The Appellant prayed  to  provide a separate service connection in the name of  Madras Cancer Care Foundation for 110 KW  as per TNERC Distribution Code  clause 27(14).

5.6.2015 5.6.2015
41 80 of 2014

M/s.Magus Customer Dialog Pvt.Ltd.,



The Appellant prayed to set aside the orders passed by the CGRF of Chennai EDC/Central and  consequently order refund of the amount Rs.9,40,574/-

27.5.2015 28.5.2015
40 24 of 2015

U. c.gukt,  

60-, Hitaehju,




kJiu Tl ef, shFo kW rѤ ef, Efnthf jf Fiwfis bjfΫ, gfhu njlΫ, f bjhiyYs bra bghahs rkae mYtyf‰F bry ntoaJ Ugjh rѤ ef cgiya siy bghahsUF tiuaWfgl mfhuij gJ mf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

25.5.2015 26.5.2015
39 20 of 2015

1)  Uk  V. kR,           

2) Uk . nfhyh,      

3) Uk  M fz,  

4) Uk  o. mjt,

5) U b#. snfh,       

6) Uk  v. ruR,     unt iy bjF bjU,bghdkh ngil, nry - 636 001.


jnghija jehL rhu xGFKiw Miza Kiwfgo a iz nfhU zgJl tha got VI uo CCD tUthJiw tHa FoU rhW, FLg nur fhL, thfhs milahs mil Ma Mtzfis bgW bfhL mtfSF iz  tH cjkhW nfL bfhLsh.

19.5.2015 20.5.2015
38 22 of 2015

M/s Pandian Chemicals Ltd.,Chokkikulam, Madurai 625 002.

The Appellant prayed to direct the Respondent to pay their bill amount of Rs.5,35,363/- with interest at 12% per annum amounting to Rs.97,333/- for non receipt of payment after 30 days from the date of  their bill for sale of unadjusted banked units of 1,84,608 generated through their WHT SC No.2247 at Rs.2.90 per unit to TANGEDCO.

12.5.2015 13.5.2015
37 11 of 2015

U.  K.G kdh, fhgho tl,      nt khtl 632 516

mfhuij jtwhf gagL mtl %.9170/- DCW vW tN brj cj brabghahs kW  Uty siy bghahs MnahlUJ %.13 yr eZl<L %.2 yr kd cisrYF Mf %.15 yr eZl<L tHFkhW nfL bfhLsh.

8.5.2015 8.5.2015
36 17 of 2015

Thiru John Joseph,    Anna Nagar,        Chennai-600102

The Appellant prayed to review the proofs provided and revert charges for 10/2014 of Rs.5779/- that have been paid.  They have already paid the charges for burnt meter Rs.2000/-.

7.5.2015 8.5.2015
35 8 of 2015

Secretary,            Ponvizha Nagar Kudierupor Munnetra Nala Sangam,4/1, Ponvizha Nagar,Back Side Metro Higher Secondary School,  Mettupalayam-641 301.

The Appellant prayed to issue favourable orders to grant compensation promised in the Rights of the Electricity Consumers issued by Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission.

6.5.2015 7.5.2015
34 2 of 2015

U. e. ntfhd, iz brayhs, Efnth ghJfh rf,bghnj, fhlhFs - mr 603 203

jehL cg kW gkhd fHf‹ tHf cs nrit FiwghLfSF xGFKiw Miza f ќ jf eZl <L nkY  tHf nrit cW fojK bgW juntL vW nfh͟sh.

30.4.2015 4.5.2015
33 1 of 2015

U. e. ntfhd, iz brayhs, Efnth ghJfh rf,bghnj, fhlhFs - mr 603 203


nkKiwplhs EfnthfSF tHf cs nrit FiwghL rgjkhf jehL cg kW gkhd fHflUJ nrit cW foj bgW juntL vW nfh͟sh.

30.4.2015 4.5.2015
32 76 of 2014

U.  rhF AJ,Uk. Ajh, tsruthf,     brid 87


nkKiwplhsf jfSila bjhrhiyF  iz ill jFj Miz tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

28.4.2015 29.4.2015
31 89 of 2014

Thiru. G. Karunakaran & Others, Gobichettipalayam, Erode Dist

 The Appellant prayed to call for the  records of the grievance Redressal forum and set aside the judgment of the forum  passed in case no. 8 of 2014, GOBI Distribution Circle and allow the appeal.(Withdrawn)

24.4.2015 24.4.2015
30 6 of 2015

Thiru D.Tamizhmani,Anna Nagar West,Chennai-600040.

The Appellant prayed to refund the excess security deposit available in his service connection No.09-270-013-534 and suitable measures to improve the performance of the collection staff and educate them to behave politely with the Consumers.

23.4.2015 24.4.2015
29 12 of 2015

U.C. Ruka, j/bg. jgu, tjth,tfif.

nkKiwplhsf RSFS %.25000/- £l‹ ќ g brUj mtUila trha zg‰F y v 221/2BIC cs zF iz tHf ntL  vW nfh͟sh.

20.4.2015 21.4.2015
28 5 of 2015

U.  C.R.M #aehj, euk ehaf ghisa,      nfha - 641 031

nkKiwplhs mtUila   iz v.134-002-397 12.4.2014  jil ڡFtš cs jhkjjh mtUF Vgl ukf kdciHr g mYtyf  Kj khtl ca mik tiu KiwpL mtUF aha ilfiy vW bjJ aha tHf ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.

10.4.2015 10.4.2015
27 88 of 2014

Uk. nf. ngakh, bjFgo, nk, kJiu khtl


nkKiwplhs mtUila bgaUj trha iz v.640 Uj lij muR ehF trhiyfhf ifafgL͟sjh nkfl izig mtl jKs yš mikfgLs MFHh zF  tHFkhW nfL bfhLsh.

31.3.2015 31.3.2015
26 85 of 2014

U. A. Ruka, j/bg. mUzhry,    8/173, bjhlKJfiu, bfltho (mr)jhstho r 638 461. <nuhL khtl.


nkKiwplhs mt rnt v 78/4 cs wj bt zF trha iz nto g brJs zg g v 180/STY/98-99 F jDila jah iyia g brJs giHa KDikgo jdF trha izig tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

27.3.2015 27.3.2015
25 86 of 2014

Thiru. G. Oppilamani, Kavundampalayam, Coimbatore

 The appellant requested overhead lines have been shifted from the end  of the road margin of  the middle of the street.  While entertaining the request of individual, the objection raised by the large public has been neglected and they have been left to lead a unsafe  and hazardous life.  The safety of public has not been considered.  A detailed  enquiry by the  vigilance wing of the E.B may be ordered.   The overhead line diverted to the middle of the street may ordered to be placed in their original  position by placing the post on the  Eastern bund of the drainage in the Municipal land as is done by the same official at the entrance of the street at the cost of E.B.

27.3.2015 27.3.2015
24 3 of 2015

Thiru. S. Srinivasan,          Sri Srinivasa Medicals,  9/187, Main Road, Palacode


The appellant prayed the short levy of Rs.98,467/- levied by the Assistant Engineer/O&M/Palacode based on  assumption may be set aside and his service may be reconnected.

19.3.2015 19.3.2015
23 79 of 2014

Thiru N.S. Venkatesan, I.R.S.S.E (Rtd),Mahalakshmi Nagar, Adambakkam,        Chennai 600 088.

The flurry of LT power failure in the above area and neighbourhood particularly during the night hours were nightmarish during the  month of  June, July and August. There were  repeated load shedding contravening Govt. notification and Honble Ombudsman has ordered 33 KV feed to Thillai Ganga Nagar SS from Pallvaram to over come the difficulties with feed from Guindy.  This is not being  adhered to overcome the tail end difficulty  as per the Ombudsman orders, this area was provided with a separate feeder without DTs enroute upto Andal Nagar from Thillai Ganga Nagar SS.  This has been withdrawn.  DTs at low height endangering public safety and furnishing of meter caution  deposit details in the payment bill receipts no action was taken.

16.3.2015 16.3.2015
22 83 of 2014

Uk. v .n#h, Ukfy,             kJiu khtl

nkKiwplhs iz v.583, 589, 630 kW 688 MaitfSF Vfdnt cs fgUJ  rhu tHFtjF gš uL fgfSF il   rhu tha‹ bry xU fg eL mtUila nkfl izfis mj fgš  izf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

13.3.2015 13.3.2015
21 73 of 2014

Thiru. R.N. Varadhan,Pattabiram, Chennai 600 072.

The Appellant prayed that an agricultural service connection existing at Anaikkattuchery area  fed by Sekkadu section of Chennai EDC/West may be transferred to Parivakkam section of Chennai EDC/South.

11.3.2015 12.3.2015
20 19 of 2015

U. eh. uk, .t.g., Jiz tdghJfhty(X),         mzhkiy ef, jgu- 608 002.

nkKiwplhs, jgu tl, njhl uhk rnt v.32/6 cs jahiyia g brJs trha gbroF 2014-15 ahoF izig tHf ntL vW KiwpL brJsh.(Withdrawn)

9.3.2015 9.3.2015
19 75 of 2014

Thiru. R. Thamizhagaran, Royapuram,            Chennai 600 013.

The Appellant prayed for refund of the security deposit available in SC No.001-062-22 which is standing in the name of his deceased father THiru. P.R. Chandran alias M. Ramachandran.

6.3.2015 6.3.2015
18 82 of 2014

Uk. thR mkh,  U. . eluh#, br tl, Gu khtl - 605 651


nkKiwplhs ehf uhk viy y v.110/1 cs zF trha  iz bgWtjF g brJs  zg g v.28 RTI eh 5.10.1987F mtUila  jahiyia g brtjF bfhLj mÉF y v. khwJl fhy ڣo tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.

27.2.2015 27.2.2015
17 81 of 2014

U. . eluh#,j/bg tont fΩl, br tl,  Gu khtl - 605 651

nkKiwplhs mtf mtUila trha iz nfL g brJs  zg g v.30 RTI  eh 5.10.1987F mtUila  jahiyia g bra fhy ڣo tH trha izig mt zgYs  y v.105/2 ehf uhk viyF gyhf mtUF  brhjkhd y v.111/2Ϛ  cs zF tHf ntL  vW nfh͟sh

27.2.2015 27.2.2015
16 9 of 2015

U. M. bt맻, fhukil 641 104,    nfhit khtl.

nkKiwplhs jdF ghagl y‰F  2007M ML g bragL mJ bjhlghd tha fojij jtlijmLJ Ra £l %.25000/-ќ  2011 M ML g brJ Jehtiu iz tHfhjJ bjhlghf

26.2.2015 26.2.2015
15 101 of 2013

M/s. Chemplast Sanmar Limited                         No. 9,   Cathedral Road, Chennai 86.

The Appellant prayed to set aside the impugned order of demand of Rs.16,30,678/- as excess demand charges made  by the first respondent and also direct the first respondent to refund a sum of Rs.5,43,559/- paid under protest to the first respondent and pass any other relief which are deem fit and necessary in the nature of circumstances.





14 96 of 2013

M/s. Chemplast Sanmar Limited,                         No. 9,   Cathedral Road, Chennai 86.


The Appellant prayed to set aside the impugned order of demand of Rs.2,19,732/-as excess demand charges  made by the first Respondent and also direct the first Respondent to refund the sum of Rs.73,244/- paid under protest to the first respondent and pass any other relief as deem fit and necessary in the nature and circumstances of the case.

20.2.2015 23.2.2015
13 14 of 2015

Uk. C. rut,  f/bg dj, <nuhL 4


nkKiwplhs mtUila kDit VW ţL cgnahf‰fhf gagL tj izÚ mf bjhif %.4820/- brYj ntL vW flhagL tUtij uJ brJ nkKiwpL kDit mDk¡f ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.(Withdrawn)

19.2.2015 20.2.2015
12 84 of 2014

Mrs. Sivakami Ramanathan, Mylapore, Chennai 4


Appellant prayed for refund of a sum of Rs.2525/- collected as short fall for the assessment period from 6/2011 to 2/2012 in respect of service connection no.148-012-55.(Withdrawn)

18.2.2015 18.2.2015
11 87 of 2014

U. nf. bršFkh, jhgu nkF,   brid - 45


nkKiwplhs mtuJ ţoF TLj xUKid iz nto mjFa  flz %.2000/- 12.9.2014 brY uJ bgWsjhfΫ Mdh ca fhy‰F iz tHfiy vgjh mtUF  HL  tHf ntL vW  KiwpL  brJsh.(Withdrawn)

18.2.2015 18.2.2015
10 78 of 2014

U. uhk brtuha, uhkru ngil,Ujhry


nkKiwplhs JoYs iz v.091-007-116 ۩L tHf ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.  nkY,  Fwthf J jf xGF eltoif  vLf ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.

11.2.2015 12.2.2015
9 72 of 2014

U. nf.. gH, #yilahngil, brid 100


nkyKiwplhsl flhakhf tNf gl TLj bjhif %.25,952/-I 18% tol  Ug juntL kW fh bjfgltflUJ vGJ tkhd jtid x bfhljfhd foj kW mtUF Vgl kd cisrYF ca thuzbjhif. (Withdrawn)

4.2.2015 4.2.2015
8 71 of 2014

Ms Sri Rengaswamy Educational Trust, Namakkal Dist

The Appellant prayed to  set aside the order dt.26.8.2014 of  CGRF of Mettur EDC and direct the AE/Pallakapalayam to withdraw the demand notice issued for a short fall amount of Rs.9,49,627/- for the meter defective period from 30.11.2011 to 13.3.2014.

30.1.2015 3.2.2015
7 51 of 2014 &             66 of 2014

Uk. uh. bgakh,

f/bg uh#&   &

U. bg uh#&,

j/bg bgarh,

jlh ghisa mr, <nuhL khtl.  

nkKiwplhsUF <nuhL tl, bfhjs uhk, .r. v.545/3< cs  iz v. 045-002-157I mjFa .r.v 548/8 zF khw brJ KiwplhsUF mt nfhago 545/3<- cs zF  iz tHf cju bra ntL vW  uh¤Jsh  kW   iz v.045-002-157I .r v. 545/3< fhiy zUJ .r. 548/8 fhiy cs nkKiwplhs zF kh juntLkh uh¤Jsh.

28.1.2015 29.1.2015
6 74 of 2014

M/s CPC Pvt Ltd., Pudukottai    


The Appellant prayed to allow the appeal and direct the  Respondent to refund of a sum of Rs.10,18,890/-  collected  by the respondent  under the head as  short levy charges covering the period from May 2011 to October 2011 along with interest at 12% on the said sum.

27.1.2015 28.1.2015
5 58 of 2014

Uk. nr. nukh nrf, Fw ,        brid 67.


kw‹ jil cju cs lš Uk. Fzrz vgt bga tHfgl iz v.305-010-689I Jo bra ntL vW nfh͟sh.

19.1.2015 20.1.2015
4 69 of 2014

U.M. jhnkhju, jhgu,                brid 600 045.


izf  cju  Kiwnflhf nghahf ifbahgl mfh J ca rhuiz nkbfhL cju nkbfhsΫ,  Efnth  ey ghJfhf w cjuΫ gfu nkik bghUa rhu FiwԮghsl gJ ntlgLwJ.

9.1.2015 12.1.2015
3 77 of 2014

U. v.M. ghuh{, jiyt, jhugu bgha f, Ubent


jhugu bgha fF fiyau mwflis bga tHfgLs  iz v.007-013-230Ϛ bto auf gagLajh 4/2011 Kj 11/2013 tiuyhd fhyfSF rrh{ %.84,444/- kW nkghL flzf (development charges) tNjYs Yit bjhif  %.16,400/- Mf bkhj %.100844/- vW ¡fgLs jifbjhifia xLbkhjkhf jSgo brantL vW  KiwpL brJsh. (withdrawn)

9.1.2015 9.1.2015
2 37 of 2014

Thiru. K. Kathervelu, B.E., Vellore District

i)     To pass orders for refund of both the amounts of Rs.47,300/- and 32,200/- and to pass orders for restoring the conveniences and facilities which were available to the Complainant as was existing before the execution of DCW and also pass an order for the compensation to the Complainant atleast to an amount of Rs.5.00 lakhs from Mr. Sathish, the Assistant Engineer, Erumbi EB Section for his adamancy, to comply with the request of the Complainant already made in direct and through the CGRF, KEDC, Kancheepuram.

7.1.2015 8.1.2015


70 of 2014

M. Shanmuganathan, Anupuram

The appellant prayed to conduct fresh adjudication and find out the truth because he has prayed to the forum not only for conversion  of Tariff IA, and he also prayed to issue orders to pay the compensation for postal expenditure  and printing , more kindly order to compensate TA for appearing before CGRF Madurai.

2.1.2015 2.1.2015






Year 2014


Sr. No Petition No. Appeal By Details of Case

(Click on the Detail to view the order)

Order Date  Uploaded


91 67 of 2014

U.br. fhaz, ehkf

nkKiwplhs jDila trha iz vf 11, 394 kW 395Ϛ 2004M ML brYj ntoa flz‹ mr bjhif KGtijͫ xnu jtiz brYJtjF to bjhifid KGtJ jSgo brJ cju tHf ntL vW nflL bfhLsh.

26.12.2014 26.12.2014
90 68 of 2014

U. T. gH,       brid -40.


brid gkhd tl/nkF Efnth FiwԮF kw Ԯgo  brYjntoa  bjhifahd %.1,00,564/- Efnth FiwԮF kw kW FiwԮ ghsUfhd ¤bjhFË 8ϋgo brYjntoa  25 rjj bjhifia nkKiwplhs brYj Koaiy vW bjJ jDila nkKiwpL kDit Ug bgW bfhnw vW bjJsjh nkKiwpL kD v. 68 /2014 jSgo bragLwJ.

26.12.2014 26.12.2014
89 47of 2014

Tmt. M. Madavi, Namakkal

The Appellant prayed to direct the TANGEDCO to approve the agricultural service connection shifting proposal based on the sale deed without insisting the secondary computer patta document.

19.12.2014 19.12.2014
88 65 of 2014

M/s Sandfits Foundries (P) Ltd.

The Appellant prayed to allow the appeal and quash the  two demand notices of  directing the Appellant to pay a  total  sum of Rs.13,82,800/- (Rupees thirteen lakhs eighty two thousand and eight hundred only)  under the head as short levy charges.

12.12.2014 15.12.2014
87 57 of 2014

M/s Sandfits Foundries (P) Ltd Coimbatore

The Appellant prayed to quash the notice of the Respondent directing the Appellant to pay a sum of Rs.12,58,364/-

12.12.2014 15.12.2014
86 56 of 2014 M/s Sounder Textiles, Coimbatore 641402.

The Appellant prayed to set aside the order of the CGRF dt.4-7-2014 and refund or adjust the sum of Rs.1,62,522/- to the consumer account of the Appellant.

4.12.2014 9.12.2014
85 59 of 2014

U. L. Dthr, br tl, Gu

nkKiwplhs jdJ  9.7.1986 rkäj uL trha iz nfhU zgf xU zg‰F iz bgW ljhfΫ Mdh rnt v 137/6 Ϛ cs zF trha iz nfh rkäj kWbkhU zg‰F iz juiy vW mj zF iz juntL vW nfh͟sh.

2.12.2014 864.12.2014


63 of 2014


U.bgh. nfhj, rfuhu tl, Gu - 606 208.


nkKiwplhs mtUila trha g brLF iz tHf fsF, jehL rhu tha , brabghahs afK kW guhk mtfSF cju  wáFkhW nto͟sh.

1-12-2014 1-12-2014


48 of 2014


M/s Mahalingam and Company, Erode 638 012


The Appellant prayed to pass an order to set aside the order dt.13.6.2014 passed by the CGRF of Erode Electricity Distribution Circle and direct  the  Assistant Engineer/O&M/Thindal to withdraw the demand  notice

28-11-2014 28-11-2014


53 of 2014


Thiru. P. Balakrishnan, Coimbatore 641 402.




Request to order the licensee to revise the load sanction to the level of recorded demand without any precondition, which may  or may not arise while executing improvement works and to advise the licensee to assess and collect the excess demand charges for the excess demand recorded beyond the revised sanctioned demand as envisaged in the supply code and also to refund the excess demand charges levied with interest as per regulations 12(2) of Supply code.

27-11-2014 28-11-2014


64 of 2014


Thiru. E.M. Ranganathan, Ariyalur Taluk.



The appellant prayed to issue orders  with cut off date to effect  the service and penalise  the Executive Engineer/O&M, Ariyalur for causing unnecessary delay and hardship to him.

26-11-2014 26-11-2014


62 of 2014

Thiru. J. Sridhar, Velacherry, Chennai 42.


The CGRF of CEDC/South order dt.9.7.2014 may be set aside and he may be permitted to make cheque payment without payment of Rs.500/- for restoration and the excess amount collected in 7/2010 may be refunded.

24-11-2014 25-11-2014


61 of 2014

M. Rajamani, Harur, Dharmapuri

Pay back the fine amount of Rs.9000/- and    requested to take necessary action on the concerned  official so that this will not be repeated  and no more consumer like him becomes a victim for harassment  and traumatic stress and also to pay a sum of Rs. 5 lakhs for the loss incurred in agricultural and for the traumatic stress caused  to him and his family members.

20-11-2014 24-11-2014



54 of 2014

Thiru Arumuga Gounder, Namakkal District

To provide order to give supply of electricity to another open square well dug in western direction for which supply of electricity was applied under normal priority and requested to order to pay compensation amount of Rs.50,000/- from the erroneous officials and to recommend action on erroneous officials.

14-11-2014 17-11-2014

50 of 2014

Thiru. M. Ramakrishna, 440/1,Ekambaram Industrial Estate, Chennai 116. 

The Appellant prayed for  re-evaluation of the Audit Short fall  amount of Rs.4,87,000/- levied. 12-11-2014 12-11-2014

30 of 2014


M/s. Diamond Engineering (P) Ltd. Chennai 119


The meter was defective from June 2011 to 12-6-2012.  Accordingly, billing revision was made for the period from 30-5-2011 to 12-6-2012 and a short fall amount of Rs.3,65,768/- was levied vide AE/Sholinganallur notice dt. 8-4-2013. 6-11-2014 7-11-2014

55 of 2014


U.b#aFkh, Beekay Plastics, nk^


gGjhd ۣl g bragLs ms kW  ۣl gGjhd fhy‰fhd ruhr vW  fzL bragL  khaikf gl flz %.90,023/-  Mnrgid bjhlghf 31-10-2014 5-11-2014

43 of 2014


Tvl.  A. Mahabu & A. Jinnah, Partners, Sara Tex Unit II, Tiruppur

The Appellant prayed to issue necessary order for complete withdrawal of the penalisation in the name of short levy and any other orders as deemed fit. 27-10-2014 5-11-2014


60 of 2014

U. K. brtuh{, mahfΩlgo, nry

mah fΩlgo uhk rnt v 9/1B cs TL zF nghahd Mtzfgo bgwgl trha izig Jo bra ntL vW KiwpL brjJ bjhlghf                                                         (Withdrawn)

23-10-2014 5-11-2014


41 of 2014

G. Chandrasekar, Chennai

The Appellant prayed for shifting the newly erected post No. 1247 to the original position (or) reposition it in a suitable place in northwards direction.

21-10-2014  5-11-2014


52 of 2014

Thiru J.Sam David, Chennai-600023 Instruct the respondent to provide a new domestic supply for his new house which was constructed by him after the settlement deed.





U.bt. ehuhaz,

<nuhL 638 003.

nghahd zgij VW Kiwnflhf uju Jo brj izig mtUF ۩L tHf ntLbkd ntobfhLsh.




36 / 2014

U. K. uhkru,


brhJ Fj  tHF kwš YitYsnghJ tHF  brhš Fkh, j/bg fa vgtUF Kiwnflhf bfhLfgl  iz v.1188/brF gkhd vw  izig uJ brkhW




38 of 2014

U. v. ufehj,


nkKiwplhs jDila jij 1996-97 ML iz v.  522 F TLj gS nfL zäJ Ujh




49 of 2014

Thiru S.R. Nandhakumar, Ranipet The Appellant prayed that the compensation of Rs.1000/- ordered by the CGRF is not acceptable to him




31 of 2014

M/s.Sathyapriya, Coimbatore The Appellant prayed for the service connection has to be reconnected without any penalty etc.,




17 of 2014

M/s. Mahendra Submersible Pumps Ltd.,Coimbatore The Appellant prayed that Honble Ombudsman may be pleased to allow the appeal and quash the notice of the respondent




46 of 2014

Dr. P.S. Panneerselvam, Salem The Appellant prayed that the order passed in CGRF of Salem EGRF has to be set aside




44 of 2014

Thiru.N. Sriram, Coimbatore The appellant prayed that their doubt on the collection of CC charges for their service obtained for construction of house may be examined and refund the excess amount collected if any





U. ehuazrh uhkhDrjhr

Gu khtl

nkKiwplhs zg v. 521/14.12.2004 nfh͟sgo rnt v 310/9 brtyYs zF gz brY (SFS scheme) rŰ tHf cju tHf ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.





Uk. gkhtakh

mkhFs uhk

nkKiwplhs jdF brhjkhd y v 97/8 U. VGkiy vgt bga tHfgLs trha iz v 124 I Jof ntL vW nfh͟sh.




21  of   2014

Thiru Athimoolam, Thethoor


The Appellant prayed to call for the records relating to the order in Petition No. 008/2013 2014





U. K. gHntY,


nkKiwplhs tF l Utzhkiy njtjhd‰Fs brhjkhdJ vW mš mtfSF iz tHfntL vW KiwpLsh.





24 of 2014

M/s. CSIR Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi


The Appellant prayed to issue appropriate ruling to TANGEDCO to regulate the charges for the Electricity supplied to CSIR




39 / 2014

Uk. dh,

jrh khtl.

nkKiwplhs iz tHf ntL vW KiwLsh.




34 / 2014

U. . k

fh bro

iz v. 535-007-2797- jtWjyhf fzL brJ mfgoahf brYjgl bjhifia Uju ntL vW KiwpL brJsh.

11-08-2014 13-08-2014

28 of 2014

U.D fa bgUkh,

jrh khtl

nkKiwplhs,mtUF 8.11.2010 kD go iz tHFgo nfL bfhLsh.




33 of 2014

U. M. Aե KfkJ


iz v 351 ehsJtiu cs Yit bjhifia brYjΫ, kW iz mf cjuΫ bra ntL.




35 of 2014

U. M. uhn#u,

nkKiwplhs mtl KiwnflhfΫ, fSF wghfΫ  tNfgl bjhifahd %.4,793/- kW %.23,325/Mf bkhjbjhifahd %.28118/-Iͫ mguhj tol U tHf nto͟sh.





 18 of 2014

$ fhnfah blil


nkKiwplhs, jDila iz v. 485, nl III A(2) muahgo gkhd‰F ruhr fzL bragl flz bjhifid jSgo brJ Miza Ԯ tHf ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.




20 of 2014

M/s. Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Chennai The Appellant prayed to set aside the impugned order dt. 19-9-2013




26 of 2014

M/s.Harihar Alloys Private Ltd., Trichy The Appellant prayed to direct the Respondents to refund a sum of Rs.2,14,060/-




32 of  2014

Thiru. Ajai Thambi, Bangalore Petition dt.10.3.2014 filed before the  CGRF of  Krishnagiri EDC was not disposed even after a lapse of 60 days from the date of filing the petition





U. . kj


iz JofglJ vw jft Jo bragl Ë bjfgliy vW bjJ sf nfLsh.




3 of 2014

Rev.Sr.Rosari, Thiruvannamalai The Appellant prayed to declare the demand as null and void for want of show cause  and limitation.




25 of 2014

Divisional Railway Manager / Electrical, Tiruchirapalli

The Appellant prayed for inclusion of HTSC No.10/Kimbergarden, Trichy for exempting from R&C measures




27 / 2014

lhl b#. mUb#ah Fnshgh,


gwF gilduh tNfgl mguhjbjhif %.67,216/-I tol Ԯ btahF njtiu tHfglntL.




22 of 2014

Thiru Marichamy, Annambaripatti

The Appellant prayed to set aside the orders of CGRF, TNEB, K. Pudur, Madurai and allow the appeal.




12 of 2014

M/s. Essen Tea Industry, Nilgiris

The Appellant prayed to set aside the order passed in P. No. 02/2013 dt.16.8.2013 by the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Udhagamandalam




6 / 2014

U.  kh. fabgUkh,

rKu uhk

nkKiwplhs mtlUJ mfkhf tNfgl org 2011 Kj  org 2012 tiu cs flz Yit bjhifahd %.4147/-I mtUF Ug ilgjF Mtd bra ntL vW





U. S. uu,


nkKiwplhs muR cjugo brYj ntoa bjhif brYj mt jahuhf csjhf bjJ Jofgl iz v KPM 295 ۩L tHf ntL vW nfh͟sh.




93 of  2013

Thiru. S.S.Cheran &Tmt. S.Chithra, Perambur

The Appellants prayed for the following  (i)  refund of the erection charges collected from them and  (ii)  refund the BPSC, and DC/RC fees collected from them.




19 of 2014

Sri Shanmuga Educational Charitable Trust, Salem

The Appellant requested for review of the order of the Mettur CGRF




14  of  2014

Stephen and Stephen,Chennai

The Appellant prayed to issue an order declaring that the application charges for new service connectio as ultravires




15 of 2014

M/s.Amaravathy Spinning Mills, Udumalpet

The Appellant prayed to set aside the orders of the respondent in his proceedings dated 4-1-2014




11 /2014

U.  M. ahrf,


jehL rhu tha, jehL rhu xGFkiw Miza, bjthd / neikahd f tFfglntL 




1 of 2014

Thiru C.R. Rajen, Chennai

To set aside the arbitrary demand of Rs.4,63,131/- of the respondents.




104 / 2013

U. E ehuhazrh, Cughf nkKiwplhsUF brhjkhd yš elgLs fgfis mfw ntL vW  nfh͟sh.





U. g. jdnrfu,


nkKiwplhs, rnt v.240/2 tjhuh SC/ST £l‹ ќ jah iyia g brJs jdF, trha iz tHfgl ntL vW nfh͟sh.




95 of 2013

Tmt. Manimegalai, Musiri

The Appellant prayed for refund of the amount of Rs.2,99,863/- paid vide TRM 292 AR351485 on 15.7.2013 with interest.




10 of 2014

M/s.Arulmozhi Spinning Mills, Sattur

The Appellant prayed to direct the respondent to make payment of cash equivalent  to the unutilised banked energy




8 of 2014

U.bt. KUf,


fhit bjhif njitF mfkhf Ugdh, mthW mfkhf cs fh itbjhif %.3000/-K mjFa 24% toͫ fhy fljikfhd HգL bjhifͫ tHf MizLkhW nfL bfhLsh.




5 of 2014

Thiru T.S. Kalyanaraman, Chennai

The Appellant prayed to instruct the TNEB to refund a sum of Rs.5020/- collected from him as excess consumption charges and additional security deposit.




7 of 2014

Thiru. V. Karthikai Rajan, Chennai

CGRF of Chennai Electricity Distribution Circle/West has expressed its inability to dispose off his petition due to non posting of members to CGRF




90 of 2013




flzbjhifia KiwgLjΫ , rhu rl tif brJsgo eZl<L tHfΫ  gfhu ntlgLwJ. 




88 of 2013

Ms. V. Selvi, Chennai

The Appellant prayed for cancelling the demand issued for payment of arrears amounting to Rs.59,557/-




98 of 2013

U. R. Frh,

bgug khtl

zF trha iz nto




4  of 2014

Thiru. C. Chinnathambi, Namakkal District

Appeal petition before the Electricity Ombudsman to set aside the order dt.17.12.2013 of  CGRF  of Namakkal EDC




100 of  2013

Dr. J. Vinil Kumar, Chennai

The Appellant prayed to direct the Respondent to terminate the illegal commercial service connection agreement




9/ 2014

U. M. FUrh,


nkKiwplhs trha iz nfhU zg g v.26/95-96F trha iz tHf ca cju tHf ntL vW KiwpL brJsh. 




85 of 2013

M/s. Venkateswara Solvent Extraction Pvt. Ltd.

To direct         the Respondent to refund the money collected illegally and in excess of the order of CGRF




87 of 2013

Thiru. D. Rajendran, Villupuram

The petitioner prayed to declare that the collection of application fee for availing new service connection other than street light




13/ 2014

U. v. Jiurh,


<nuhL gkhd tl‹ Efnth FiwԮF kw‹ 10.1.2014 ehl Mizia uJ brJ  mt brYa  %.1,88,648/-I Ug bfhLf cju lntL vW KiwpL brJsh.




2/ 2014

U.uh. ntKUf,,


jDila kDF kwš Ԯ vJΫ bjfglhjjh nkKiwplhs  jDila 8.1.2014 ehl kDit FiwԮghsl rkäJsh.




94/ 2013

U.ekfhu, br tl

nkKiwplhs jfgdh U. uhkru bga trha iz nfL g brj zg v.295 eh 11.2.85 F trha izig jdJ bga tHf ntL vW nfLbfhLsh.




84 of 2013

Thiru. A.Pandian, Virudhachalam

The appellant prayed for shifting of the LT line which was erected in front of his house.




66 of 2013

M/s Vishall Promoters Pvt Ltd., Madurai

The Appellant prayed to call for the records relating to the execution order No. CGRF/Madurai/Metro/Sy/F.Doc./D.No.129/2013,  dt.26.6.2013




97 of 2013

Thiru. S.Selvaraj, Okkilipatti

To provide agricultural supply of electricity on top priority




89 of 2013

Uk. K. Ϫuh,


zF Ra (SFS)  £l‹  ќ trha iz bgWtjF




105 of 2013

Thiru. N. Suresh & R. Malarvizhi,

Payment of interest on the excess/refundable security  deposit amount





U. f. KFj,

glhuh, brid

gJ iwj jlij khw ntL  vW nkKiwpL brJsh. 10-02-2014 11-02-2014

99  of  2013

U. V. ghoa,


nkKiwplhs mtUF brhjkhd  izig Jo  bra ntL vW nfh͟sh. 06-02-2014 07-02-2014
9 81  of  2013 M/s.Brakes India Limited, Chennai The Appellant prayed for Struck down demand notices dated 29-11-2012 and 1-12-2012 05-02-2014 06-02-2014
8 72 of 2013 Mr.John Punnoose, Chennai The Appellant prayed for refund of the security deposit of Rs.3,25,883/- available with the licensee 05-02-2014 05-02-2014
7 86 of 2013   Tmt. A.C. Beeyamma, Coimbatore The Appellant prayed to set aside the  orders of CGRF of Coimbatore EDC/South. 29-1-2014 30-1-2014

76 of 2013  & 77 of 2013

M/s CPC Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore The Appellant prayed to direct the respondents to refund the sum of Rs.6,68,217/- 29-1-2014 29-1-2014

A.P.No.106 of 2013

Thiru. V. Krishnadoss, Chennai the Appellant prayed for refund of Rs.125/- collected in  excess  from him while calculating the CC charges for June 2013.  28-1-2014 30-1-2014
4 92  of 2013 Thiru. P. Selvaraj, Pallipalayam The Appellant prayed to order refund of Rs.463/- along with  compensation for not responding  to consumer complaint 24.1.2014     28.01.2014
3 82  of 2013 Dr. L. Palaniappan, Chidambaram The payment for the recorded readings of 780.2 units be cancelled as there is no load attached by him 23.1.2014     24.01.2014
2 80 of 2013 M.S. Arockiaraj, The Appellant prayed to set aside the order of CGRF of Sivagangai Electricity Distribution Circle 13.01.2014 20.01.2014
1 83 of 2013

Thiru N.S. Venkatesan, Chennai

The low voltage in his service connection in 279-02-80 has to be improved, etc,. 08.01.2014 09.01.2014







Year 2013


Sr. No

Petition No.

Appeal By

Details of Case

(Click on the Detail to view the order)

Order Date

 Uploaded on

58 78  of 2013 Thiru C. Gurusamy, Chennai The Appellant prayed for effecting  a service connection to his house 30-12-2013 31-12-2013
57 91 of 2012 Tmt. Shakunthala Bai Jain,Chennai Prayed for  remedy for the  above excess billing. 30-12-2013 31-12-2013
56 28 of 2013 M/s.Jain Housing, Chennai The Appellant prayed to set aside the demand of Rs.6,39,221/- and Rs.9,50,805/- levied by the respondent 12-12-2013 16-12-2013
55 27 of 2013 M/s.Jain Housing, Chennai The Appellant prayed to set aside the demand of Rs.24,98,375/- levied by the respondent 12-12-2013 16-12-2013
54 67 of 2013 Thiru. P. Muthusamy, Velacherry To improve the voltage to the services / area 09-12-2013 11-12-2013
53 71 of 2013 Thiru M. Nizamudeen, Cuddalore For payment of Additional Securit Deposit, time shall be granted. A separate notice indicating the Additional Security Deposit amount and the due date shall be sent to each consumer 02-12-2013 03-12-2013
52 69/2013

U. S.A. uhn#u, flYh

Kiwnflhf iz lkhw bragljh, mt trha bra Koahj iy Vgljh mtUF Vgl eZl‰F %gh _W yrK eZl <lhf ntL vW nfh͟sh. 28-11-2013 29-11-2013
51 68 / 2013

U. g. VGkiy,

nkKiwplhs Gu Efnth FiwԮF kw‹ 18.5.2013 ehl Miz jdF Uahf Ϛiy vW  nkKiwpL brJsh.   26-11-2013 27-11-2013
50 64/2013

U. K. iraJ m, u}

Kiw jt tHfgl _W izfisͫ, uju Jo bra ntL vWnfh͟sh. 20-11-2013 21-11-2013
49 70/2013

U. P.S. #a, jk

muR Mizgo nkKiwplhs kid Uk P. trj Fkh trha iz zg‰F iu a iz tHfgl ntL 18.11.2013 20.11.2013
48 79 of 2013 Thiru.K. Senthikumar, Chennai The Appellant prayed for compensation for effecting the Electricity service connections belatedly for his house and three shops 13.11.2013 14.11.2013
47 21 of 2013 Tamil Nadu Spinning Mills Association, The petitioner seeks a direction from the Electricity Ombudsman to order the respondent  TANGEDCO to refund the BPSC amount already collected from the members of the petitioner by fixing up a dead line suitably. 08.11.2013 11.11.2013
46 A.P.No.75 of 2013 Thiru M. Sai Prabu, llagaram The Asst. Engineer / Puzhuthivakkam has not replied to his petition within 10 days as per the instructions of the Electricity Regulatory Commission.  Hence as per Commissions order No 07.11.2013 08.11.2013
45 73 of 2013 Tmt. Renugadevi, Erahanalli The Appellant prayed to direct the TANGEDCO officials to give Agricultural service connection 04.11.2013 05.11.2013
44 12/2013

Uk trjFkh, fhu khtl 

nkKiwplhs, xgjgo mt brY͟s bjhif %. 81828/- FgL #ayR vgtUila yUJ iz ghij mikJ mtUF iz tHl cju  lntL 31.10.2013 01.11.2013
43 A.P.No.25 of 2013

Sr. Divisional Electrical Engineer, Southern Railway

The Appellant prayed to set aside  the audit slip No.1  dt.23.5.13  and pass necessary  orders directing TANGEDCO to adjust  or refund the excess demand charges of Rs.72,42,000/- 25.10.2013 28.10.2013
42 65 of 2013

Thiru. B . Ramesh, Chennai

The Appellant prayed to instruct the licensee to pay suitable compensation for not attending the low voltage complaints made in respect of SC No.217-002-213 21.10.2013 23.10.2013
41 29 of 2013 to 62 of 2013 List of 34 Petitioner as Mentioned in the Order The prayer is same in all the  above 34 appeal petitions .  The change in the prayer is only the address  of the flat for which the service connection is required.  10.10.2013 15.10.2013
40 23 of 2013 Tmt. M. Rajammal, Dindigul District The Appellant  prayed to give suitable directions to the respondents to grant electricity connection to the borewell  in new SF No.248/3 in Baganatham Village, Vedasanthur Taluk.  Dindigul  District on the basis of original  seniority.  07.10.2013 10.10.2013
39 63 of 2013 Thiru R.Dhamotharan, Tambaram The Appellant prayed that without affecting  the  rights of the consumers, the order No. AP 4 of 2012 issued by the Electricity Ombudsman shall be implemented by the concerned officers 01.10.2013 03.10.2013
38 74/2013

Uk. b#. rhKOt,


jif bjhifahd %.29,088/- jSgo brantL vW 3.6.2013 mW brid gkhd tl / nkF Efnth FiwԮF kw‰F kD brJsh.  26.09.2013 26.09.2013
37 26 of 2013 M/s Knowledge Institute of Technology Trust,Kakapalayam The Appellant  prayed for calculation of excess demand charges for their LT temporary supply service connection 19.09.2013 20.09.2013
36 15 of 2013 M/s Sri Surya Filaments, Karur The Appellant prayed to consider  the meter as defective from 29.6.2006 to 15.7.2006 only and to levy  average  consumption  charges 12.09.2013 13.09.2013
35 11 of 2013 Tmy Senthamil Selvi, Erode The Appellant prayed to Order  the TANGEDCO to pay her the refundable deposit of Rs.72,870/- along with interest and a compensation amount of Rs.90,000/-. 03.09.2013 05.09.2013


24 of 2013

U. R.  mbyrhl, fahFkh khtl

nk Kiwplhs iz v 192-013-764 mtlUJ mfkhf tNfgl flzij Ug juntL.




20 of 2013

S.Venkatachalam, Namakkal District.

To order TANGEDCO officials to provide cultivation loss of Rs.3.00 lakhs and Rs.10,000/- as compensation towards harassment, mental agony and sufferings.




16 of 2013

Surfactants & Allied Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd., Chennai

The Appellant prayed for a genuine assessment with correct average for the meter defective period and arrange to refund the inflated slip charges paid by them.




22 of 2013

Tamil Nadu Spinning Mills Association

The petitioner  prayed that the TANGEDCO may be directed to pay the applicable  power factor incentive from 1.8.2010 to 25.10.2010  




1 of 2013

Thiru.T.Lakshminarayanan, Chennai

The Appellant prayed for the following (i) to shift the Agricultural service connection No.1 in Appaneri village of Thiruvengadam section




10 of 2013

U.  ahrf,  brid  

Fiw ԮF kwš rkäJs _W kDfYs nfhiff nfhiffshf vLJ bfhsglJ. 




17 of 2013

Thiru C. Gurusamy, Rajapalayam

The Appellant prayed for refund of the excess amount collected as CC Charges from the SC No. 280-020-140 & SC No. 280-020-273 for the bimonthly  period March & April 2012.




8 of 2013

Mrs. B.Sujatha, Coimbatore

The Appellant prayed to refund the excess amount collected in Tariff V from 26-11-2011 to 28-08-2012 along with the penalty amount of Rs.23,429/- and the testing charges.




19 of 2013

Thiru. P. Kandasamy, Kalingarayanpalayam

Prayed for refund of the balance deposit available with the Gobi EDC



25 18 of 2013 U.bt. ufehj fΩl,bjghiy uhk  

trha iz (giHa v. 97, bjghiy) v.898 Myo I jDila bgaUF khwntL vW jDila nkKiwpL kDit  rkäJsh. 

10.07.2013 11-07-2013


13 of 2013

Thiru. S. Arputharaj,

The appellant prayed for effecting electricity service connection for the house at first floor bearing Door No.37, of Gurusamipuram.




14  of   2013

M/s Durairaj Mills  Ltd., P. Puliampatti

The Appellant prayed to set aside the order dt.23.3.2013 of the CGRF of Tiruppur EDC




09 / 2013

U. . ghyRuka, nfhit

tNj flzij Uäju Mtz bra ntL vW KiwLsh.




4 of 2013

M/s Fomra Polymers Ltd. Madurai

The appellant prayed to pass  an order allowing the appeal thereby  setting aside the order dated 31.1.2013 passed by Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum of Madurai




43 / 2012

Uk. rh, Ujhry tl.

10.9.2012 nj fl khtl Efnth FiwԮF kw wäj cjuit uJ bra




40 of 2012


Thiru. V.S. Sagadevan, Then Mambakkam Village

Appellant  prayed to set aside the orders dt.18.7.2012  of the  CGRF of Vellore EDC




46 of 2012

M/s Sreenivasa Balaji Papers Pvt Ltd., Dindigul

HT service related




5 of 2013

The General Manager, M/s Pandian Chemicals Ltd.,

Prayed to direct the  Assistant Engineer, Thirumangalam Town, to correct the name of the service connection No.131-013-609




7 of 2013

U. gh. ghyUZz, nfhit

nkKiwplhs jDila xU Kid iz v.108-004-356 I TLj gSl Toa KKid izghf khaikf nfh .




2 of 2013

U. N. uhkru, fl

nkKiwplhs, fhlh uhkš mtUF brhjkhd rnt v 440 cs MJid zF trha iz nto 17-3-2010 mW g brJs zg‰F Ra £l‹ ќ trha iz tHf ntL vW nfL bfhLsh.




6 of 2013

Thiru. R. Ravi, Chennai

Refund of the excess amount of more than Rs.9000/- collected during October 2012.




44 of 2012

Thiru A. Subramanian, Palayamkottai

Prayed for disconnection of a service effected in the premises situated at SF No. 1425/1




3 of 2013

Thiru P.M. Kathirvel, Sankarapuram

praying to reconnect the service connection No. 471 which was disconnected on 28-7-2011.  




50 of 2012

Thiru M. Rajendran, Velur

The appellant prayed to set aside the orders of the CGRF of Namakkal EDC and requested  to revise the assessment for the meter defective period.




53 of 2012

Thiru S. Augustin, Tirunelveli

The Appellant prayed for changing the tariff of SC No. 300-308-69 from Tariff V to Tariff I A as the above service is utilized for supplying drinking water to the EB colony houses.




51 of 2012

Thiru S.Jeganathan, Sivakasi The Appellant prayed to set aside the orders of the CGRF of Virudhunagar EDC which directed the Appellant to pay a sum of Rs.21,210/- towards the audit short fall. 




45 of 2012

Thiru V. Durai Pandi, Dindigul Distirct The appellant prayed for effecting the LT Industrial service connection and requested compensation for the delay in effecting the supply.




48 of 2012

Superintending Engineer, Coimbatore EDC / South Prayed to set aside the order for  reconversion  of tariff from V to IA passed by the CGRF of Coimbatore EDC / South





 U. M. uhR,

iz Jo eltoifia Wj cju lntL vW nfLsh.




52 of 2012

Thiru R. Kaliamurthy,

Prayed to order a sum of rupees not exceeding Rs.2000/- as compensation to all the consumers of Thirupanandal




36 of 2012

The Addl. Chief Engineer,
Erode Electricity Distribution Circle,
Prayed to set aside the order of the District level Consumer Grievance Rederessal Forum, Erode dated 2-6-2012.




42 / 2012

nry khtl cgnahghs cik fHf,

Ra £l‹ ќ iz tHFtij jtWjyhf Witfglij gyid brJ iz tHFtjF

31 -01-2013

04 -01-2013



U.v. cyfehj,ma khtl

jdF wF jah iy g brjtfSF trha iz tHfgLsjhfΫ jdF ϋD tHfgliy

21 -01-2013

22 -01-2013


47 / 2012

Uk. . rutmkh, Ubent

jdF ghagl l‹ tahf a  iz  v.009-002-546  brY ff kW tafis Jo bra Miz wáf ntL   vW nfL bfhLsh.

18 -01-2013

18 -01-2013



Year 2012


Sr. No

Petition No.

Appeal By

Details of Case

(Click on the Detail to view the order)

Order Date

 Uploaded on


49 / 2012

U. v. ghyUZz, nry

jukhd ds bghWj ntL vW nto͟sh.

31 -12-2012

31 -12-2012


33 / 2012

U.mu.VGkiy, kiwkiyef

nk Kiwplhs ntLnfh vdbtwh brfgL khtl btngL uhkš cs y v. 258/12-Ϛ bfhLfgLs izf J eltoif vLl

27 -12-2012

28 -12-2012


39  of  2012

M/s. S.Wilcox, Chennai

The Appellant stated that the CGRF order No.SE/CEDC / N/AEE/PRO/F.CGRF/D950/12 dated 28-7-2012 is not acceptable




26  of  2012

Sr.Danis Mary,Chennai

Prayed that the TANGEDCO may be directed to waive the penalty levied towards excess demand charges




29 of 2012

M/s Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,

Prayed  to set aside  the impugned order dated 3.2.2012 issued by the CGRF of Chengalpattu EDC




32 of 2012

APT Global Marine Engineering Pvt., Ltd.,

Prayed to To set aside the orders passed by the CGRF, Cuddalore




9 of 2012

M/s. Hariram Chemicals Ltd,

Prayed to cancel the penalty levied, Refund of Rs.6,37,088/- paid




54  of  2011

M/s Brakes India Ltd,  Chennai

Prayed to set aside the order dated 28.11.2011 of Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum(CGRF)  of Chennai EDC  / West

15-11- 2012 



25  of  2012

M/s. Velatal Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd, Erode

Prayed that in the deemed demand calculation, the actual supply availability time and power factor of 0.95 may be taken instead of 24 hrs and the recorded power factor of the month respectively.




 37 of 2012 & No. 38 of 2012

M/s. Brakes India Ltd.,

Refund or adjust against future bills a sum of Rs.28,25,669/-




A.P.No.28 of 2012

Dr.M.Subramanian, Chennimalai

Prayed for shifting  the transformer which was erected in front of his vacant site inspite of his objection.