G.O No/Lr. No. Date Description
144 29/10/1998 Notification of TNERC (Salaries and Allowances and conditions of Service of Chairman and Members) Rules,1998
58 17/03/1999  Notification of Establishment of Tamil Nadu Electricity  Regulatory Commission. 
61 17/03/1999  Appointment of Member Thiru E.C.Arunachalam
156 09/08/1999  Appointment of Member Thiru D.S.Hanumantha Rao 
19 23/02/2000  Notification of the Official address of the Commission
53 12/06/2002  Notification of foregoing rules, services, the conditions of the service  and other perquisites  available  to the Chairperson
55 12/06/2002 Appointment of Chairman Thiru A.Balraj I.A.S (Retd) and Member Thiru S.Thangrathanam
56 12/06/2002 Appointment of Member Thiru S.Thangrathanam
62 17/06/2002  Amendment to TNERC Rules,1998 (Salaries and Allowances and conditions)
80 19/08/2002  Sanction of regular staff to the Commission. 
105 18/06/2004  Appointment of Member Thiru  B.Jayaraman
361 18-04-2006  Amendment to Electricity Act 2003
71 25/07/2006  Power Supply to Agricultural pumpset
76 14/08/2006  Appointment of Chairsman Thiru  S.Kabilan, I.A.S
83 06/09/2006 G.O on Constitution of District Committee under Section 166(5)
118 27.11.2006 Appointment of Assessment Officer for compensation of theft of electricity
119 27.11.2006 Appeal against the Assessing Officer for unauthorized use of Electricity
6 08.02.2007 Fees for making Application for Grant of Licence Rules 2007
59 20/06/2007  Appointment of Member Thiru  R.Rajupandi
12 29/02/2008  Sanction two post of Deputy Director(Engg.) and Deputy Director(Tariff)
46 10/04/2008  Notification of sanction of Deputy Director(Tariff)
34 24/04/2009  Notification of Selection Committee
83 18/05/2009 Thiru. S. Kabilan, Chairman, Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission - Permission to attend the Orientation programme for Chairpersons / Members of Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERCs) at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad - Study visit to the United Kingdom from 23.5.2009 to 1.6.2009
59 27/07/2009 Appointment of Thiru. K. Venugopal as Member of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission
396 20/08/2009 Revision of scale of pay of Chairman and Members of the Commission
450  14/09/2009 Extension of the New Health Insurance Scheme to the TNERC
32 23/03/2010 Reconstitution of State Co-ordination Forum
102 30/03/2010 Revision of Scale of Pay of Chairman and Members of the Commission - Replacement by a new HAG revised scale of Pay of Rs.67000 - (Annual Increment at 3%) - Rs.79000/- by the Government of India - Revision of Fixed Pay of the Members
65 02/07/2010 Post of Marshall - Nomenclature of the post "Marshall" re-classified as Chobdhar
84 03/09/2010 Appointment of Thiru. S. Nagalsamy as Member of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission
88 15/09/2010 Enhancement of Transport Allowance from Rs.4000/- to Rs.12000/- p.m. to the Officers of Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission
91 20/09/2010 Thiru. K. Venugopal, Member-I, Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission - Permission to participate the 8th Annual Event of East Asia and Pacific Infrastructure Regulatory Forum (EAPIRF) in Auckland, New Zealand - Organized by the CRISIL Risks and Infrastructure Solutions Limited from 29-9-2010 to 8-10-2010
101 19/10/2010 Sanction of post of Ombudsman and Personal Assistant to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission
128 26/11/2010 Permission to participate in the SAFIR Meeting from 9-12-2010 to 11-12-2010 at Kathmandu (NEPAL)






Special Courts
2 11/01/2011 Reconstitution of State Co-ordination Forum
21 01/03/2011 Sanction of staff cars for the Members of Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission and two drivers
36 02/06/2011 Study Visit-Thiru Venugopal and Thiru S.Nagalsamy, Members, TNERC
529 24/11/2011 Appointment of Thiru K.Veeramani as Director(Legal)
19 23-02-2012 Exercise of Powers of Telegraph Authority in certain cases
58 08/05/2012 19th Steering Committee Meeting of South Asia Forum for Infrastucture Regulation (SAFIR) at Dhaka
93 12/09/2013 Special Court
111 31/12/2013 Appointment of Thiru G.Rajagopal as Member of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission
40 30/05/2014 Wind energy - strategy for maximum absorption of wind energy - revoking of notification issued under section 11 of the Electricity act, 2003 - orders issued
MS No.39 29/05/2014 Withdrawal of R & C measures presently in vogue for High Tension Industrial and Commercial services
161 28/05/2019 Revision of Pay of the Chairman, and Members of the Tamilnadu Electricity Regulatory Commission